31 March 2010

My Creative Space 'around this handmade country of ours'

Greetings all,
Another Thursday, another Creative Space
This week we're going on a trip around Australia, starting with the creative space my children have made on the floor.  How about these these amazing Miller Goodman wooden shapes from Lark in Victoria.  Not only are they divine to touch, look at & play with, the creations are limitless with curves, eyes & colours!!  This 'elf' was something girl child number 3 came up with.  In her words "adorable", i agree!!  Expect many more creations in the Easter school holidays, which for the Australian Capital Territory, start a WEEK after Easter, go figure??
Now to Sheep's Clothing in Victoria, i asked gorgeous Stacey to create a red, white & blue beanie to match my son's Country Road scarf from last Winter, we LOVE the results.  It was a 35C day when i asked him to model, thus bare chest (actually because it's Stacey, make that a Bear Grylls chest, giggles!!)  I'm a long time fan of Sheep's Clothing, thus our collection of beanies for the children, BIG fans.  Sweet Stacey popped in 4 extra brooches too with my latest order, so generous & kind!!

Now over to the lovely Gilly from Koo-Toor Creations in Western Australia who knitted this gorgeous scarf for the HeadsUp @Calvary Hospital - a great shop offering head dress options to ladies suffering hair loss during chemo!!  Donations of fabric for chemo cushions, scarves, beanies, all very welcome.  Thanks Gilly, it's so incredibly kind of you to send a donation to the other side of the country.  It's so beautifully presented & thoughtful!!
I'm testing a pattern for a cute pull-a-long doggy for Craft Schmaft in New South Wales.  I'll let you know how i go, thanks for picking me Claire, a non softie maker, but want to be at heart!!
Now down to Art Viva in Tasmania who make the most gorgeous knitting needles from Tasmanian Oak, available in these fun tubes too.  They were a huge hit at Handmade Market, well actually every market i've taken them too. 
These cushions are technically on their way to the Northern Territory, however, being delivered to the Central Coast NSW on the way up.  Farewell to my lovely school mummy friend/ Navy wife Jenna, all the best in the Darwin with your family, we'll miss you.  Hope your auntie loves these cushions, 'Owl Good' are they??!!
Now back to Canberra, where i've spent the last 3 days doing Easter Egg Decorating at Creative Clubs with year 3 at school.  One daughter was doing Easter Craft - nothing says Easter like a hot pink flamingo??!!  Her twin sister made a traditional Easter Egg basket with painted/ dyed/ patterned & crayoned eggs.  Only some workmen knocked them over & cracked the eggs (hard boiled but still, crushing, literally) & there were tears!!  I was working with a lovely teacher who is from Finland, she rather enjoyed my simple, bold, colourful style, yippee!! 
Back to the reality of orders, housework & preparing a trip to Sydney on Friday to see the family.  We are not religious, but we have a dozen Aries birthdays to celebrate so big weekend with the family!!  Do your children understand the story of Easter??  My 6y.o. told me it was "when God came out from under a rock to go on an Easter Egg hunt".  Close but no cigar matey & i'm afraid, no help from me!!  I'm off to see Allie's Attic Market in Mosman this Saturday, love my Corrie from Retro Mummy & Katia from Plushka, plus many more.  Shall blog on Monday!!  Love Posie


Irene MissyMinzy said...

Enjoy the trip with your children, Posie! :) XOX

Stacey said...

Wow, another busy post from you, Miss Posie.
I'm so pleased you like the hats - thanks for sharing with a photo of your handsome boy.

yardage girl said...

Great space and the story of easter is a cracker! Have a lovely weekend! Nic

Kate said...

Whew I'm exhausted after that whirl wind trip around the country. LOVE the Easter story, too funny. X

Liz said...

Have a great weekend with your family,

Beck said...

Lots happening Posie, love all the colour & action. Hope you have a great trip to Sydney and enjoy some lovely family time over Easter xo

Liesl said...

I am loving the Easter explanation too. Kids say the funniest things.

Have a great weekend!

Liesl x

edward and lilly said...

Wow, what a busy little post, all looks fabulous!

bec said...

Wow, busy! jealous you get to visit all those peeps in Sydney.

My 6 yr old hasn't told me what Easter means, bu sex is 'when you and your boyfriend go off and do what you want' (I think she has sex and date confused- maybe not either) teehee

lauren carney said...

your blog is the best!!
its so vibrant and colourful.
and im pretty sure i've fallen in love with this post.
how quaint.

thanks for sharing! <3

Snooze said...

thanks for the tour ... it was nice to go on a mini holidays and see all your crafty goodness. have a great break.
My Creative Space

Gilly said...

Thanks for the shout out Posie! Youre more than welcome for the scarf - and a special mention to Sam from Jettas Nest who made the card that I used. :) have a wonderful Easter xx

Tania McCartney said...

Scrumptious! I want those blocks! AND I want your bird feeder!

Jo said...

Hoping the Easter Pink Flamingo pays a visit to you over Easter! Enjoy!

Ruby Star said...

wow posie, you have some gorgeous talented friends. have a safe trip away. we're off to Mackay & the kids are more concerned as to wether easter bunny will find them or not. I think we'll write I note to let him/her (not sure if easter bunny is boy/girl?)know where we are :)

Steph said...

What a lovely little trip! Those blocks and the knitting needle case are gorgeous. May have to get me some. Hope all is well and Happy Easter :)

Unknown said...

obeloveLovely busy space. Sounds like you'll have a lovely weekend. I spy my knitting needles there! Love the Easter story. We do the story of Eostre and explain the Christian story too... along with talking about autumn. Its a big mish mash of symbols of life and death and everything in between!! Its lovely though. Have a gorgeous Easter. x