14 May 2011

things i'm loving 'knitted goodness & school photos'

Greetings all,
I'm always up for a new way to adorn an ensemble with necklaces, bangles, earrings . . . or another brooch to feed my addiction, like this swirl of strawberries & cream knitted brooch from Prim & Pretty.  When gorgeous Rachelle delivered a new collection of brooches to Shop Handmade this week, i knew i'd cry or wrestle any customer who tried to buy this particular beauty.  I've already worn it twice & for some strange reason, our German Shepherd lunged at me & tried to bite it off my jacket, clearly he agrees it's good enough to eat.
Love a bit of packaging detail - these brooches come attached to vintage knitting patterns, glee.  Rachelle makes amazing brooches & necklaces, involving a bit of crochet, knitting, buttons & ribbons + she's a mummy of 4!! 
This week my primary schoolers brought home their school photos.  I LOVE school photos, such a time capsule snap shot of how you wore your hair & styled your uniform (or in my case, the ONLY photo evidence i had a childhood).  I still can't believe my 4th baby is in year 2 & on the SRC for the 3rd year in a row.  He's not power hungry or an obvious leader, more a quiet achiever.  I think it's the dimples that keeps the votes coming & eyes which change from green to blue, he's a popular little bloke with the girls in class. 
 Just because i teased Kristy from Paisley Jade about her 'creative space' offering being held together with pegs yesterday, i promised her some pegs would appear in this post.  They are from Typo, totally cute, especially at half price!!
This year my twins are in the same class & sitting next to each other as they are 2nd & 4th shortest in year 4.  Their group photo was printed strangely, the whole class has black creepy killer eyes??!!  The individual photos were beautiful though, providing a great history of their teeth - which ones are missing each year.
Find out what other people are 'loving' over at Paisley Jade today.  Love Posie
EDIT: did anyone else lose all their comments for today's post??


Art-Profiles said...

Nice blog & lovely photographs.join us at Art-Profiles. thanx

Sarah B said...

Good old school photos, they're a great keepsake and you're right, they are a time capsule. Pity about the evil eyes but at least the other ones are nice. In fact, maybe if they were reprinted they'd be better? Worth checking out :)

Anonymous said...

Ah school photos. Torture devices for later in life ;) Blogger is still restoring everything. You should hopefully get everything back soon x

deux chiens et un garcon said...

Posie I'm trying to learn how to crochet flower brooches. Still struggling but will keep on.

I love looking back at my old school photos. They tell us so much. Our haircuts, our smile, our friends and maybe foes in our class. And yes our teachers.

Have a most beautiful weekend.

jill x

Amy @ Flowerflame said...

School photos are the best aren't they? Your kids will really appreciate having them when they get older.

Silly blogger...I lost all my comments from Thursday's post...very annoying! xx

Brenda said...

The dimples will do it every time!! So cute!

Amanda said...

What a handsome little boy you have! It's always fun to look back over school photos :) I have those pegs too! x

Seaweed and Raine said...

What a cutie. How are you going to keep all the girls away?
I found comments that I had already published back in my moderator tab, and I had to re-publish the post that I did for My Creative Space. It wasn't just you. And I have visited quite a few posts from that that I opened up before blogger fell over... and later when I went to comment - I noticed that the comments that were there before, were no longer there. Hope you are enjoying your weekend :)