14 May 2011

i'm grateful for 'slowing down'

Greeetings all,
Ah, life, it's only as busy as you make it, 'tis my new bohemian approach to slowing down life this week.  I've only ever had one nanny in my world, for my first baby when i was an oil baroness fueling the mining industry.  She said "don't rush, be organised & make your children feel special, not an inconvenience you have to hurry".  I grew up with a neighbour who was always rushing her children around, honking the car horn, it was constant chaos.  My mother, she floated around raising the 4 of us, in constant calm, we were happy, organised & punctual.  I don't like being busy, I loathe rushing.  I like to tick things off my 'nice to do' list & centre myself.  I think it's a good example to my children too, don't overschedule or overcommit.  Leaving the P&C wasn't easy, i've had phone calls & emails asking me to stay on, sorry, i don't want the responsibility anymore. 
So i'm a short hair girl who is low maintenace (irony) & had the most fabulous & graceful Japanese young man cut my hair this week.  I like his work, no more boy band hair cuts for me & lots of friends have noticed, my dead-straight-thick-hair has bounce & life again.
 I made another batch of hot water bottle covers, international flavour.
 Oh, pretty butterflies with a Bambi button & a transport one with a car button.  I got to school early each afternoon this week to do some hand stitching in the car, therapeutic & a great car spot too.  Love not rushing!!
 We spent two whole nights ditching homework for Lego.
Even the car got a pampering at the drive through car wash.
 Farmers Market on a brisk Saturday morning, oh the orange juice will do my itchy throat the world of good.  Have to admit, i've felt run down all week, but always better after the gym.
 We picked up fresh flowers & all the ingredients for homemade carbonara (free range eggs, leg ham, mushrooms, Italian bread) which i'll make with my youngest daugther tonight & test drive our new cutting tool to make frilly fettuccine.
 With handsome soldier in town & his fear of freezing (this is a man who has ice climbed in Canada & patrolled through -20C Afghan Winters) he made good on his offer to replace our newly wed underlay & doona with luxurious new ones from the David Jones preWinter 30% off sale (if you ever want to sponsor me DJs, don't hesitate).  Well, um, $2K RRP (gulp, no wonder we only replace this stuff every 15 years & wait for sales) we will dive onto this gorgeous Summer/ Winter reversible woollen underlay . . .    
 under a new wool quilt + new pillows, new doona cover & this new silvery quilted bed coverlet tonight - we're using it as a throw, but there is double doona potential.  I don't sleep well when i'm on my own, but i think this can only help.  Beautiful bedlinen, ah, heaven.
 When we build we will might reupholster this bedhead (i still like the shape & style) but it's a decade old & now has custom design additions - an alien drawn with green texta & a chap stick love heart, i.e. it screams "we have children who jump around in here" rather than boudoire.
 The doona cover is actually a jet green (the darkest green ever) & very masculine.  Yes, i'm the floral patchworker who loves Cath Kidston, Amy Butler & Rachel Ashwell, but i can't imagine handsome soldier feeling at all sexy in such surrounds, so i've never inflicted florals on him.
Finally, as per last week's Grateful post 'breaking point' i marched the broken bed base into Harvey Norman (yes, the WHOLE FULLY CONSTRUCTED bed base, which made for an interesting ride to school that morning with 3 children trapped under it) & the staff could not have been more wonderful, professional, understanding & quick to say "we'll replace it completely".  Glee, mind you, i did look like a woman who was not going to take no for an answer.  Now this mattress stands in the hallway, waiting it's new bed.  Ah, have a dreamy weekend & find more gratefuls at Maxabella Loves
Next week i'm spending more time thinking up other ways to slow down, which will contradict me screaming "run run run" as my 3 youngest try out for Cross Country.  My biggest girl is already in the regional high school team, yippee.  Love Posie
PS not so grateful that Blogger stole 48 hours worth of comments & denied me leaving any comments anywhere in blog land, sigh.


Thea said...

Love the new haircut Jennie! I'm still HOPING for my vintage lamp post to be restored. I saw some swearing over at Blogger's twitter page...

Tas said...

I keep hoping that, as the kids get older, our house will be less chaotic and I will be more "Zen". Currently thinking when they are 28, 30 and 32 (and have left home lol)

deux chiens et un garcon said...

You so deserve to slow down.

I read a descriptio that so many modern day mothers have 'road runner syndrome'

I am definetly much happier the slower are lives are.

Much love and warmth to you.

jill x

Luisa said...

Hurrah to fresh starts and not rushing x

Taylor Made said...

Good motto that slowing down thingy!!!
Great haircut too....Have a lovely family weekend together in that beautiful warm bed linen.

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

loving the new hair do! and just love that you are organised and calm - a real motivation for all mothers out there!!! i do try and i agree, that children can pick up on it if they feel inconvienenced. i tend to over estimate how much time to do things, so lessen that rush! Enjoy that new bed linen! looks fab, and i'm one not to project florals into the Master Bedroom either!!! haha! much love xx

melissa said...

You must have a BIG car to fit a bed base and children in at the same time! Glad they were helpful at the shop.

I love your new bed linen. I'm a little jealous - ours all need updating, but the bed needs upgrading from double to Queen so the linen will have to wait till we can afford to do it all.

Kylie said...

Boo to Blogger - glad that it is back up again :( to all those lost comments though.

Tonight I am grateful for friends:) again - had friends over for dinner with her three girls and the five sat down to watch Tangled. (Did not win tickets on your blog so had to buy my own copy;) Anyway - I move the couch to find a dead mouse - nice homely welcome don't you think. Ahh keeping it real around here:) Thankfully she was here because as you know I dont do mouslings very well - shudder. Bicarb is now springled around and the traps once again set.

Sorry for the assay. Have a great weekend with your handsome soldier and dont do anything between the sheets that I would not do with my own handsome soldier;)

Oh and as long as we can still name drop your name if we get posted to your part of the world next year and get into the school:) You will be a much missed member I am certain (she says as she has just signed up to be the jam queen for the market - 1000 jars - I must be mad:)

Cate said...

that bed looks so cozy and comfy!! ahhhhh!
And well done you for getting a replacement bed! Go Posie!!
have a great weekend

Naturally Carol said...

Hi Jennie..you've done some great things this week in taking a stand against busy-ness! I really like your new haircut too, this guy has a profound sense of style.

Maxabella said...

I hear ya, soul sister (ain't that mister, mister on the radio?). I try to 'float' rather than 'honk' too. It's the only way to have a happy, calm and organised life.

GREAT hair also contributes to a happy, calm and organised life. You're sorted!


polkadotpeticoat said...

I have missed you lot's Momma I have a new blog now!

mel @ loved said...

You look great! Good for you for slowing down, it's too easy to overcommit & fall into that chaotic pattern of crazy life. Though I must say you always seem so calm & in control no matter how busy your life is! Enjoy your weekend, & hooray for lego instead of homework, brillant!

Wendy said...

Gorgeous haircut! And well done on the bed return...hope the new one passes muster!

Mama of 2 boys said...

Ah, so many good things about this post Posie, I love it. The bed linen must be feeling amazing, like you're sleeping on clouds!
I want to be one of those Mum's too... the cruisey, relaxed, organised ones. I'm still striving for that goal.
Yes, I was a little disappointed that comments I made have vanished and comments made to me... which are so precious to me... have also vanished :o(

Corrie said...

awwwwwwwwww love the hair! and heh skinny minny! you are looking great!

love all the family pics! I owe you a big email soon, I've been chasing my tail so much:)