18 November 2011

a mixed week of busy-ness & a Twilight movie

Greetings all,
Poof what an energy sapping week.  High excitement of my daughter's placing in the state athletics finals, President Obama waved at me (yes ME) & i'm booked in for my nerve conduction tests for carpal tunnel with the neurologist in a fortnight, next stop surgery . . . combined with a sense of zero energy, children demanding things of me like i don't have a soul - that 'mother' not person feeling.  Sigh. 
I've been busy behind the scenes, resting my pesky right hand on an icepack & loading all my left over stock into a huge on line sale.  Go nuts people!!
 I used to run my website in a handmade custom order style, which was fun & demanding.  Then i added lots of vintage style toys & party goodies to the mix.  Since my success at Shop Handmade & Market, i really cut back on line the past couple of years.  Now i'm barely sewing as i wait for hand surgery, i thought i'd sell off everything sitting in stock. 
$15 flat rate shipping, Australia only, lots of items are 'last one in stock' & 40% off.
 There are also kits & crafty supplies, i'll do a massive fabric remnant sale in a fortnight, my hands get sore easily, measuring & bundling fabric hurts!!   
 I've been doing lots of Christmas & Summer fashion shopping too, how cute is the window at Jigsaw??  I've added a new kaftan or two into my wardrobe.
 Today i woke with a migraine, i had an appointment near the cinema so combined the two.  I said to the children "i might see the new Twilight movie today" & one little 10y.o. piped up "do you mean, Breaking Dawn Part 1, they get married & have a baby".  Um, how does she know??  "Mum, everyone knows, dah".  I didn't.  A good place to be on a hot day with a screaming headache, in the dark, cold cinema with a fantastic film to distract you. 
Trailer - which outlines everything, just like my daughter said.
I want to see the movie again, already, it was possibly the best acted one so far, gorgeous cinematography & that beach house, i want to live there!!  I said to my husband, who suffers through these movies (i'm not a 'twi-hard' i enjoy them, took me to see Eclipse when we were in Italy) he has to see the architecture, it's masculine, modern but so so tasteful.  I also loved the clothes & gosh the Cullen girls are pretty.  Best $9 i've spent in a long time, i was thoroughly engrossed in the story line & scenery.  The wedding, don't get me started or crying again!!
I don't know if you've seen the actors interviewed lately but Nikki Reid (Rosalie) is delightful in real life & Taylor Lautner (Jacob) is so funny about his shirtless antics "i read the script, 4 lines in, Jacob tears his shirt off" & it's true!!  Team Jacob fans will not have to wait long to see his abs.  I'm still Team Edward, i think he gets better looking with each movie, especially with less broody squinty eyes.  Love Posie 


Felicity said...

You put me to shame Lovely as I've not managed to bridge the gap with the teens in my home and see any of the Twilight movies....perhaps I will now that they have your stamp of approval!

As for the kaftan shopping, we're on for our 'kaftan-off' over Summer!

xx's with hopes that you have some relief from your pain soon.

Hazel said...

You have been rather busy this week! Lol. Good to hear you treated yourself to the movie, hoping your headache feels better quickly!

Cherry Red Quilter said...

I read all the books so had to see the first couple of movies. I went to see one on the day it opened by good luck and the cinema was FILLED with teenage girls. Every time Jacob took his shirt off the cinema filled with groans and sighs and giggles. It was hilarious! I tend to agree with you - I think I am inclined towards Team Edward too! His devotion gets me every time!

Jen R said...

Oh Im so eam Edward...hoping to go tomz and see it by myslf too best way Im a Twi hard and proud...lov it!! Will check out your sale too :)

Mum on the Run said...

Hope the weekend brings you some rest and pain relief.

Max said...

hee, I'm team edward too, cant wait to see the movie tommorow! Those paper chains look fab. happy weekend x

TexWisGirl said...

you're cracking me up on the Twilight movie. :)

Kerryanne English said...

Hope you are feeling better today. ♥

The Moerks said...

$9 to see a movie. Wow, you can't get into ours for less than $14 and that is on cheap tuesday.
I have some catching up to do with twilight, I think I have only seen the first one or two but have read all the books.

ally said...

I'm team Edward too!!
Gorgeous on line shop - of course :-)
Hope you're feeling more human soon

latebloomerbuds said...

Ooh,I read all the books and got totally hooked. I can't wait to see the latest!!! I am on team Edward too. I have been from the beginning. Posie dear, how do I subscribe to your blog. Clicking on the subscribe thingy t the very end of your blog isn't working. Margie