09 January 2012

my one word for 2012 will be . . . 'rainbows'

Greetings all,
OK, Maxabella Loves introduced a one word resolution for the year, 'better' & that certainly was my wish for the year, to live better . . . my one word is going to be 'rainbows'.  Now, i'm no giddy bohemian dreamy hippie, however, i do wish for rainbows, what is not to love about a rainbow (unless it comes out after rain has ruined your garden party or washing on the clothes line).   
Love this rainbow at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane!!  Beware, there are guards EVERYWHERE just dying to tell your children off, before they even think to touch anything. 
 After the joy of grocery shopping today in blistering heat, i popped into a gift store & could not believe my eyes, a full rainbow set of mixing bowls with lids!!  Hello Summer picnics.
 Special mention to the Marimekko napkins.  Last week i picked up these plates & bowls in the hope that my children (who do the dishes in school holidays) might be more inspired. 
 Fabulous example of weaving (at GOMA).  I plan a large open space in our homestead entrance, with maybe just a rug or amazing art??  This would be ace. 
Ok, so i love rainbows & after a years of running a small design business, exposed to glorious colours, patterns & textiles, i'm about to put it all on hold & to good use . . . to build a homestead & start a farm for my family.  Trust me, i'll be clutching at rainbows as i deal with real estate agents, architects, tradesmen & hardwarestore-sales-staff-rolling-their-eyes-at-me as i ask a million questions.  I love that it will be my full time job, especially the decorating part & styling each room!! 
Nothing can dull the colour i see, the hope & dreams for a better life for my family.  My husband will be home from war in 6 months, his 5th & final war; we have 4 happy, healthy & hilarious children; we want space & a simple life - best of all, we know how to make it happen & it's happening, yahoo!!  I have more properties to view & we've put our Darwin apartment on the market too.  This is HUGE.  I'm going to love love love 2012. 
Bring on the rainbows i say, to our bright & colourful future.  OMG, this is my 499th post, rainbows to you all in blogland too.  Love Posie


Leonie said...

Oh I laughed when I read your comment about the rainbow at GoMA. We went there last week and the guard just about pounced on my kids as they approached!! haha.
Love your word for 2012. Rainbows are so special!
Good luck with all your plans and dreams, it will be fun to follow your journey.

Jan-Maree said...

rainbows - how perfect! As a lover of colour that really speaks to me - hope you have a wonderfully rainbow filled kind of year. SO GLAD to know that this will be the handsome soldier's final war - 5 is enough please.

CHD said...

2012 sounds like it will be full and exciting. How fun to plan your home for your family. We love living in the country here. Love the Marimekko napkins too- I have the some ones that I have been eeking out. Can't get them around here. All the best for a colourful year. Cx

B is building a house said...

Glad to hear your hubby is coming back soon. So happy for you.

Surprisingly, all the tradies I've dealt with we're great with me asking 1 million questions. It was MrB who kept rolling his eyes and telling me off. Meh!

Hope the sale of your Darwin property is a quick one!

Can't wait to follow the progress of your new home <3


Leah said...

Lovely theme for a year! Too funny with the guards - we've had similar experiences at the NGA. After making it unscathed through the galleries, the kids finally touched something in the foyer - a window! And we're told off thoroughly.

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

oh jennie - i love coming in for a visit...you just light up my day.....and i reckon you are a living rainbow - just glowing with colour. i don't think any word other than rainbow could be your word for 2012. And you're right - what is there not to love about a rainbow.

happy new year

melissa said...

Oh, how exciting Posie! It will be wonderful to build your own place and have your own space.

Enjoy 2012!!

So happy for you that your soldier man will be home this year. xx

Anonymous said...

Rainbows...fantastic word...and 499 not out...go girl xx

Helen said...

I love the colourful mixing bowls! I own ONE mixing bowl, I think I need to invest in some more ;)

Hope 2012 is the year for you, looks like it's going to be busy but very fulfilling!

Teresa said...

The joy in this post is jumping off the page - many rainbows to you, Posie! Sounds like you are in for an exciting year...and 6 months, the count down is on. I'm so happy for you - 2012 sounds like it is yor year xo

Maxabella said...

2012 is going to be such a fun year Jen. Getting closer to our dream a the end of the rainbow! x

Anonymous said...

Rainbows are so you Posie....bright and cheerful :)
Looking forward to following the journey of your dreams being realised :)

Mum on the Run said...

This is fabulous.
All of it.
I'm super excited for your 2012 - so can only imagine that you must be jumping out of your skin.
Wooo hoo!!
:-) x

Coal Valley View said...

It all sounds awesome, especially the bit about the return of handsome soldier. I'm very excited about your new home venture too. Where are you looking? Our family farm is near Braidwood and I love the whole area in and around Canberra in general. And yay, we can swap notes on all things farmy soon :-) Mel xx

Anonymous said...

Excellent post! I think you've encapsulated the mission of this blog and our challenge.

Amanda said...

Rainbows is a good word for you for 2012. Here is wishing for a big pot of happiness at the end of it. Love the picture of your son, he looks like he daren't touch a thing.

Karla {Ironmum Karla} said...

Sounds like a great word, and lots of inspiration to come from rainbows...your creativity will be in overdrive this year! Ah, you must be glad it is 2012, something to look forward to at the end of your rainbow too;)

TexWisGirl said...

may you and yours have many rainbows to celebrate and share this year!

Tania McCartney said...

Happy almost-500th post! I love RAINBOWS, too, and they make so much sense for your 2012. Spooky that Maxabella's word was BETTER, as my motto will be 'do less better'. But my word for the year will be CALM. xx

Samantha said...

What a fabulous year this will be, sending many happy rainbows to you.x

fee @ chipper nelly said...

Man, I can feel your excitment!!!
So excited to see your homestead adventure...hope you are still gonna blog through it?!
I was trying to think of a word instead of a resolution but got stuck. I struggle with 'less is more'!!!
(maybe it should just be 'less'?)
love fee x

grace said...

looks like you have well and truly got your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Here's to an exciting rainbow year! x