17 August 2011

loving all things French & Festivalish

Greetings all,
A month ago (excuse the tardiness) we were in Brisbane & went to their French Festival (tipped off by Thea from Thea&Sami screen printer extraordinaire).  It was fantastic . . . c'est magnifique!!
Brisbane suffered rather chilly Winter school holidays so this is not how their glorious warm & sunny skyline normally looks, even in Winter, alas, check out the French flags & HUGE crowds. 
 While in the queue for crepes, i sent the children around with the camera to take some snaps, so this is their view of the stilt walkers, called the Baguettes or something quaint.
 My darling patient husband queued up for 90 minutes to provide our family with delicious crepes.  I took the children to play at South Bank, it was spitting rain but by GOD we were having crepes!!  Look at these banana deliciousness.  Note to self: get rich quick scheme, make crepes & charge a fortune for them at a French festival!!
 Ok so some quiche & pies were purchased too.  Lucky our children are into sharing, by way of passing around a quiche or pie & each taking a bite - i referred to it as 'a tasting plate'.
 Using this Frenchy inspiration to make good use of my Frenchy stationery.
 Playing around with new tags & loving the red, white & blue!!
 This is a bit orange, sorry for quick snaps at night on the kitchen counter!!
Love a good international festival, many macarons were consumed & it was great fun.  Shall mark it for the calendar next year, with my complimentary military holiday home husband's bachelor pad in Brisbane.  Love Posie


Amanda said...

Oh what fun that must have been! Wish we had a French Festival here in Perth. Those crepes look SO delicious!!

Mookah said...

Ooooh! Mookah is particpating in this years French Festival in Melbourne at Como House in November, for the very first time. So excited! And crepes for lunch sound just perfect.

Naturally Carol said...

Hi Posie..I found the same info on Thea & Sami's blogsite and told my brother and partner about it. They ended up not going because of the weather..lol..just as well Canberra weather puts a little resilience into people! Glad you had a blast.

Bree said...

We went last year and it was so unbelievably busy. We weren't that keen to queue for the crepes but we had some saucisson and some terrine. Then we went to a cafe down the road and had a charcuterie platter there instead!

Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

Looks like a terrific festival! And how convenient about your hubby's bachelor pad... ;) I miss France.

Felicity said...

C'est magnifique!

xx F

Sindy said...

90 minutes d'attente pour les crêpes? C'est ridicule! J'espère qu'elles goûté fantastique!

Sannah said...

that crepe does look really, really good. the last blog i looked at had pictures of places in france, and now yours! I want to be in france right now!!

Sannah said...

...or at least brisbane where it is warmer than here :)

Sewandthecity said...

Looks like a lovely festival! I love French food, but queuing 90 min for crêpes...well it's chocolate and its French...so it's OK :)

loulou said...

Hi Miss Posie

LOVE - I must have been under a rock when this was here - totally missed this. Hmm... might have been around the time that some of us in the house had tissues constantly at our noses!

thank you for your lovely compliment to me today from you and Mr (handsome hunk) Posie.

Mr P - if you are reading (and I know you will be) - beat that hairy chest & get that caveman in you - fly down South, club that gorgeous woman of yours, grab her by the hair, throw her over your shoulder, smack her on the bottom whilst you're there (I know you love that) - grab equally gorgeous children and bring them to Brisbane to live!
I cant bear for you to be apart - seriously I'm a sop and I need you to be together (obviously I like movies like Hollywood - all have happy endings)

Anyway Miss Posie - love the French Fair - even love a good french fry every now and then too :)

take care



Seaweed and Raine said...

Maintenant c'est la vie!

brismod said...

Yes, I've heard about the popularity of the French Festival. Your husband is definitely a good man to wait 90 minutes for crepes. Love your French stationary. xx

polkadotpeticoat said...

It looked despite the cold you had fun!
I hope winter stays away for a while , its starting to get colder every morning!

Flying Blind... said...

ooh la la!

by marie-nicole said...

Love your francophile stationery Jennie... looks like fun to make.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today, was nice to read from you. Not so sure we'll do Buck for book week, we've got a busy weekend coming up so I'm trying to stere him towards Peter Pan instead.

Hope you're warm, well and having fun.

TexWisGirl said...

love that your kids share a 'tasting plate'. so cute!