08 May 2011

social commentary Sunday . . . 'celebrating Mother's Day' & IKEA giveaway winners

Greetings all,


chosen by me - Jill at deux chiens et un garcon who wrote:
"as an old ikea employee(mid 80's) i still feel connected to those cheery sheets and doonas.  so lovely for you to offer as a giveaway.  I love sun dried sheets, warm bath to get all nice and crispy clean and then rubbing my feet along the goodness and snuggling down. Little man still loves his ealry moring visit/breast feed to begin our days.  Wishing you lots of man cuddles in the near future and for all your dreams to come true.  xo jill"

chosen by my husband - Laurel at Miss Muggins who wrote:
"I desperately need a new doona cover. I foolishly let my 16 year old borrow it (we did a swap for a week)and she got fake tan, blue pen and nailpolish all over it! 
I can visualise Mr M and I snuggling in clean new bedlinen - and Miss A can keep her grubby mitts off it! ha ha!"

& chosen by the gadget, 1-93, comment 22, Mikaela at Mikaela Made who wrote:
"At the moment I'm sleeping with a coverless doona, so this would be perfect for me =P What keeps me warm? Like you Posie, hubs is good, but we also have the two labs and kitty cat snuggle with us on a weekend morn under the covers in our big bed, it is bliss! We are savouring these moments now as I guess it will all change in 4.5 months when baby #1 comes along..."

Congratulations ladies, all very special mummies & a mum-to-be, Happy Mother's Day!!  All worthy winners - a former IKEA employee; a mummy whose teenager ruined her linen; & a school teacher sleeping under a coverless donna!!  Please email me your postal address & your IKEA bedlinen will be at your place via courier shortly.
Thanks to IKEA & One Green Bean for this lovely giveaway, pleasure as always.

It's Mother's Day in Australia, yay for we mummies!!  Ever noticed that people poo poo Valentine's Day & similar "unnecessary commercial greed" occasions, yet no one messes with the day we worship our mothers & shower them with cards, gifts, jewels & flowers. 
I'm celebrating Mother's Day without the prompts, pomp or ceremony of my husband guiding the children to present breakfast in bed & behave flawlessly, but . . . some lovely mummies are taking me in for dinner tonight.  I have flowers ready for 3 super gorgeous mummies - mother of Handmade Market, mother of Shop Handmade & mother of my eldest daughter's friend-who-is-a-boy . . . this extra special lady has 4 sons, is living in a barn while they build a house in the country (this is her 4th Canberra Winter, brrrr, she has stamina & oozes positivity) + this week her number 3 son broke his arm, so she's been sleeping in a hospital bed - ONLY a mother could handle all that with grace & a smile. 
 I just adore these women, i'm talking wet-my-pants depth of laughter & our children have sleep overs kind of friendship!!  We're all mums, thrown together here in Canberra, mostly through our husband's work, left to create a community & network for ourselves.  You never know when amazing people are going to drop into your adult life, even when you're not advertising.
Wishing you all sunshine & happy memories today, a bunch of flowers (??), a day off the have-to & swap it with the love-to.  I'm off to Pilates, then bake dessert (meringue mousse), curl up with a magazine on the lounge & hear my children playing happily in the garden (read: away from me, tee hee).  Then jump in the car which has magically filled with fuel & head out to dinner.  I really find fuelling up the car such a chore, it's always so windy at service stations!! 
Remember my measure of motherhood is a full fruit bowl, mmmm, look at this seasonal goodness from the Farmer's Market.  I'm doing better already (thanks for yesterdays comments - you are the best cheerleaders in blogland, i love you!!) 
Finally, last chance to win this IKEA bedlinen, 3 sets to giveaway, drawn at 9p.m. tonight/ when i get home from dinner, just in case, i might be late, can you believe i'm a talker??!!  I should press the school uniforms & organise Monday lunch boxes now, humph.
Just because it's mother's day, please help yourself to an extra entry, to celebrate yourself or a mummy in your world.  Don't be shy or feel greedy!!  Leave a comment at the giveaway post & come back tonight to see if you're one of the lucky 3 winners at this post!!  Love Posie
PS 'twas carbonara for dinner (egg yolks) so i had the egg whites for the meringue - clear & clever thinking, i feel so alive, Autumn air, fresh produce, sewing, i'm giddy with calm.


Megs said...

Happy Mother's day Posie, as Mums of 4, we should be so proud of ourselves! xx

Felicity said...

Pretty sure you not only totally embody 'giddy with calm' dear friend but actually have others around you doing the same.

Happiest of days to you, you really are one in a million and I admire you so very much.

xx Felicity

TammyJ said...

Happy Mothers day Jenie. :)

TammyJ said...

I did it again, hit submit before seeing my typo. Sorry. :)

Amy said...

Happy Mothers Day Posie. Your kids are lucky to have you!

Hubby planned a mini mothers day for me yesterday as he had to head back to work today. It was great until we had to head out and do the gardening at kindy as each family has to do a weekend each... Next year when my daughter is there remind me not to do it in Autumn! We took away a trailer full of just leaves!

Leah said...

Happy Mothers Day Posie :)

Sarah B said...

Happy Mother's Day Posie.
I have to say, it drives me batty seeing all those expensive gits advertised on tv, I think it's a day of nice thoughts, maybe something handmade, some flowers and a cuppa :)

m.e (Cathie) said...

may your fruit bowl in life be alweays full and your arms always open for those wonderful cuddles.
keep on being fabulous Ms Posie, enjoy everyday of being a mummy, not just today.
Love to you ♥

Jennie said...

Happy Mothers day Jennie!!

We have daddy's birthday today too, so sharing the celebrations!
Been out for brekkie and twas delicious!XX♥

designed to a T said...

Hi Jennie...Happy Mothers Day and I hope you thoroughly enjoy your dinner tonight. I've had a call from each of my boys which cheered me up. I haven't spent a Mother's Day with them for about 122 years now, so it's always long distance love and kisses. We'll have a new mother in our family for Mother's Day next year, with my youngest and his beautiful girlfriend having a baby this October, maybe we'll all get together then...Have a great day...T

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Happy Mothers Day dear sweet Jennie...from one mummy to another...have a beautiful day, Love Dzintra

Naturally Carol said...

Hi Jennie..Happy Mother's Day! I am so glad you are going out to have a fabulous time tonight and relax after the week you've had. Even if the kids aren't too organised today I know they must realise they have one of the best mums around.

Thea said...

Happy Mother's Day to you sweet supermummy! xx

Brenda said...

Happy Mother's Day Jennie. I hope you were woken with excited kids jumping all over you in bed after which they smothered you with hugs and kisses!

I was up at 5.30 had a shower then had to get back into bed and pretend ( with wet hair ) to be asleep for the kids big surprise. Then it was off to Walcha for the first big Rugby Union day of the season......it was f f freezing!

NessaKnits said...

My daughter wasn't happy breaking one arm during the school holidays. She fell out of a tree she was told not to climb and broke two. One was compound and the other through two bones close to the wrist. We had two nights in hospital (first night surgery) and the nurses and doctors were very good. The only complaint I would make would be to the mother who continued watching TV til 12 midnight and kept shooshing her 5 year old son to go to sleep. I could have clobbered her. My daughter is recovering well. Happy Mothers Day.

The Provincial Homemaker said...

Happy Mother's day Posie. Glad you had a good day. We have postponed celebrations as DH is out field, and a 1 year old is actually capable of organising anything herself:) - did get a phonecall though, which was nice.

Kylie said...

Happy Mothers Day Lovely - the boy took flight for his course (I know, on mothers day but what is new)
We were taken in by new friends also army - so they know the story too well)

Mama of 2 boys said...

Friendships like those are so enriching, they bring real meaning to life! Sounds like you've got a wonderful network there Posie, hope you had a thoroughly enjoyable night out... I'm sure you did :o)
You're a terrific Mama Posie... Happy Days to you xo
P.S. And YES, petrol stations ARE always so windy... what is with that?!

Anonymous said...

It is no surprise that you have such genuine friends Jen, being the gorgeous person that you are :)
Happy Mother's Day to you.

Catherine said...

I hope that you had the most wonderful day yesterday. Happy Mother's Day. xo