06 December 2011

silly season antics & Christmas market messages

Greetings all,
Living on the edge here with my computer flashing the blue-screen-of-death on Sunday night, constantly freezing, shutting down & s.u.p.e.r.s.l.o.w.  My long distance IT lover (husband) talked me through backing up vital data, then deleting gigs of data.  I hold my breath, fingers cross, knock on wood - this laptop is barely 14 months old.  I'm frequently interviewed about small business & i always add in my 'top tips' that "unless you are highly computer literate, you should sleep with an IT guy" . . . never makes it to print!!  Can't imagine how much it would cost to pay my husband for his knowledge.
NOW, I'm selling off all of my vintage toys, party goodies & decorations on my website & at these little markets:
Brindabella Market (BBP Town Square near Canberra Airport) on Thursday &
 Christmas Party Market (private residence in Watson ACT) on Friday morning & night
Ask me for details if you live in Canberra & would like to come.
Now my shopping for family is all sorted, i treated myself to some goodies from Bison.
If i could swing a hammer, i'd be making a wooden tree from pallets too.
Cutest nativity display EVER, nothing says 3 wise men like ceramic jugs!!
Now my milk bottle trio collection is complete!!
See the vase holding the magnolia branches, got me one of those too.
Spent a slow Sunday making wreaths & decorations with the children.  Holy cow, those polystyrene cones & circular forms were like $5-9 each, someone is getting rich this Christmas, Spotlight??!! 
 Picked up the very last gift for a nephew.  LOVE globes, but geesh, the service was horrid, i told the boys behind the counter off & will complain formally.  I left with a parting "i regret having made a purchase in this store today" & their faces went pale.  Just really wanted that globe - i'm seeing this nephew on the weekend in Bowral, gift size doesn't matter!!   
Thanks folks, also have an extra surprise in my on line Shop right now - with any order over $200 you'll receive a complimentary autographed copy of Handmade Living + a fabric bonus, value over $50.  Get shopping people, thanks for your support, love Posie
EDIT: Just updated my website with more discounts & new products at great prices too!!


Max said...

the ceramic jug nativity is a crack up! hope your sick 'puter pulls thru x

Felicity said...

We're still sans tree in the Serendipity household so the pallet version or a twiggy type are both looking like possible options at the moment.

Best wishes for your upcoming markets, oh how I'd love to be closer!


Mum on the Run said...

That nativity is just too sweet (and clever).
Loving all the silly season caper.

Sarah B said...

Those bison ceramic pieces are gorgeous. I hope your computer survives. I'm in desperate need of a new one. I try to ask the computer guy at work but most of the time he is very grumpy. A computer lierate husband is very handy :)

Jen R said...

Sleep with an IT guy now thats a good idea...hehe, off to look at your shop now xx

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

oh the jug nativity scene is just adorable!!! and it's look a lot like christmas at your place!!! Hope your well and have a blast at those markets xx

ClaireyHewitt said...

I love that nativity scene. So cute.

Cherry Red Quilter said...

Loving that ceramic ware (especially the nativity scene - very creative!) and sorry to hear about your computer. Good luck!

polkadotpeticoat said...

I agree the cutest baby Jesus ever!
I wish I could have strolled through there with you!
Your poor computer with the flu!!!

Tiff said...

Those Chrissy displays are fab! I know Spotlight is getting rich of just me alone!! Pity there is no competition for them, their service is pretty terrible too! X

Calico Child said...

Have a great market Posie gosh its so frustrating living in Mackay sometimes to far from all the best one's.

Enjoy getting all the festivity's together :)))