27 January 2010

Keeping them full of energy for the last week of school holidays . . .

Greetings all,
Our school holidays usually start & finish with sleep overs, a relay of sleeping bag hopping around different friends' houses all over Canberra.  It's a nice way to wean them off seeing their friends every day, then reintroducing them again.  Good, free, fun & entertainment, happening now!!
Keeping them full of energy to ride out that last week of day long swimming & extended bed times, here are a couple of my secret weapons . . . really generous fruit smoothies (fruit de jour is more often than not, mangoes, my children were all born in Darwin after all, when had mangoes dropping into our garden!!)

A chicken roll (pan fried chicken in smidge of oil, cooled, tear apart, add mayonaisse & all the herbs you can gather from your garden) & a huge treat . . . sour dough dinner bread rolls at lunch time, yummo!!  It keeps their imagination flowing to make up costumes, like this pirate girl!!

Quick update on Miss 'Smashed my front tooth out on the footpath after coming off my scooter a month ago' . . . well the skin has grown back under her nose (which was like a red Hitler moustache) & her adult teeth are poking through.  Gosh, that dentist was right, "you were very lucky Mrs McClelland, so lucky" as indeed, if she came off her scooter in a couple of months from now, WHOLE different story with her knocking out adult teeth.  She will now wear a mouth guard, for the sake of the footpath & all those around her.  So not such a ghastly look for our middle girl to resume school with. 
Finally, i have to share what went on in the 3rd row of the car on the way home from swimming . . . one of the aunties gave us a "Hits for Kids" CD for Christmas, which my 1st grade boy put on in the car (have to confess, i didn't even know we still had a CD player in that car??) & well, it was pretty much like The Big Day Out only for 3rd graders & in my car!!  Boy, those 8 year old girls can sure belt out a tune (my 3rd grade twins have the sleep over guest tonight) much to the dismay of my year 6 daughter who is clearly above singing "baby get shakey after school" at the top of her voice, anymore.  Mind you, Miss Year 6 had the remote & kept putting up the volume.  Sorry, when did we get a remote for the car stereo??  Anyway, i wonder what kind of a night i'm in for.  Good healthy fun, love it!!  7 days until school goes back for us, i'll miss them.
Love Posie


Liesl said...

Your chicken rolls look delicious, Jennie. What a great idea to add those yummy herbs (I know what's for lunch tomorrow now!).

Good luck with the sleepover. It sounds like it promises to be ... er, noisy?

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

You are doing it all right! Takes me back awhile, my kids are all grown up now, miss those days! Enjoy them while you can.

Kylie said...

LOL - now there are a few ?'s for Mr McC LOL

Hope that you all survive the big day out in the house tonight - fun to be had by the sounds of it!

I am heading out for a little randr with Mr P - we are heading to the cinema and are thinking of going to the gold class one - why not I say:)

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

those smoothies look great. Thankgoodness for the teeth situation! Phew- that could have been very expensive.

moose and bird said...

It's definetely all happening at your place. Good luck entertaining them all. Melinda xo

Jane said...

We're back at school tomorrow.
I completely understand the lost tooth drama, my Miss nearly 6 knocked out four baby teeth in one go last year!

Gilly said...

Looks scrummy! And Im glad your daughters healing well - my darling did the same thing in the first week of January although nothing came out...and she wasnt riding a scooter - she was simply walking LOL - but I guess being 2 means you can be a bit wobbly sometimes.

Stacey said...

Children and their teeth! As a child that spent way too many hours at the Orthodontist, I live in fear of anything happening to my kids' teeth.
Oh and your daughter? She is just stunning. I have never seen a bad photo of her. Beautiful girl.