22 January 2010

taking some time in the studio

Greetings all,
Well i have to get some submissions organised with deadlines, so i'm going to bury myself in the studio for a couple of days (with intermittent swimming & cooking).  I'll leave you in the capable hands of this young man.   

Ever wondered where bloggers are sending their snippets of life from??  Posie posts come from here.  We live in an Army house & share the main household laptop with the family, on an arm chair.  So this is a tiny peek at the corner of our large living area at the back of our Canberra home. 
I decorate like a serviced apartment, not too exciting but after 12 years in Army housing where you can't paint a wall & have to move into a completely different style home in a new state or territory (tropics, country, city) every 2-3 years, this style works for us.  Also easy on the cleaning & dusting, HATE DUSTING!!  Head down, bottom up, sewing & designing, have a lovely weekend!!  Love Posie


Kylie said...

Ahh yes - clean white/cream walls - well tht is what you know best (although this house has a green wall that needs a spruce up and a hedious wooden climbing frame that Baden loves) Humm

Have a good weekend with your head down and bumb up - hope that youget everything done for thos dead lines:)

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

he looks like he knows what he is doing!!

bec said...

I like the little bookshelf behind him. It'll be wierd for me going from really old and vintage to new and floorboards. Might have to style up a bit!

Corrie said...

cute, has rory got a little six pack going there! he's a buff little dude!

I now sit in the kitchen on my laptop where children can't get to the computer and I lock the security gates so I'm happy in here and the kids are outside the gates!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love your book piles! I like to go to bed with my books


posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Ha ha ha, can just imagine Corrie in her 'play pen' locked into the kitchen!! Laughing so hard. It has been mentioned many a time that those of us with twins buy play pens for us to sit in while the children take over the house!! Love Posie

marion said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



yardage girl said...

Great to see your IT needs are managed by such a professional and capable looking little chap! Have fun!

One pair of Hands said...

Hate Dusting! - you're telling me. That'd be a great name for a blog. Moving house every 2-3 years must test your hoarding tendencies or are you one of those lucky folk who can chuck stuff out?
Thanks for looking in on my page and your words of encouragement re my newsletter.

mel @ loved handmade said...

I HATE dusting too! Sounds like you're in for a busy weekend - enjoy & thanks for visiting my blog!

Kelly Casanova said...

I admire you, moving around like that wouldn't suit me at all - I like to plonk and stay!
What I wonder is how do you cope lugging all your sewing and business stuff from one place to another?

Have a great weekend!

Jodie said...

I'll send cool thoughts your way for while you are working in your studio..

Jodie :)

Kate said...

He is cute!
I was so excited when we bought our first house after being in ed dept housing - they do build some odd houses.

Nikki said...

Cute post and great little peek inside your current home... And I think your decorating theory makes perfect sense!