12 February 2010

i've been tagged to reveal '25 Random Things About Me'

Greetings all,
The fabulous Julie from Handmade Market & Shop Handmade tagged me to reveal ’25 Random Things About Me’ . . . so here goes nothing (in random order) . . .

1 I still have a crush on my husband, from when I was a teenager, i still get butterflies
2 I am terrified of clowns & monkeys
3 I am so proud of my family, I cry at every parade, assembly & award ceremony
4 I have never smoked & don’t drink tea, coffee or alcohol
5 I can type around 80 words per minute, self taught
6 I can see maths, the numbers, the equations & the answers
7 I love love love anything to do with Babushka Dolls
8 I have had very bad carpal tunnel syndrome since I was 28 & pregnant with my 4th child
9 I majored in pharmacology & psychology at Sydney Uni & have never used either degrees
10 I am a natural blonde, now on the mousey side but blonde common sense (or lack of)
11 I really enjoy good television but loathe reality shows 
12 I have been around the world 13 times on holidays
13 I think beetroots are like vegetable lollies
14 I am not spiritual, just believe in family
15 I love real action men like Bear Grylls (ex special forces soldier in Man vs Wild)
16 I have only just started to enjoy cooking for my family
17 I didn’t doubt getting married young for a second
18 I appear very calm, but have trouble switching off at night & sleep with hand splints & a mouth splint
19 I am a very low maintenance loyal friend & easily entertained
20 My favourite food is Japanese
21 My childhood was a fairy tale & I try to replicate that happiness, love & security with my children
22 My sister & I are chalk & cheese, I’m much more like my brothers
23 My father reckons I can talk under water with my mouth full of marbles
24 My favourite patchwork combination involves spots, stripes, florals & plaid
25 My earliest memory is swimming in our family pool aged 2 or 3

Julie also tagged Rachel from Little Angel Little Devil & Shop Handmade too!!
I'd like to tag my dear Stacey from Sheep's Clothing & Rosalind Grace from Grace Designs.  These are two super ladies, gorgeous mummies & very clever crafters!!  Tell me more ladies, don't hold back!!
Which trouble maker started all this?? Tania McCartney who we all love, adore & is all round gorgeous!!  I have ALL her books, she's a brilliant writer.  Have lovely weekends everyone, love Posie


Market Girl said...

Great post Jen, very interesting. x

Tania McCartney said...

You gorgeous girl. LOVED learning more about you. FUN! Mwah! x

Stacey said...

Ooh thanks for the tag! So nice to find out a bit more about you, although I did already know a few of those things.
Bear Grylls!! Now he is an action man - and one that seems to take his clothes off at any given opportunity.....

life and the memoirs said...

Thanks for sharing! I did one of these posts recently.
Wow! You've been around the world 13 times on holidays!! I'm also a strong believer in family, I'm so emotional with tears in my eyes at all the special occasions where my boys shine. I too have trouble switching off at night when it is sleep time!! This is just so frustrating.
I love all your work in preparation for the markets - so clever are you!

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Stacey - i think that is why i like him so much, he is SO like my husband!! Although my husband refuses to believe he is really special forces or special air service trained & the real deal. I tell him "shush, Bear is talking" & the children watch him & say "oh, that's what Dad would do". Yes, not including the parachuting, that was banned once we were married, no more leaping out of planes for my husband. Love Posie

Liesl said...

I loved reading your 25 things!

And just quietly I knew Stacey would say something about Bear Grylls! (I have a secret crush on him too. How could you not love a man who gets his kit off to deliberately jump into peat bog?!)

Anonymous said...

I do believe that he is Special Forces trained; I just don't believe all the situations he puts himself into. Really, who needs to sleep inside a dead camel!! The episode in the Kimberley’s is a funny one to watch for anyone that has lived in the North. Mr Posie

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

See now i'm communicating with my husband through my blog comments!! Let's just all agree, Bear Grylls is awesome, even better after a good long shower. Love Posie

moose and bird said...

I love these posts. Does that make me nosy??? Have a lovely weekend. Melinda xo

Corrie said...

oh yes I agree with 23 wholeheartedly!!!!!!!!!!! haha because I'm just as bad!!!!!!


posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Funnily enough Corrie from Retro Mummy & my father served in the Navy together!! We were destined to be friends & boy do we talk when we get together!! Love Posie

Kate said...

Isn't carpal tunnel the worst! I've had it since I was pregnant with the twins - very annoying.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Anonymous said...

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