31 August 2010

surrounded by lovely pretty things & kindness, lucky me . . .

Greetings all,
'tis a busy week in the delivery department of my business.  Retro Grandad (Corrie's father) kindly couriered down this haul of fabrics for me from her new range in store at Retro Mummy . . . canNOT wait to patchwork & make super pretty things with these prints.
Then this lovely surprise, a thoughtful 'just because' kind of 'thinking of you' parcel of love from Tracey at Knicky Knacks.  Love it, thanks so much, just all round gorgeousness (magnets, fabric, lace, buttons, hearts, ahhhh).
How much fun are these oversized novelty pegs??  They are meant to hang on the wall & use as a giant, well, peg, but i think upside down holding up postcards at my market stall is a better way to play with them.  Also in the mail - the rest of my shopping from Europe (which i couldn't carry myself) including this pretty compact from Clinique.  Too pretty to use!!

Finally, another bloggy surprise gift in the mail (yes people, i'm feeling the love) from Tania McCartney in her stationery giveaway surprise.  How incredibly sweet from a super ace author & gal pal. 
Thanks so much - i know having my mobile & purse stolen on the wharf in Venice in July, a burglary at home in August & last weekend - running out of fuel in the car, i've had a rather bumpy run of late.  Alas, my husband is safe & wrapping up his deployment!!  I can't help but think my ridiculously positive attitude towards my husband in a war zone, 4 children & all their homework/ parties/ sports/ personalities/ bedrooms/ mess/ meals/ school, my busy work & then anything that just happens to go wrong along the way . . . is the best way to get through my life.  I know my life is not for everyone, i do get sick of being strong & on my own, making every decision for the family & putting engine oil in the car!!  By the time my husband returns he will have been away from home for 9 months this year, i know THIS YEAR!!  I can not tell you how exicted the children are - he is their hero & he's the love of my life.  I am bursting into smiles & have a little skip in my step, ahhh, we're on the homeward stretch, once we wrap up the school term & two markets, then i can start planning his home coming. 
Thanks for hanging in there with me everyone & bring on SPRING!!  Love Posie


Thea said...

Hang in there... not long until the happy reunion. I can only imagine the exciting day your kids (and you) will have! I've done the long-distance thing and it is hard.

Tania McCartney said...

Not long to go now, my love. Hang in there. Love Tx

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Jennie...how good to hear your Hubby is going to be home soon...I had a big grin reading this!!! YAY!!!
What cool fabrics you have there, how exciting...they are just gorgeous!!!
Keep smiling...not long now...Dzintra♥x

Unknown said...

I bet you can't wait to see him! And those fabrics are wonderful, I want them. Kx

Corrie said...

oh you've been spoilt and not long till hubby is home and you can be a complete family again!

love love love the clinique compact, as you know i"m a clinique girl myself but haven't seen that one around here before!

I love the flower sugar too, it just screams out to be made into pretty quilts and reminds me of cath kidston so much


Kylie said...

Yay - homeward bound - it is the best feeling isn't in:)

You forgot to meantion - BEST WIFE AND MOTHER in your list. You are a strong women and know that you get through wat you do because of it - I agree not everyone can do what you do:) And not everyone is born to be an Army wife:) Makes us stronger people me things:)

Hugs to all and counting down with you:)

Heidi said...

Like I told Little Ted I'm jealous Mr. Winter is coming now to me!!

Wynona said...

I just took delivery of this fabric too! Isn't it divine! Lovely bunting made with this already.