30 December 2010

surf's up

Greetings all,
After a nice way to wrap up the year & an unseasonably cold Summer . . . head to the beach on a glorious day, Coogee (Sydney Eastern Suburbs) to be precise. 
I really wanted a nice photo of our 4 children together, i thought the beach would be a perfect backdrop for 'a keeper' - the kind of photo you put on the 'mantle' of happy childhood memories (especially when you're raising them 3 hours inland!!)  I was clearly asking too much.  They were too cold, too tired, so this was as good as it got (trust me, this is the best of ten shots!!)  I haven't given up, i'll try again & again, i'm a tenacious mother & i want a fantastic photo of 4 children.  
 Walking from our $4 per hour car space to the beach, our son who has always stopped to read signs, was fascinated by all the things listed here that you can't do at the beach.  He said to me "Mum, it's just like all the things you can kill with fly spray".  Sure is matey.
 Coogee is a great beach for children, especially at 9.30a.m.
 I had uninterupted views of my children from my beach towel.
 Two of our girls getting confident in the water.
 When my husband was posted to Randwick Barracks years ago, he used to run along this beach for physical training.  Life is tough, to be paid to run on the beach, ahhhhh . . .
 This girl is a bit more of a land lubber & had a ball in the wet sand.
 The boy would warm up then go back for another dip!!
 It's all fun & games until someone gets dumped!!  Our eldest daughter was quite the lifesaver & it fills me with pride when my children are kind and loving to each other.
 They kept going back into the water & wore themselves out in an action packed hour of surf fun!!
 Why anyone goes to Bondi is beyond me - sure it's iconic & famous, but really, the day we were at Coogee . . . around the corner they had 40 000 people on Bondi Beach.  It's too scary, especially with tourists who can't handle our surf, or, you know, SWIM??!! 
My husband is a strong swimmer (he's a water polo player, thus the shoulders) & is very keen for our children to know how to handle themselves in the surf.  He teaches them about rips, currents, gusts - the lot!!  He's not bad for an Inner City boy. 
Today, back in Canberra, was spent at the pool (more my pace) & relaxing.  Love Posie


Cate said...

getting dumped is character building! Love the love though :-)
I hope you got in the water!! You didn't spend the whole time on your towel did you??

Sounds like you and your lovely family had a wonderful holiday together!


Jacinta said...

Ohh sunshine! It has been a cold summer so far but tomorrow is forecast for 40C here! woo.
I love how you are trying to get a good pic of your four kids. Even if they dont turn out as nice as you like, they should still be mantel-worthy because it still captures a great day full of memories. Having said that it is hard trying to get my two girls to smile in a pic... and I am still chasing that elusive 'great photo'!
xo MODELmumma

Kate said...

What a happy post! So much Aussie summer in there.
My MIL asked for some professional photos of us 5 for her birthday prezzy this year. I am so scared I'll spend the money and end up with grumpy ones too.
Have a wonderful last day of the year Ms Posie and a fabulous 2011.

Catherine said...

I love your summery post, full of great beachy adventures. I'm with you on the sitting back and relaxing by the pool, definitely more me, lucky we have hubby's that don't mind getting in the water. Happy New Year Posie, may you have a wonderful 2011. xo

Megan said...

Oof, I am JEALOUS. I have drizzly rain and 30 degree temperatures where I'm at. And snow tomorrow. *sob*

seabreezequilts said...

We forget how lucky we are in Adelaide where most of the beaches are safe because we are in a big gulf so there are no rips and unless the tide comes in really quickly you have to be a complete idiot to get caught on the wrong side of a sand bar. OMG 40,000 at a beach I doubt there would be 400 at Grange closer to 100 the other day, maybe more yesterday because it was a stinker. We love the fact that the beach is 5min down the road we can get a free park and come home to wash the sand off.

The Moerks said...

Ah, love the beach. Mind you I got dumped in the shallows of the wave pool in Darwin, not an easy thing to do I might add. There is something special about beach photos of the kids. I love their big soft looking towels.
It's tipped to be 42 here today and foul strong winds. I would love to be at the beach.