14 August 2010

Anyone for tennis??

Greetings all,
An innocent invitation to a 'boy's sports party' had me thinking "how can i make it more glamorous for my daughter??"  I know, we can make it fancy dress, she can go as Maria Sharapova of course!!  This outfit $14 from Target + $6 Nike Sweatband.  I was going to make pom poms for her 'tennis socks' but drew the line at perhaps trying too hard??  Non??

So i typed up a SHARAPOVA to iron transfer across the back of her $4 Tshirt & "Singles Champion, Oscar's Birthday Grand Slam 2010" across the front (Oscar is of course, the birthday boy).  My first attempt at iron transfer in ages, i need practise!!  TIP: type up in Word, then cut & paste into Paint & flip it, for the mirror image printing!!
I can not tell you how many hours it took me on the internet to find such useful advice, remember, i'm on a new inexpensive basic laptop, as the burglars took my fancy one with InDesign, PhotoShop etc on it.  I'm clutching at straws with my software here.
A selection of my girls' ribbons from their school athletics carnival.  They didn't hand out all the long distance ones, so there are more blue ones coming.  I promise i was an unbaised time keeper!!  My boy has to wait 2 more  l  o  n  g  years before he's old enough to race competitively!!  FYI he did win every novelty race year 1 held, but look at who he has grown up chasing . . . my husband & i were very sporty too!!  All this glory has them competing at North Canberra this week, from 800m at the crack of dawn to the relays at the end, longest day ever!!  I especially love watching the long jump.  
Are you like me - you do a quick once over the house before you go to bed, fluff cushions & straighten up paperwork . . . look at the surprise my son left on the lounge.  Like a Babushka explosion!!
My children having a Saturday night treat in jammies!!
Have lovely Sundays everyone!!  Love Posie


Sally said...

You have a great Sunday too.
Tennis outfit looks great!

Heidi said...

Oh how sweet are they, look at those adorable faces....LOVE the outfit!
I never would have thought to do transfers!

VintageVicki said...

Outfit looks good :)

Enjoy your Sunday - I'll just get through the rest of my Saturday first ;)

Jennie said...

Congrats to the children!!
And to you for such a brilliant outfit! What a great idea!

(one of mine went to a party as a High School Musical cheerleader once, but I painted the words on the t shirt - would have looked way better like this!!)

Christina Lowry said...

No! Go the pom poms! :) She looks great. I wouldn't have been able to work out the transfer thing either!

My hubby's golf group has dress up days. My favorite is the bad pants day. Last time we brought him a pair of op-shopped teal coloured pants and I cut them off below the knee and stitched in some elastic for an old school flouncy effect. That, long socks and an old man driving hat completed the outfit. It was so funny. I do love making fun costumes. :)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a fab tennis costume - hope your daughter enjoyed the party! Well done to your kids on their selection of ribbons.

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh yes, more tips for iron on transfer . . . must iron on hard flat surface or nothing with happen with the lettering transfer & trim to the edge of the letters - i'll do much better next time, love Posie

mel @ loved handmade said...

I tried iron ons once & completely messed it up! You've done a great job, there & your daughter looks very happy with the end result!
...I am just the same before bed time, a quick walk around, straightening up here & there, it's amazing the things you find, none quiete so nice as those gorgeous babuskas!

Corrie said...

oh hello model material!!!!!!!! gorgeous! bet she was hit of the party

we have little babushka pieces everywhere, I don't let the twins play with them because keira totally trashed all of them

gorgeous kids eating their treat! that's one to send to their daddy!


Ruby Star said...

sweet dress up posie, you did well. And so did the kids, what a haul of ribbons from the carnival. My 2 do 8oom & shot put,, which is hilarious because they have skinny arms too & i think it weighs 2kg? lol, i love the long jump too. Good luck kids for your all day carnival, i bet you have the best cheer squad in town :)

Kylie said...

Grea Job - love the writing on the shirt and for the tips:)

Gina said...

Dang your kids are delightful-looking. Very very cute.

Tania McCartney said...

Cute cute cute! Love the pink.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Your children are ADORABLE, Posie!!
EnJOY your Wednesday. xx

Knicky Knacks said...

Hello, I've been meaning to email you since the comment you left on my blog about the buglary and concerns about casulaties in the war. I'm thinking of you. I have a little something I wanted to put in the mail to you. If you don't mind sharing your address, email me at: hysend@bigpond.com

Trace :)