14 November 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like i should be doing more Christmas shopping

Greetings all,
A little bit thrilled with this wooden tree from TYPO, but really, it just reminds me that i really should knock over the Christmas shopping for others, not myself.  I'm not spending Christmas Day with any family this year (is it wrong that i feel empowered??) but i have to get gifts to them.  I plan to do up a hamper for each family (5-6 people, 10 families + individual gifts for the children).  Honestly, until i get a date for hand surgery, it's just not at the forefront of my mind.
 I dream, in the future, this hook-laden-tree, will hold the keys to our cars, tractor & quad/ trail bikes.  Isn't that cool & scary at the same time, my children on the road, eeek.  I loathe looking for keys, especially if like on "The Castle" we need to move 4 children's cars out of the way to get to mine!! 
 With Christmas gift hampers in mind, i headed to the Farmer's Market on Saturday to scout for ideas.  Brandy Butter, Puddings, Organic Chocolates . . . mmmm.  With only 3 children doing Little Athletics, i took my solo 3rd girl with me, unfortunately she's the hungriest child on earth & eats her way through the samples like Homer Simpson.  I oblige by buying what she recommends . . . 5kg fruit, juice, lunch & dinner (rolled roast beef) for the entire weekend.  So easy to feed my athletes lunch of Turkish Bread & avocado dip.  I'd never offered my children honeycomb??  Yumbo.  
 Bottom of the barrel $5 lillies, thank you!!
 This little runner & jumper won her hurdles, high & long jump on Saturday.  When we had twin babies, we decided to raise them independent of each other & not compare.  But this year in the same class - who gets to be class captain??  They took it in turns, unspoken agreement to nominate for different semesters (still voted by class mates, they're not dictators!!)  It didn't occur to me until year 2 that actual races . . . with places, would mean direct competition & comparison.  As it turns out, they  take it in turns (on ability, trust me, they zoom past each other without a side glance on the track) winning the 200m, 800m, long jump & cross country each year.  Oh look, you can see her latest missing tooth. 
How is your Monday??  I have to return to school at midday with a swim suit for this clown above who has swimming lessons.  Argh!!  Her sister & brother sensibly wore their suits, ready for the pool & of course, when i dropped them this morning she blankly looked at me & said "no one told me to put my towel & swimming costume in my bag".  Oh those are the Monday mornings you just want to scream, but i didn't, i had two choices: buy a new costume & towel in the city, or go home, collect & deliver.  I went home & blogged.  We live out of town, i'm not making 3 trips, so i'll get back to Christmas shopping list. 
Are you knocking over the Christmas shopping??  Are you actually not religious but everyone expects a gift anyway??  Do you think nieces & nephews over 18 should still get gifts from you??  I have 19 nieces & nephews, time to cull a few, non??  It's hard not to be the token bahhumbug, we have large families & i wonder if they even care, when they get a gift in the mail, among so many others??  I ponder, love Posie


Felicity said...

As ever when I read your energy-filled posts I'm a little breathless with all that you do.

Am very impressed with your organisation [as ever] and you've spurred me into action to spend some time this morning working on a Christmas project that I've had in mind since.....the beginning of the year!

As for the gift giving, your notion of hampers for families and gifts for the kids is excellent. So on this score I'd be thinking that once you've 'reached your majority' [18 in my mind, but some would say 16 nowadays] you're no longer a child and so an individual gift is no longer on the cards.

Hoping you are having a pain free day hand wise and that you finish the day with great satisfaction re: Christmas shopping.


Becky said...

Most of my shopping is done and we are now dreaming about the food plan. We love the Christmas menu!

We are staying home this year and I am also looking forward to it.

I buy for the young folk. I think once kids finish high school they are old enough to not get a gift as such, unless you only had a very small family it would just get too hard.

Cherry Red Quilter said...

Ah the annual Christmas list. I have nieces and nephews well over adult age and receive nothing from them but whilst I have cut out birthday presents after the 21st I do like to send them a little something for Christmas as otherwise they might forget me. Last year I made one family of adults matching aprons and pot holders - I did it coz I enjoyed it. This year it is mostly gift vouchers! I have decided I do what I enjoy and if they are not grateful that is not my issue. Re spending Christmas without family - we do that every year. None are nearby an when we had kids I decreed that there would be no travelling at Christmas. Let the kids stay home with their presents and us and relax. There is plenty of time in the rest of the year to catch up. Take care and happy shopping!

bron @ baby space said...

Wow, that is a lot of family to buy for. The Mister's side of the family have just decided that we adults will no longer exchange gifts at any occasion -- gifts will only be for the kids. Great for the wallet bad for the cheer. Happy Monday :)

Hazel said...

It's hard to negotiate gifts. I love to give people presents, but it can get out of control with 2 brothers and 2 sisters, aunts, etc. Yikes!
This year my sister and I discussed gifts to each other and then convinced the others that we might have a year off! This year was an expensive year for us all (2 weddings, 1 baby, 1 new house, 1 new flat and an engagement) so we thought we might have a guilt free Christmas. Besides we tend to end up giving each other silly things that really are a waste of money. My mother wasn't too pleased though and thought I was trying to destroy family traditions!

Kylie said...

Christmas time must cost you a small fortune. With four of your own + 19 others to buy for.
My Aunts and Uncles dont buy for us anymore now that we have kids and they only buy for the kids on the years that we are with them. I like this arrangement as the families continue to grow. I like the feeling of family at christmas and not having to stress about paying off the credit card in the new year each year:)
The hamper idea sounds lovely.

Hannah said...

Wow! you have some very athletic children! In my family we only give presents to the kids, under 18's. and they are never big ones, just little gifts, like under $30.

Jane said...

Wow christmas must be expensive for you! I have a big family too and we do a KK - each person buys one present for one other, $30 only and lots of time to think about who we're each buying for. When my cousins were under 18 they didn't participate, or their parents purchased presents on their behalf.
Both sides of my family do this and I do another KK with my siblings. It means that we don't spend copious amounts of money nor end up with too many things, neither of which we need!

Joyful Things said...

I know what you mean about having to drive home to get forgotten things. We live out of town - not far, but far enough for the trip to be annoying and yes, I have bought rather than drive home.
Christmas gifts for 19 nieces and nephews- yikes! I was the Scrooge a few years ago - everyone was shocked at first but now they thank me. It takes away some of the stress and people don't end up with stuff they already have, don't really need and often don't like.

polkadotpeticoat said...

It's hard at the age question when they get into adulthood. we use to draw names and get one nice gift instead of trying to get a bunch of little gifts! it sure made Christmas shopping easier.....I always love the missing teeth pictures so cute!

Mum on the Run said...

I love the way the twins consider each other.
Yes - I can't wait to knock off my school reports, so I can free up some head space for Christmas.
I don't have anywhere near as much gifting to do, but love doing it anyway.
I've only bought one his n hers gift so far.
Happy listing!

tinajo said...

Lovely post! :-)

My Monday is OK but came too soon - I didn´t get my pillows done since my sewing machine messed up, so I got it fixed late last night and then it was no time for pillows. Now it will take until next weekend before I have the time - and I SO wanted to make them..! Oh well, guess the fabric won´t run away until then..! :-D

Leonie said...

I am totally unprepared for Christmas. Completely and utterly. i dont even know what to buy my own children, let alone the cousins etc. In fact I had considered asking family if we just don't do it this year (with cost of postage to NZ and USA as well). But I know I will... in the end.
Am 'trying' to make handmade, but what do you make for 15 year old girls?

Karla {Ironmum Karla} said...

Phew, that is a large family! My parents were only children so small family here. I don't feel spurred until December 1, then I get my act into gear. Your family is always such little buzy bees!x

The Moerks said...

I haven't even started the christmas shopping, We have just had a birthday to get through. fortunately our extended family isn't huge. I am more interested in table scaping the table than cooking or shopping.

ClaireyHewitt said...

I come from a big family, there are 28 cousins, I am second eldest. We got culled by the aunties when we hit high school. There are now only 2 left who get presents and everyone else is in a KK style. But gee it was good when we had our family Christmas...10 extra presents from the relatives!

Tiff said...

I will think about Christmas when I finish term... in about three weeks! You are so good to be so organized! I love that toothy (toothless smile!) x

Agnes said...

Those pink lilies are my favorite. Sunflowers too. But lilies, they smell soooo good!

TexWisGirl said...

i say, once nieces and nephews graduate high school, they don't need to get gifts any longer. :)

love your little active, sharing kids!

Anonymous said...

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Coal Valley View said...

Oh my goodness your Christmas shopping is giving me heart palpitations!! I don't know how you do it!

Haven't even given Christmas a thought. Other than a few presents for our kids, we will be having the easiest Christmas ever this year as we don't know where we will be on our big trip around the country and have only just told family & friends that we are leaving next week.

Good luck with your shopping xxx

The Provincial Homemaker said...

What about a secret santa for those over 18 - then there is only one present to purchase, but everyone still gets a little something.