08 January 2012

social commentary Sunday . . . 'are you feeling older & losing your cool with every year??'

Greetings all,
Well, what to do a social commentary on??  Annoying ads on television - if you haven't prepaid your own funeral = you're a selfish bastard . . . & The Young Talent Team children are already irritating me.  Driving home from midday Pilates today, P!NK came on the radio, yay, give me some of your kiss-arse-lady-rock to sing my lungs out.  Sorry, what, a power ballard??  Nooo, just because you're a mummy, don't lose your cool Mrs Hart. 
It got me thinking, as my 37th birthday looms, am i actually getting old in the head too, thinking like a fuddy duddy??  I don't even find Hamish & Andy funny anymore, they're immature!!  My clothes are current & i like Top 40 Music (or is it 30, or 20, or iTunes).  I'd consider myself one of the groovier mums at school but being a housewife hardly keeps me up to date with cool words, expressions, technology, hand gestures, busting out the latest moves or cooking with trendy spices - i'm yet to find harissa at the supermarket!!
My children are hip, so atleast i'm not bringing down the next generation.  My husband dresses like a catalogue model (helps with his handsome good looks & physique, but i buy his clothes, oh, i'm a stylist!!) but he's cool, he has a cool stance, a cool job with cool gadgets & cool sayings, he's in the cool gang & is the cool boss.  When we were new at our latest primary school, my twin girls threw an all-class birthday party.  One boy's Mum told me he was so excited to get the invitation from 'the popular girls' & it made me think, are some people just born cool or is cool only reserved for the young??  I used to be cool, i think, frowny face.
Please know i'm not clutching at my youth, i loved being a teen in high school & partied at Uni, i accept it's over - i have zero desire to be my children's 'friend'.  I can't remember the last time i went to a nightclub or danced in public outside of a Zumba class.  I don't drink & my husband is always away, i don't have long term girlfriends to relive-a-well-spent-youth with in Canberra, i'd rather go to craft camp than a club to hang wit ma homies, not a deafening, dark & expensive bar!!  Word.  LOL.      
But i'm really excited, an opportunity to get my cool back on . . . my husband & i have been invited to a wedding in June, yes, that means a) he's home in June, b) first wedding we've been to together in years, c) i get a new frock & d) i get to dance into the night!!  We've been married 15 years, I have to find my social cool again, that includes weight loss & a makeover.  Looking at myself in the mirror at Pilates, i thought, hmmm, i really let myself go, but why beat myself up about it, i'm at the gym, doing something about it. 
Am i alone in this thinking??  With every birthday, do you feel you're getting a bit less current, the cool factor is dipping??  I am happy to be age appropriate, i just have to lose this frump & dowdiness, update my list of interesting topics to discuss.  Can you imagine me opening the table conversation at the wedding reception with a bunch of 20 year olds "hi, i'm a blogger, my blog's about craft, children, i have 4 children, baking & gardening, OMG, this is the first time i've been out at night, in a 5 years".  Wrong demographic??  Now that would be uncool, i know that much.  Giggles, love Posie


Anne said...

As your daughters grow up, you may find like me, that they will give you an honest opinion on clothes. Mine (now 20) will tell me that something looks like 'a grandma outfit' with absolutely no qualms or hesitation. So now that I have recently lost some weight, and with some of her guidance on clothes, I find that on the odd occasion she wants to steal some of my clothes :). Think I'll have to resort to checking her bags before she leaves!

LatteJunkie said...

I went to afternoon tea yesterday at a friend's place. All the other women there were chefs or business owners. I was asked what I do... I said I'm a mum, a blogger and write poetry... It sounded rather pathetic to be honest...

So yes as I am a week from my 33rd birthday, I feel like I need an update too.

Posie Patchwork said...

I have no doubt that with 3 teenager daugthers looming, they will have no hesitation in telling me EXACTLY what is cool & uncool, like "stay in the car Mum" & "you're not going to taxi me around all night dressed like that". Love Posie

Mum on the Run said...

Hee hee.
'Cool' is such a relative thing though, isn't it??
I like to think Hubby and I haven't totally lost it yet.
No offence intended to anyone, but the day I let my Husband or son wear those brown, chunky, ugly man sandals I will know I have crossed to the other side.

These young guys with their bonds undies hanging out and stupid looking cars think they're cool though, don't they?
And those chicks that wear the blittle bandage dresses and stripper heels that do nothing for their figures or reputations, they think they're cool too hey?
They dude I saw yesterday with a set of metal testicles attached under the tow ball of his car probably think that's seriously cool.

Maybe i'm not cool at all!!

I hope you enjoy your health kick and frock shopping.
:-) xx

polkadotpeticoat said...

I was having coffee with a friend the other day and we both were thought to be older than we are recently (which stung a bit)..... but We both decided were fabulous at 43 so look out here we come.....I think your very hip, Momma!!

Kerry said...

I think there's an ebb and flow with 'cool'...at some ages we are, then we lose it, then we get it back again. I aim to be interesting...much easier, I think! :)

Jan-Maree said...

I am 50 this year and I have decided that as long as I and my husband are happy with where we are at I am not worried about the rest. My hubby is all too often away too and I rarely every get to go (or have to go) corporate functions or evenings out with others except my close friends. We used to go to a corporate party once every Christmas but that has changed with company changes etc. Update yourself so that you are happy with yourself. Above all remember that other stay-at-home mums who are bound to be at the wedding probably feel the same as you and the working Mums probably feel insecure about not having enough time with their kids etc.

Makeminemidcentury said...

I just finished a six-month Grad.Dip. which required me to go back to Uni on a full-time basis, on campus.

That was a slap in the face in terms of 'cool'. I may still think like I did when I was in my 20s when I was at Uni, but I didn't realise that to the younger generation, I look like an 'older' woman ... which I am! So, it took them a while to get used to the fact that I can be easy to get along with and have interesting, amusing things to say. That was hard. They did, however, all think I possessed some kind of 'wisdom' because I had career experience and children.

I think there's definitely a need to recognise 'where' we are in life, but not change 'who' we are. (That's all a bit unclear...)

The Jeweller said...

You crack me up. Should I be worried that I whole-heartedly agree with everything you stated in your first paragraph? (that goes two-fold for the comment about Pink's latest!) BUT I'M ONLY TWENTY SIX!!!
To top it off, whilst I'm sitting writing this, Shania Twain is belting from my iPod.
Meh, never was one of the "cool kids" anyways.

tinajo said...

This post made me smile! :-)

Well, my boys and hubby thinks I´m cool so that´s at least something. I think I still have the "touch" I had in my 20´s when it comes to clothes and I still dance a lot to loud music (even though it´s at home, to the dvd player).

However, I AM noticing I´m getting older in two ways:

1) I don´t know who all the latest artist and the newest hits are. I just can´t keep up!

2) I´m beginning to lack in the technical area. Changes - like when Blogger makes changes and similar things - makes me confused, because "it didn´t use to be like that".

I figure that as long as I can dance, I´ll be a little bit cool though..! :-D

Tania McCartney said...

I'm actually happy to leave my carefree, partying, 'hot chick' days behind... I'd rather write all day and have a pudgy arse than risk pelvic floor prolapse in the gym and bore myself stupid at the nail salon/hairdresser.

At *ahem* years older than you, I'm more concerned about my physical health than anything - watching the skin sag and the thighs go to mush honestly isn't a major issue with me - but I must admit it's tough looking back and seeing how strong and fit and toned I was, and remembering the energy I had (and how that's rapidly disappearing). That certainly makes me a little melancholy, and reminds me I need to step up the walking and yoga, and cut the sugar.

It's a priceless gift - when you're nearing and into your forties - to invest time in your health and fitness rather than being skinny. It's also vital to bring calm into your life and balance stress levels, rid yourself of toxic people and situations, and be grateful on a daily basis.

As I enter my own mini midlife crisis, all I am focusing on is...Focus. Balance. Health. Love. That's all that matters, after all - and the result of this focus is that I'm feeling more profound, stronger and more beautiful than ever before.

And nary a toned thigh in sight.


The Moerks said...

I am giglging too Posie. You know what, you are cool. How many mums of your age can negotiate blogger and run an online business? Not many I feel. Forget them anyway. Have a ball with your handsome soldier and party like its 1999. (now I am showing my age)

NessaKnits said...

I don't need to modulate myself anymore to fit in with the cool people. Hell, now if they don't like me, that is their problem!

Maxabella said...

Oh for sure... if I ever in fact had any. My friend's 14 year old daughter told me the other day 'You are SOOOO cool' and I just beamed inside and then she added, 'for, like, an old person'. Yep, that's what I am really. A daggy old person. x

TexWisGirl said...

glad you've got an event to look forward to and one which will motivate you if you need 'updates'. but having hubby home has got to be the best 'perk' of all. :)

Fiona said...

Hey Jennie.. it must be the age bracket and being a mum because I TOO feel the same!! it's my birthday tomorrow and one of my resolutions (or things to focus on this year) is just myself because I didn't get any attention last year! I guess as long as your kids still want to be seen with you in public then you can't be that uncool :)

Tiff said...

I buy lots of magazines, and homewares and clothes... I make an attempt to stay current... I have found less to buy in the mainstram shops as I have gotten older... now at 40 the Myer 'resort' section is looking better and better... ewwwww! I think I am getting old!!! Least I am doing it with a smile, and my miss twelve still wants to borrow my shoes, so they can't be that bad yet!!! X

Alannah said...

great post. Have heard YTT are coming back...bet it is cringe worthy! My birthday is looming too, but it will be 44 eek! When asked recently what music is on my ipod,I had to reply I like quiet and don't have an ipod. Harissa is found in my fridge because my friend made it. Do you want the recipe? We have a country bush wedding next weekend, and we are all going. No mention need be made of my blog there. Yet to meet the bride though as she has been living overseas. You are only as young as you feel. DH and I having older girls then younger kids will hopefully keeping us younger in spirit, just lacking a bit more energy though. smiles and have a great week. A

Sally said...

Oh my 37th birthday is looming too... and yes I've started to wonder just how daggy non-cool am I these days. Things I used to love are starting to look decidedly "old". Mmm. My love says I was never gool - ouch - but he says he loves my daggy style - kiss it better. Me thinks he is just so uncool he doesn't bet just how cool I am. Mmmm. Perhaps it is all about perspective.

Tas said...

It's insidious. Everytime the kids ask me to play Wii with them, I often say "no" (depending on the game) I used to love games like that but now I'd prefer to watch them play while I knit. And I find myself watching more ABC and SBS docos...what the?

Rob Mills and YTT? I don't think so...

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh Posie, this made me laugh. I feel like a total daggy oldie these days. The other night highlighted this fact for me clearly. I was 'roped' into going along to a Venga Boys concert with my 18 and 21 year old nieces. Both had been bugging me to go out with them for a while and I thought why not, it was a local venue, I love to dance etc etc... It was fun, but such an eye opener, kids these days, Geez! I'm going to post about my experience sometime this week :o) xo
Just for the record, I don't honestly think we're getting old, just more mature ;o)