25 August 2010

my creative space 'quest for a simple dress'

Greetings all,
Gosh, i don't like leaving more than a couple of days between posts, but really, what a whirlwind week.  After the election BBQ i literally laid on heat packs all Sunday, every bone aching & cold.  I'm doing all 5 days at Shop Handmade this week so Julie can move into her new home & i'm madly quilting at night for 2 quilts which require over 300 squares.  Not to mention the worry about our soldiers in Afghanistan!!
I felt like taking a break & creating a simple, quick & fun line of Summer dresses for markets & Shop.  What better for a 'creative space' post??!!  I've never done the ribbon-neck dresses, too much competition.  I like a classic shell top & A line style dress but i'm trying to simplify a design (read: quick).  As a self-taught-seamstress (remember i wasted 6 years at Uni studying drugs & brains) i prefer to draft my own patterns to my ability.
So this is simple, but still quite labour intensive with bias around arm & neck holes.  I like contrast colours, I would normally do something clashing, but green on green was too sweet to resist.
I also like a bit of weight in the bottom of a dress, to stiffen it & hold the shape, not to mention . . . preventing any Marilyn Monroe-esque dress-blowing-up-over-little-girl's-head-look . . . not cool.  So i did a triple row of stitching with a contrast fabric on the bottom inside, me likes!!  You can't quite tell from this image but it has a key hole back too.  See, i try to do simple but like detail & little surprises. 
Again, when i'm happy with a production design, i'll use clashing thread colour for the stitching.  I think either make stitching invisible or do rows to accent, stitch like you mean it!!
Now this short dress for say a size 3, used half a metre (the inside bottom band which adds weight also acts as a false hem, so no wasted feature fabric in the length) but it does leave some giant triangles of fabric as off cuts.  I was playing around at swirling them up, gathering them or twisting them up to make some sort of brooch adornment for the dress . . . still messing around with that.  I'd love to perfect a dress in a plain fabric with such accessories, one day, maybe for older sizes??  Do i make it detachable or stitched in place??  I can't bring myself to ever leave raw edges or stitch things on that can't handle a 9kg heavy duty wash & spin dry.
In the mean time, i'll keep fiddling.  This 'dress' sample will serve as a cute top for my girls with jeans.  Just for reference, it fits my 6y.o. son beautifully!! 
Thanks again to all you lovely ladies who sms, email, called or popped by Shop to see if my husband was safe overseas, you're all so thoughtful.  To lose 3 soldiers in a few days has been really horrible & my heart breaks for those families.  Oh to have my handsome soldier back in my arms with our children again, something to cherish.  Love Posie


Heidi said...

I love it momma, it's adorable and your fabric choice is beautiful I picture dark skinny jeans and boots!!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Boy Posie you are one very busy gal!!! Love that dress...Dzintra♥x

Brenda said...

It's great fun to be able to change things a little and try something new, you have done a fab job on this little dress.....it will go well I'm sure.

Glad to hear your husband is safe.

Liz said...

Was thinking of you this week, sad, sad times for wives and families..
Love the dress, sweet and simple, can't go wrong....

Unknown said...

Love the new dress the hem just finishes it !

Ruby Star said...

Posie that fabric is fraking awesome, good work creating your own style. I'm with you and not sure i could leave raw edges, i'd probably make it detatchable.
Gut wrenching stuff when soldiers die let alone when your is away with them. Biggest hugs to you. xox

Tania said...

That fabric is extraordinary. Fabulous stuff. You're almost prompting a return of the sewing mojo (no mean feat: the sewing machine lives in the frostiest room of the house).

by marie-nicole said...

Looks like you're having fun there.. lovely bright colours for spring.

Glad to here your hubby is safe. My thoughts and prayers are with those families that have recently lost their loved ones.

Thank you for lovely comment on my blog the other day.

Kirsty said...

"Stitch like you mean it". Fabulous.

moose and bird said...

Hi Posie....who doesn't love a quick and simple project.....I know I do. I hope you have a relaxing weekend after a busy week at Shop and may your loved soldier stay safe. x

Kerry said...

I don't know how you do it all...I really don't! So glad to hear your man is safe.

Unknown said...

Beautiful and so vibrant..Love it..I know all too well that feeling of worry for your soldier. So glad he is home again!!

beachvintage.com said...

I am hopeless with armholes! I need more practice.

Sally said...

You get an A+ for playing from me. Such a lovely... dare I say ... frock!
Gorgeous. Play play play and be merry (well as merry as you can be with your fella in a very dangerous place)

PS - my thoughts always go to you and your family whenever Afghanistan is mentioned on the news... and whilst I'm not one for prayer I certainly do my best to omit positive and safe energy for you all.