17 October 2011

hello Decorating Forum, how do you do??

Greetings all,
This week the lovely Julie-Ann is featuring my little creative blog over at her
Decorating Forum.  It's a great site, take a peek, you'll find lots of familiar designers & bloggers chatting over there.
 . . . Posie.
Welcome new readers, how do you do??
I've been sewing full time in my design business for over a decade, inspired by my grandmothers, Edna & Alice + my mummy, Barbie.  I'm passing on my skills to my enthusiastic children - who share my passion for handmade.  I love old fashioned values & home baking; i decorate with vintage fabrics & restored furniture.  I blog about these craft adventures, along with my beloved handsome soldier & our 4 smart, sporty & social children + our country lifestyle plans as we settle in Canberra. 
With my husband away at war, a house filled with children & a cottage industry, i could have been born 100 years ago!! 

 How about some fake-it-until-you-make-it outdoor decorating?? 
I dream of next year when we purchase a farm & build a spacious homestead, with perfect green lawns spotted with a dozen Adirondack chairs . . . in the mean time, we live in Army housing in the suburbs with an unmanicured tiny patch of grass. 

 Gather up 8 crates from a dark alley, lay down a thick beach towel, plonk 2 large floor cushions on top & da dah, instant day bed, cost: $0!!  Just add a good book & glorious sunshine.  I cannot tell you how comfortable & pleasant this is, freshly washed puppy entertainment included. 
 Not exactly the Hamptons, but close your eyes & soak up that holiday atmosphere . . .
 my middle girls were born for comfort & relaxation, with the addition of an umbrella, it's like another version of a cubby house to them.
 I have half a dozen of these glorious Donna Hay huge floor cushions, they make a great bed for children's sleepovers too.  The towels are old Country Road ones, when they made them really thick & luxurious, always with tassels please.
 We wrapped up the school holidays in Canberra, with a massive dose of Spring sunshine, ready to tackle the final term of school for the year.
 Now the children are have resumed primary & high school today, it's back to . . .
for the next 10 weeks!!  Love Posie
PS Embroidery photographed from the Dottie Angel book, dainty, doily, stitchy & clever.


loulou said...

Hi Miss Posie

I just went on holiday with you to the Hamptons - thank you for that :)

have a wonderful day


Mimi said...

What a lovely way to end the holidays Posie. Next year will be here before we know it and you will be in your new home! Mimi xx

The Moerks said...

Thanks I came on the holiday too! Actually I might be still under that gorgeous green umbrella. Happy days and congrats on the Decorating Forum feature.

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

Oh, I could lie under that umbrella for hours too. Looks like bliss. Must be so hard to say goodbye. I love the look of Dottie Angel's book, it has been one of the few temptations I've had during buy nothing new month.

Mum on the Run said...

That gorgeous day bed of yours epitomises your fabulous attitude.
You make me smile.

Julie-Ann said...

Hi Posie you have just bought back so many memories of my sister and I playing in the garden. Isn't it funny how the simple things can bring such joy:).
We are so excited to have you featured on the Decorating Forum this week. Thanks for your lovely welcome to our members:)
JA xxx

TexWisGirl said...

oh, ejoy your time while your kids are back in school for the day!!! :)

Anonymous said...