16 August 2011

sucker for story book themes

Greetings all,
Are you a sucker for a particular print on a fabric??  I am, Babushkas, i have to have!!  But i'm also a huge fan & collector of quirky & cute story book themes on fabric & stationery. 
You bet that Little Red Riding hood is right up there with my favourites. 
 Fantastic . . . Mr Wolf.  He's big, he's bad & he's sporting a kerchief, adorable, even if he did just eat Grandma!!
 I so want a red riding hood cape, for me to wear in Winter, maybe a felt one??
 Playing around with my new stamps, loving my Little Red!!
You like??  Now for some fun sewing with this new fabric & me thinks a cute handmade product tag with a matching Red Riding Hood is a must!!  Love Posie


loulou said...

Miss Posie

Miss red riding hood always had a cutsie appeal about her.
I loved her and when ever as a little girl I played dress-ups, as soon as I put a hood on that was the name I went with.

lovely print

have a great day/night


Tas said...

I was looking at that very fabric last week. You shouldn't have reminded me!

I have a thing for Alice in Wonderland fabrics, Red Riding Hood and cherry blossoms. Also vintage style roses. And. And. And. I could probably go on for quite some time but as Lola would say they are my mostest favouritest ones!

Making It Vintage said...

Pretty, pretty nursery rhyme fabric, I must confess to buying some winnie the pooh fabric the other day..........just because!

lily x

Sewandthecity said...

Oh I am so boring when it comes to fabric - polka dots and gingham...I try to experiment with other fabrics but some how always end up adding gingham and polka dot, polka dot and gingham. Love your choice of fabric!

Anonymous said...

Totally adorable!! My trouble with collecting such fabric is not having the will to cut into it...instead I just like to look.

Hope you are feeling better.


polkadotpeticoat said...

I love this also...the graphics!

Amy said...

I love storybook fabric and stationery too. I don't know what it is about the theme but I just have to have them.

Sannah said...

Oh that is some Gorgeous fabric Posie!!

special 'k' said...

Many many years ago our then baby girl had Holly Hobby Curtains. I say its beautiful. Was glad to look around your blog and join your site come on over to mine for a laugh or two. I hope.

Sharon (Roses and Rust) said...

Oh that fabric is too cute! Makes me want to have more babies! x Sharon

TexWisGirl said...

okay, that is pretty darn cute!!!

Amy @ Flowerflame said...

I love all those fairy tale fabrics...look at the big bad wolf, so cute!

I quite often find it hard to pass up any fabric with butterflies or owls on it. xx