15 February 2010

Boxing Day sale bootie rediscovered

Greetings all,
Ooopppsss - i bought all these ribbons & lovely bootie in the Boxing Day sale at Kikki-K & promptly forgot about them.  In a month when i'm revisiting old favourite products, styles & designs which for some reason have fallen off my market stall . . . i plan to make my sweet tiny totes again for little girls & boys using these ribbons for handles.  They are just a tad prettier than the regular woven tapes i used to use.  I think the standard of Mathilda's & Handmade Canberra's UpMarket just demand a little extra, that attention to detail & stylish touch.  
Now, time to get back to my arm chair Winter Olympics expert judgement.  I have never skiied & last time i strapped on ice skates was maybe year 10 at school, ouch, 20 years ago.  Doesn't turning 35 make you suddenly start judging things by decades??!!  That also means it was 10 years ago that i ran in the Sydney Olympic torch relay, so exciting - me, a little mummy was running with the Olympic flame!!  Now that was a cool experience!!
Oh, still think that cute Canadian born Australian Dale Begg-Smith is pretty fabulous & yippee for him, another medal.  If you had to come 2nd to someone, why not do it to the host country's first ever gold medallist on their own soil, i mean, snow!!  My son is completely captivated by all the events as he rides a pretty mean toboggan & Canberra gets snow!!  He also loves all the numbers & it's a great way to teach a 6 year old all about time - right down to milliseconds (or blinking).  He keeps repeating the times which flash up & working out who is coming first before the commentators.  Impressive, has my mind for maths & figures.  He can't wait to watch the snow boarding, it's a little differen to the Wii. 
Have lovely weeks everyone, love Posie


Gilly said...

what a lovely collection of goodies and yah for finding them again - its like finding $20 in an old handbag! I havent watched much of the Olympics...I must get to that!

The Creative Beast said...

that is so cool that you ran with the Olympic flame! i'm sure you'll remember that moment always =-)

Anonymous said...

Nice ribbons!! I love ribbons and bit. I've been avoiding the Winter Olympics so far. But I do wish I'd gone boxing day shopping with you :) Have a good day Posie.

Ruby Star said...

I have a ban on the winter olympics here. Last time the summer olympics were on my son tried to copy what they were doing and ended up jumping off the couch trying to do summersaults mid air with his legs out sideways. lol
That's great that you've made it a fun maths lesson :)
And you ran with the torch! What an amazing thing to do.
And finally, those kikki k ribbons are sweet. i miss kikki k. Tx

Kate said...

Ooohhhh, I think a rediscovered stash is one of the funnest stashes there is. Those ribbons will make for gorgeous handles. I hope you have a lovely week too. X

Kylie said...

Lookin forward to seeng th little bags.

You ran with the torch - yay for you - so did my Dad and he got to run the last leg into Mackay and light the coldron thinging. Such a thrill and special moment for all of us.

Have a great week watching the olympics - Amelia likes the numbers on their backs.

Jo said...

I love it when you are going through a cupboard and think"hmm, wonder what's in this bag?" and you open it to find something lovely you had completely forgotten about.

Corrie said...

love the colours! I'm always find little things tucked away that I've bought, put in a safe place and totally forgotten about!

oh and I'm always an instant expert when watching tv! especially when I watch dance and singing shows, don't know why but just feel like an instant expert and guess the judge's verdicts!


Jenny said...

Lovely lot of cute ribbons. Glad you and your are enjoying the Olympics