29 November 2010

entertaining your parents with car craft

Greetings all,
Thanks for the loving & kind response about my parents recent visit.  It was fun, exhausting, wonderful & incredibly sad all at the same time.  My mother's Alzheimer's is hard to pick at times as she cleverly plays along, then she'll ask the same question half a dozen times in an hour.  Very proud of our 4 children who were quite fantastic!!  She remembers our eldest quite well & she took a lot of responsibility by spending time answering her grandmother's questions over & over. 
Also had the chance to show off Shop Handmade, so my father was thrilled & very impressed with the life i've managed to create around a soldier husband & raising children.  He saw the farm we want to buy, the Shop where i spend so many hours, the Handmade Living book i contributed over a dozen pages in, our current home (this was their first visit to Canberra in the 3 years we've been here) & our children's school + next year's high school!!
Knowing we had a bit of a drive on our hands to our chosen lunch spot The Poacher's Pantry, i took along car craft!!  My father thought this concept was sheer brilliance & told everyone (wait staff, my brother, my nephew, school principal . . .) that i was hand sewing while my handsome soldier drove.  Clearly my life would be easier & more productive with a permanent chauffeur!! 
 On the way to school i was sewing in the front & ooppss, had a button accident.
 Gorgeous grounds of Poacher's Pantry.  Remember this girl had a tumble at school & we collected her from sickbay along the way.
 Having the time of her life, she thoroughly enjoyed her own lamb chops while the adults tucked into Poacher's Meat Platters of all sorts of game, stuffed tomatoes, olives, dips, mushrooms & breads. 
 Amazing preserves, sauces & gourmet goodies in the Pantry.
 To the right is a cool room filled with smoked meats & fish.
 After picking up our injured daughter . . . i was demoted to the 3rd row of the car so she could sit next to Grandma, so i happily stitched away in the back of the car.  Clearly it doesn't matter where i am, i'm able to spill buttons & hair clips repeatedly. 
We picked up some fancy chocolates for my brother who i love & adore, his doctor's conference was great, lots of freebies which he shared with my children who love a good plastic heart & lung system you can pull apart like a puzzle.  Check out this delicious Snag Jam (a smokey sausage sauce) from Poacher's.  After last night's juicey butterflied leg of lamb which handsome soldier BBQ to perfection, we opted for BBQ sausages in rolls for dinner tonight.  I highly recommend the Snag Jam!!
If you're cruising blogs, check out my giveaway & the blog tour for Handmade Living where there are more chances to win this incredible book!!  We've hit over 100 entries so the prize has increased to over $200 value, good luck!!  Love Posie


Jennie said...

Oh my goodness, you are getting some lovely food there at the mo!! Looks gorgeous!

So glad the visit went well - you must have had so much to show them, as they hadn't been able to visit for a long time. The children sound very mature with this situation.x

by marie-nicole said...

Oh Jennie I have Poacher's Pantry envy!!! On our way from Yass to Canberra the other week we stopped by there and they had a wedding set up so we did not go in... then we did not have time on the Monday to try again. It sounds wonderful!!!

As does your time with your parents, that's so great to hear... in situation's like that you really do get to see what your children are made of and how proud you can be of how you've raised them.

Unknown said...

So glad to hear the visit was a great success.

You should try the 'Lamb Jam' too, just gorgeous...Yummmm


IndigoElephant :: Sash said...

mmm, you're making me hungry with all this chat about snag jam and butterflied legs of lamb!! and making me envious of your car crafting skills, might have to give that a go, seeing as I have a trip to Canberra and back this weekend ;)

Wendy said...

Car craft is the best! My daughter and I handstitched a dozen quilt blocks on a trip to New York years ago...she still talks about it!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Glad your visit was nice, I know how hard it can be. I also have my uncle going through it right now too....It breaks my heart!
The food looks fabulous, I hope you are having a wonderful Monday!

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