15 May 2009

up uP UP & DOWN DOwn down

Greetings all, feeling like i'm on a roller coaster ride at the moment.

Last Sunday's Mother's Day market was lovely, great customers, everyone up beat, my stall was next to Little Angel Little Devil run by Rachel who i adore . . . (UP) made some cash, paid for new children's fancy sneakers (DOWN).
I ran the Mother's Day stall at our primary school which had a Handmade Canberra's UpMarket raffle of goodies & raised a tonne of cash, yippee (UP) but ended up exhausted with a migraine (DOWN)!!
Then Monday was the zone cross country & my 3 girls were all competing for their school, i was one very proud mama on the side of the track with my eldest placing in the final (UP) & promptly falling asleep after an attitude attack in the car on the way home from Mount Stromlo (DOWN).
Recovering from my weekedn migraine, my body has passed the baton to a sinus infection & 10 day course of antibiotics (DOWN DOwn down) & when i was at rock bottom with heat backs on all my aches yesterday, the Chronicle called & asked if they could pop over for a photo shoot & interview (UP but out of puff). That's happening today, i had to postpone them 24 hours or i would be way too hazy & puffy, sure the photo will be average anyway.
Naturally today when i took my husband's morning tea into work, which he made last night, i burst into tears (DOWN) & you know the look your husband gives you when you're crazy crying woman in the car, for no apparent reason. My morning wasn't smooth with the delivery of four children to school on a particularly cold & windy day.
All these great things - newspapers articles, gorgeous husband, clever children & great businesses . . . & i'm struggling this week. Oh, did i only just realise i'm a busy mother & thinking positive isn't a cure for exhaustion??

Tomorrow is the Handmade Show Case at Civic (UP), come & meet us, which is always fun & a fantastic promotion for the big Handmade Canberra's UpMarket the following Saturday . . . oh & a Country Road Sale (UP & down, sale ace, spending all my money, not so ace) then Sunday we have no less than 4 parties all over the ACT, with different combinations of children at each one, some with clashing times. Fun!! Can you hear the circus music as my juggling act on a unicyle goes wrong?? Super Dad will do one drop off & pick up, while i recruit another mother in similar situation to car pool one of my children from her party to the next. It's takes a village!!
After the big super Handmade UpMarket on Saturday 23rd May, i can rest, relax, catch my breath & stick to the on line orders for a while. So that should balance me out. I'll also let you know how the Chronicle article goes & my new hair cut, it's cute!!
But wait, there's more . . . head down tail up, i'm sewing for the next big event in my life . . . on an up uP UP to the sky note . . . i'm going to show at Sydney's Magnolia Square. This is a market which my customers (first in Darwin as that was where we were living at the time when Magnolia started in Victoria) have told me i must go given the opportunity. So now Magnolia is branching out to Sydney, i'm coming too. Sydney is where i was born & raised, i have a fabulous customer base there, friends, family & i'm very much looking forward to doing a fantastic market event - details below & a whole lot more on Magnolia Square later . . . love Posie


Kylie said...

Rest up my dear and BREATH - you are a busy Mum and I have no idea how you achieve so much. If I can help in anyway - I know you are a one women show - but sounds like you could do with some help...

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Thanks Kylie!! Nothing like 2 courses of anti biotics to get you feeling back on track. Damn sinus!! Off to visit your blog. Love Posie

Corrie said...

oh you poor love! thats a busy week and I know its no consolation but I don't know how you do it (mind you I find that annoying when people tell me that)

you looked great in the photo and magnolia will be fab!