20 September 2010

i'm a Disney PR gal

Greetings all,
Well check it out, i signed up to Nuffnang who do blog advertising & was asked to promote a the new Disney Mickey Great Outdoors DVD.  Bit of a no brainer for me, i love all things Disney & Mickey Mouse & the Great Outdoors & children!!  I have had a Mickey Mouse teddy since i was born & my obsession with Disneyland started when i was a preschooler in 1979 on our first trip to California.   
Happiest place on earth - Disneyland Hotel in 2007.
A decade later i went to Disney World on a school excursion/ netball trip (which was to England, no one in America knows what netball is, Florida was on the way home).  Euro Disney in Paris on our honeymoon, gosh i was 22, that seems so young to get married these days??  Finally, we took the children to Hong Kong Disneyland a few years back, just awesome!!  Shame there seems to be 10 years between each new adventure. 
Just in time for the school holidays, comes this ace DVD of adventure (perfect for the cold or wet days when they are forced indoors in Spring or for those of you who travel a car DVD player) & the website is lots of fun too, games, competitions.  Just click on the link on the left to check it out.  Really click on the link, i am being judged!!
So how did i go as a spokesmodel??  If only you could see my game show hand gestures!!  Love Posie


Heidi said...

You are always out and about having fun! I love Dumbo I don't know what that has to do with your post but I wanted to share!

Corrie said...

good work! how little are the kids in the photo!



paper-and-string said...

I REALLY tried hard to click the link (even clicked through from my blog reader 'specially) but the link ~ it does not work!!
PS i LOVE the fake-o yet real carrots...there's genius in there somewhere :-)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey - I am really glad to find this. cool job!

Anonymous said...

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