12 November 2011

i'm grateful for . . . 'a liberating & genuinely hearty week of imperfection'

Greetings all,
I'm just so thrilled you came along on my week of imperfections with the right attitude, laughing with me at my mistakes, mishaps & silly choices . . . thank you, i needed it!!
I've had a particularly challenging headspace, with more Australian soldiers shot in Afghanistan . . . i've been distracting myself with Christmas shopping, friends & my website (open next week).  Then the very sobering experience that is Remembrance Day yesterday.  I went to 3 ceremonies in a row - the War Memorial; primary school (my girls were hosting); then my eldest daughter's college, with a catered lunch where i was the only uncoupled adult, so the gorgeous principal sat with me.  My husband would have been so proud to watch our children yesterday.  He loves my imperfections, i'm the opposite of his strict world of dogmatic routine & military precision, my inability to be perfect is what he loves about me the most!!??  It's amazing what a laugh can fix!! 
The ceremony at the War Memorial had hiccups . . . an ambulance took one of the gentlemen from the Australian Men's Rugby Choir away; a sailor passed out (i heard the crack of his body on the parade ground 50m away); & a sweet mum in the VIP area had her toddler run off onto the parade ground.  FYI no one walks on the parade ground in a proper military ceremony!!
 Our extremely impressive Governor General Quentan Bryce, laying a wreath, exquisite as always in speech, ensemble & occasion.
 The Prime Minister, being none of those things.
 The Federation Guard is a full time ceremonial unit made up of Navy, Army & Air Force. 
 I was trying to find a soldier with my husband's rank to show you what he looks like on parade.
 The Air Force have such an advantage with their uniform, nice colours to work with.
 The Royal Military College Band - check out the leopard skin drum (i think he's a Drum Major) but honestly, i really don't have a clue. 
Once they leave the parade ground, the officer who marches them off, hands over to the non commissioned officer in charge, who (between shouting commands) thanks everyone for their efforts.  I haven't seen my husband on parade for years, but he'd be the one out the front with the pacestick, yelling.So there you have it, imperfection focus over & back to my little successes in life. 
For more weekly Gratefuls, check out Maxabella Loves, love Posie  


LatteJunkie said...

Thank you for the insight into the life of a family with a service man (serviceman?)

And the poor mum with the toddler!

Hope you are well and that your hubby stays safe.

Felicity said...

A grateful list to be proud of Jennie.

Mum on the Run said...

I have truly loved this week here.
Thank you.

Sally said...

Meow re: prime minster comment!

Thought of you all day yestderday. I'm grateful to you and your family. Thanks.

Maxabella said...

I thought of your husbie at 11 yesterday.

It's been a good week, Posy. Hopefully you silenced a few of your more challenging readers? x

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous post Jennie....as someone who this really means everything too, i just can't imagine how important these days are for families who have lost or have someone currently serving. I always get teary on Rememberance Day and I'm so grateful as a nation we can stop and really remember what so many sacrificed for us!!! Bless you sweet one xx

Kellie said...

Oh, to have Quentin's style. That woman is such class.
Loved getting an insight into your world, Jennie. xx

Lisar said...

Your comment about the PM made me laugh out very very loud....thanks for the insight of the military world.....

Cherry Red Quilter said...

You say you have lots of imperfections but I reckon your husband must stand an extra ten feet tall just knowing that he has you standing in his corner so completely and so loyally. Sometimes when I read your posts I feel like it is a glimpse into a gorgeous love story - thanks for sharing.

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh what a treat, reading your last two posts one after the other, so pleased to see the day went off well yesterday... with the exception of those few hiccups.
I love that you're perfectly imperfect Posie... so am I ;o)
Isn't Quentan Bryce just a beautiful lady!? Such poise, grace and intelligence. I always enjoy listening to her speak.
Handsome soldier would have been proud of you yesterday also :o) xo

Jen R said...

Thank you for the isight for us non military families, Im in total admiration for our troops and their families xx

TexWisGirl said...

thanks for sharing these service men and women with us.

tinajo said...

Lovely post - thank you for giving me insight into something I otherwise wouldn´t get at all since this is nothing swedes knows that much about.

Take care! :-)

designed to a T said...

Jennie, I'm certain your soldier would be proud of you and love you just the same, no matter what. It's wonderful that you can laugh at yourself, that's is the true sense of balanced person! Had a laugh this week with you (not at you...) Love to you and the family at this time. Hope he comes home soon and safe!...T

Mimi said...

Hi Posie, thank you. I thought of you, your husband and children on Friday. Mimi xx

Amy said...

I had a giggle at your comment about our PM! I heard her address a Veterans day parade in Hawaii on the radio yesterday. I shrunk in my carseat at the embarrasment that is her voice. Can she ever sound sincere??

Tiff said...

God bless all those in service to the country now and those who have passed. We should all be grateful for every one of them! X

The Provincial Homemaker said...

Glad you had a bit of company at your lunch.

The poor mum with the toddler - the one reason Ginger and I did go down and watch her Daddy performing his remembrance day speech. I knew Ginger would just run off. :)

Joyful Things said...

I have an amazing sense of awe when I see how many are strong enough, and generous enough, to sacrifice of themselves the "regular" day to day lives to go and make the world safer for us. They are working to give what they have put on hold to others in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and on and on. I'm very proud of you and your husband.

fee @ chipper nelly said...

hey, I too thought of you at 11 on the 11th - you are the only wife of a serviceman I know and it gave me something concrete to focus my mind on.

So, the amazingly elegant Quentan must be a distant relation of mine (My surname is Bryce, it's a scottish name FYI!) and it would have been my toddler running amok!

Love your posts
fee x