26 January 2011

Happy Australia Day & the Qld Flood Raffles end at midday

Raffle WINNER:  Congratulations # 96 . . . Anna from TillyTom Designs & Sew!Busy!Mama blog, you have an autographed copy of Handmade Living, a pencil roll, fabric & more crafty goodness coming to you!! 
Giveaway WINNER: Congratulations #45 . . . Bronwyn from Whippet Good blog, you have 4 Japanese printed FQ of fabric coming your way!!
Sorry for the delay in the annoucement & to leave 138 very generous entries hanging, my middle girl cut her foot open getting into the shower, i know, safer in the pool, bathrooms are the danger zone!!  Thanks for your patience!!

Greetings all,
Happy Australia Day everyone.  Still flat from my migraine but up for taking the children swimming & having a fun day.  In Canberra we have all sorts of free concerts to celebrate but i find them a bit of a mosh pit & with 4 children on my own, someone always needs the bathroom (um, me)!!  I think swimming, a BBQ, ANZAC biscuits & lamingtons is more our scene this year. 
Like the chalk flag my middle girl drew on the back of the house??  I'm sure Defence Housing will enjoy it too!!  She did it last week while they were playing cricket in the back garden, she was meant to be fielding at silly mid off.
 A happy shot of my 4 with some of their cousins in Balmoral (Mosman) 10 days ago.  Cousins are the best people in the world, my children have 19 of them, aged 4 to 21, all living in NSW.  We have a combination of cousins with Italian, Austrian, Hungarian, English, Irish, Scottish & French heritage, how typically Australian is that??!! 
Wondered why 3 of my children have olive skin??  Paternal northern Italian great grandparents - the genes are strong!!  My husband is very olive, with blue eyes, dimples, oh & his smile . . . sorry, got a bit carried away there . . . i miss him . . . anyway, in Italy everyone speaks Italian to him, he's just a tall sporty style Italian.  
 The iconic kangaroo, we have gazillions around our place & chat to them on our family bush walks.  They are pretty timid & some are enormous!!
 Thanks for a wonderful response to the auctions & raffles run by Make it Perfect (check out the master list!!) we're raising a whole tonne of money for the flood victims in Qld.  Today the raffles end at midday.  The grand total of money raised will be announced late this afternoon, what a wonderful way to show off our Australian spirit, helping our neighbours, on Australia Day!!
 I can't wait to draw my lucky raffle winner after lunch (for an autographed copy of Handmade Living, a pencil roll & fabric + craft goodies) & a runner up for 4 Japanese FQ fabrics.  Good luck everyone, over 100 125 entries & counting!!
ALSO, can't wait to see if i've won any raffles too??  Have you seen the competition over at Jodie's Ric Rac raffle for softies or Lisa's The Red Thread raffle for a sewing machine, fabric & patterns . . . i've entered both, several times, fingers crossed!!
Want more ways to support the Qld Flood Appeal??  Lots of designers at Shop Handmade in Canberra are donating 10% of January sales & . . . the amazing Rachel & Julie who own Shop Handmade are matching them dollar for dollar!!  Yahoo, imagine that mega donation??  When my children resume school, i go back to Shop Handmade - come & visit the most beautiful Shop in Canberra!!  Support Australian handmade, small business, local produce with excellent customer service (if i do say so myself). 

Thank you everyone for participating in any raffle, auction, donation, prizes, giveaways, shopping, baking, sandwich making & every other little thing you've done to support the Qld Flood Appeal, victims & volunteers.
Have yourself a wonderful Australia Day, love Posie


Heidi said...

Happy Day indeed I always wanted olive skin instead pastie white is what I got....oh well.
Good job on all your flood relief efforts your just amazing!!!
I awarded you if you want to play along.

Nic said...

Your children are beautiful! My boys are also a wonderful mix; English, Spanish, Portuguese, Indian, even French Hugenot, with a suspected bit of European Jewish thrown in too! Makes for very beautiful kids :) happy Australia Day!

Simone - honeyandfizz said...

Happy Australia Day! Nothing better than a swim in this heat. I hope your migraines stay away xx

Kylie said...

Happy Australia Day. I am taking it easy today. Huge week of A starting Prep and then a birthday bash:) thinking a glass of wine:) most of our celebrations are cancelled around town because of the state of the River:(

Mon Alisa Design said...

Happy Australia Day Posie! x

Anonymous said...

amore mio, mi manchi tanto anche, vorrei poter essere sempre con voi. ma saremo presto insieme. tutto il mio amore

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

"My love, missing both also, I should like to be with you. But we will soon together. All my love"

Translation from the last comment, anonymous is my husband!! Love you too darling, love Posie

Anonymous said...

I loved the mixed blend of cultures that make up this country...such great diversity.
Happy Australia Day, we're spending ours at the beach!!

Anonymous said...

Oh how gorgeous is that comment from your husband? Have a wonderful day. I love the pics. You are an inspiring member of the blogging community x

Miss Prudence said...

Happy Australia day!
I used to live in Mosman - just above clifton gardens. Sigh, so lovely there. I so miss those views

Hot Fudge said...

Happy Australia Day and I do hope that pesky migraine has gone by now. I come from a migraine family, so you have my sympathy. If my husband could utter sweet nothings to me in Italian, he would be prefect. Mind you, we know we were Italians in another life. We spent some time there last year and didn't want to come home - happens every time.

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

Happy Australia Day .
Your children are blessed and beautiful.
I am in awe of what you have achieved with your flood relief efforts too. That's the true Aussie spirit.

Miss Silver Spoon Vintage said...

Oh me!!! Oh Posie thankyou so much - I never win anything, lol. And I was just telling myself (again!) it was about time I bought this book, have been eyeing it off for ages! Off to email you now x

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jennie for my runner up prize. What a lovely surprize!! I will contact you soon with my details. I'm not at regular computer. Cheers. Bronwyn

Wendy said...

Lucky kids to have all those cousins---and those strong Italian genes! Hope you've bested that migraine and are on to more pleasant things!