16 January 2010

possibly prettiest posie post ever

Greetings all,
So when you were little, did you play dress ups in your mother's precious wedding dress??  My sister & our friends certainly did & also wondered how our mother was ever that tiny!!
These school holidays my girls rediscovered the giant dry cleaning bag at the top of the wardrobe & FINALLY asked if they could play in my dress.  Why not!!  I hadn't opened the dry cleaning bag & peeked in for 12 years.  This bag of organza has moved house 6 times & still, i've never looked inside!!
I had one of those moments - this is what daughters are for, weddings!!  They spent hours playing in the dress, checking out the bone in the bodice, counting layers & adjusting the sleeve position, it was just gorgeous. 
Since they were born, considering the tradition that the brides' parents pay for weddings (gulp) my husband & i have suggested they have a simple dress which they can wear again, do a restaurant wedding on a Wednesday night & DON'T MENTION IT'S A WEDDING in a ploy to make it less expensive, TIMES 3!!  When they each asked if they could borrow my dress, well sure, another cost saver!!  No, we're not really that bad, but imagine the savings & a recycled frock (no doubt in their future it will be considered a vintage 1997 wedding dress).  Apart from a tiny hole & some tiny yellowing dots, i think it's held up well.

Have you gotten out some old formal attire for your children to play in lately??  I can assure you they will do less damange in bare feet than what you could have done wearing it to an actual formal event - the dance floor, alcohol & cigarette related incidents my gowns endured at University Ballls & Ok, i went to a couple of B&S Balls in the country not to mention Infantry Balls where soldiers outnumbered the 'dates' about 10 to 1 . . . but i don't drink or smoke, so it wasn't me mum.  My mother would make my dresses from pictures in Vogue magazine. 
Thank goodness my dresses were homemade $50 efforts as my first Regimental Army Ball with my handsome soldier was in the middle of a football field AFTER football season!!  I had beautiful cream strappy heels (um, it was 1995) with my pink shantung silk Calvin Klein rip off & finished up covered in mud!! 
Enjoy & give this a go, another school holiday free activity to make you smile & your children will ask questions about where & when & what happened so get your stories straight.  Love Posie


Liz said...

Yes you're right, seriously cute, they look gorgeous. I remember wearing my mums wedding gown when I was about that age, playing in the street with all the neighboring kids. Mum has a photo somewhere, I will have to look for it now. Don't know what happened to it but I wish I still had it!!

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

This is a lovely post.
My daughter at the moment is going through the wedding dress stuff, not dress up though, the real thing! I do think the idea of the bridal family paying for the whole thing is a little rough, especially when for us we only have 10 people on our side of the family and the groom has extended family of cousins and aunties etc, and amounts to over 80. But really it is very exciting overall.

Gay McDonell said...

That brings back so many memories - great photos!

Corrie said...

oh gorgeous! look at those darling little girls in their mummy's dress! I think I might need to get mine out for keira, mind you she won't be able to walk in it!!!!!!

so sweet!


Tania McCartney said...

I don't think your girls could be more beautiful. x

Anonymous said...

you are right... this is the cutest post ever! thanx for sharing.

Kate said...

Soooo gorgeous! We found my wedding dress recently when we were sleeping over at my in-laws. It was late and I peeked inside the bag, showed the girls and then quickly zipped it up again. I think I probably should have brought it home for holiday trying on, it looks like so much fun. XX

Unknown said...

That is a gorgeous dress ! I can't stand my wedding dress so I was happy to let my daughter play dressups in it !

Kylie said...

My wedding dress is still at my parents - so has not done the 7 moves with us:) I do recall my mother attempting to give her wedding dress to Vinnies and my youngest brother (then 8) fighting her for it over the seats in the car. "No, you cant give it away Mum" This went on for about 5 minutes until she said "fine - but your wife is wearing it on her wedding day". humm - wonder if that is why they are still living in sin:) He has told her that she must wear the 1973 fashion statement that it was complete with log bell sleeves!
Oh and soldiers balls and dning ins - they wre the day - officers mess functions are well behaved in comparison:)

Kelly Casanova said...

that is so lovely! I remember trying on my Mother's wedding dress when I was 12 and the waist was a good fit! My own wedding dress is quite a bit larger!

About Mathilda's Market said...

Hi Jennnie, your girls are divine! Look forward to seeing you in Feb!
Cheers, Anne

moose and bird said...

These are gorgeous photos. I don't have children of my own yet, but one day I hope to be able to take some similar photos. Have a great week. Melinda xo

thea said...

oh oh! it's such a pretty dress and each girl looks like a little blossom in it! love it!



Jenny said...

Aren't they just gorgeous??? I bet they sure had a lot of fun:)

Stacey said...

Such gorgeous girls you have there. They look just beautiful.
I always wanted to wear my Mum's wedding dress, but as she was a size 4 back then (she's only a 6 these days!) I wouldn't have fit into it after about age 8!