18 April 2010

oh la la, when Paris came to Canberra . . .

Greetings all,
Well i did leave it until the very last afternoon (of the extended exhibition) to visit, but wow, wasn't it amazing!!  Seeing i only had my big girl & little boy, it was a smooth trip through the National Art Gallery of Australia today (my twins are horse back riding, you can imagine which was more exciting to 8 year old horse loving girls).  The Masterpieces from Paris, Post-Impressionism from the Musee D'Orsay collection was amazing.  Oh to be 2' from art worth gazillions of dollars . . . i actually had a tear looking at Monet's incredible work!!  Breathtaking.
I will admit, one of my MOST child-unfriendly experiences has been at this gallery, actually on a year 1 art tour . . . why run them if you hate children & can't smile i ask??!!  So it was to much surprise that they had an entire Van Gogh inspired children's art room with child friendly chunky furniture (to replica the genuine art work) where gasp, children were allowed to draw, touch, cut & breath.  Naturally my creative children spent an hour in there, doing a self portrait, still life & making 'Stary Night' stars.  Retro Mummy did this with her children too when she was down for Handmade Market, highly recommended, i concur.

Oh didn't i make it past the gift shop??  How lovely is this French basket + a gorgeous yellow Prim&Pretty ribbon brooche to celebrate my art journey.

Farewell Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cezanne, Monet, Signac, Angrand, Cross, Seurat, Pissarro, Luce, Picasso, Serusier, Toulouse-Lautrec, Moreau, Redon, Denis, Bonnard, Vuillard, Rousseau & friends, you were amazing.  They actually sound like 21st Century grand prix race drivers, non??On my way home i picked up a copy of the Canberra Times to check, gulp in my throat, if Shop Handmade made the Out&About hot list . . . of course, a FULL page spread of handmade love.  Just for reference in my image, i'm between Tania & Vanessa who are very very slim, i have Rosalind Grace Designs white gardenia hair accessories attached to the side of my head.

Have a lovely week everyone, i have 4 extra children tomorrow, but i think i have things covered with an additional Wii motion plus (apparently a very important tool to enjoying the Wii) & the new Avatar game.  My children speak a different language!!  Love Posie


sarah-jane down the lane said...

Love it that you made the press! WOO HOO!
The exhibition looked wonderful too, love those yellow frames, they make you smile!

Sarah x

Liz said...

Well done on the publicity and how great to have a 'child friendly' area at the NGA, 'bout time they realised that kids are kids!!!

yardage girl said...

Looks like you've had a really great few days! Love the basket too. Nic

Steph said...

That Van Gogh exhibit looks so cool! Only for kids??? You must need a whistle when you have all those kiddies...and a stiff drink when they all go to bed. Sending quiet "reading and drawing " children vibes your way :)

Sarah said...

What fun! We (the Mr and me) were just talking yesterday about taking our little one to a few galleries in old london town- it's never too early to get a dash of art and it's yonks since I have been. Sometimes when things are on your doorstep you just forget all about them! Great to see you made the hot list! Shop Handmade looks so cool makes me so sad I can't visit!

Kylie said...

Love the picture in the press - well done Handmade:)

Good luck with 8 tomorrow - you will be fine:)

Heidi said...

Oh I am impressed with the kids display that was amazing What they offered. What a visit to paris you wont forget without the flight...

Corrie said...

oh wow love the paper! must get my dad to see if he has a copy for me to look at!

well done! knew your guys would love the kids room, it was just so well done and so well thought out...I really liked that

I got goosebumps looking at some of the art and thinking how famous and important it was and there it was right infront of me!!!!

glad you made it

Jenna Conway-Jones said...

Love the blog. It was great to read, I could hear your bubbly voice in my head. Tried to call today, but no answer :( I'm loving Darwin but starting to miss a select few, will try again soon and have a chat,
Much love Jen