07 April 2011

my creative space 'Handmade Hen's Night'

 Greetings all,
Thanks for your support, love & interest in my last post, yippee, i'm very thrilled to reveal that i'm hosting/ teaching/ creating a Handmade Hen's Night.  For a very cool, craft loving bride-to-be who dreams of all things vintage, pretty & handmade . . . we're holding it at Shop Handmade - the hen's favourite shop in the whole wide world, of course!!  So how could we (Shop girl Rachel & i) resist holding a VIP function in the middle of the Shop where girls can squeal, shop, sew, snack & send their gorgeous friend off into wedding bliss.  Shop will be closed from 6p.m. (regular trade) to the general public for this private function on Friday night.  You can peer in the windows though & be jealous.   
 Will i ever get tired of using these French blocks??
 Trial run of decorations & setting up on my studio floor.  I'll get fresh biscuits, but seeing it's a Zumba party for my children & their friends tonight (8 children for dinner), they'll get eaten!!
 Little flags, rose lights & pot pourri, smells & looks delicious.
 I'm going to put a B tag on the pink suitcase & a J tag on the blue one.
 The crochet chocolates will be pin cushions, of course!!
 So imagine 180cm of trestle table goodness laid out for a dozen crafty ladies.
 Trying to make Bs & Js but my CriCut blade is blunt & i can't find the official cutting mat either??  I might just use the Sizzix or hand cut, small hiccup & laziness not keeping equipment maintained.
So wish us well, i figure if we make any tiny mistakes, the champagne might cover them up, non??  It's Shop Handmade's birthday in less than 10 days, 1 year old, ahhhh. 
Thanks for all the well wishes for my middle daughter's chin - it's Chin Watch day 5 & healing nicely, well, from a bruise point of view, it's pretty horrible in it's 5 shades of purple, red & brown.  Thanks for pointing out how clean her nose is, this particular child is always immaculate.
For more creative space invading, check out the queen, Kootoyoo, love Posie


by marie-nicole said...

I have much to catch up on by the sounds of it... been so out of the blog land loop of late. Sounds like you've got a fantastic night planned for your friends hen's night, how lovely.

Your daughter's chin injury looks painful, poor thing!

Enjoy what's left of your week and your crafty party!

Posie Patchwork said...

This is the best part, while we've been toying with the idea of handmade parties, but this bride's best friend approached us & we had to jump in, it's the perfect push for us to do it, NOW!! Love Posie

Mumbling Mum said...

A crafty hen night....sounds awesome and almost worth getting married (again)!!
I'm keeping all of my fingers crossed for you but everything looks soooo beautiful that it's bound to be a roaring success.

Kerry xxx

Michelle @ The Crafty Little Fox said...

That looks like heaps of fun. Sorry to hear about your daughter's chinny chin chin. That must have been a bit of a drama. Hope she didn't damage her teeth. Poor little chicky. Enjoy your hen's night.

Jacinta @ modelmumma said...

Looks like it'll be an awesome event. If I lived local I'd DEFINITELY be peering in through the windows watching... you know, with the whole hot breath on the window kinda peering... ;) *muahaha*
And those rose lights are STUNNING! Gotta get me some.

Taylor Made said...

What a fantastic night of fun...looks like there will be lots to tell when you are done. Have fun.

Karens Hopes said...

Sounds like great fun hope you all enjoy it.
Karen x

deux chiens et un garcon said...

Hi. That bride to be is so lucky. Handmade parties sound like they will really take off. Looking forward to more details. Good luck with the kiddos dinner.

Seaweed and Raine said...

I think you will have an absolute blast on Friday night! Everything is looking peachy :)
The chin is improving, isn't it? Hope she has a good weekend.
S xox

Wendy said...

Glad to see the chinjury is coming along. Your hen friend is one lucky lady!


Kylie said...

Sounds like so much fun. What a great idea for a hens night. And yes the champagne will cover the small hiccups :) enjoy your weekend

kate n sash said...

Hey good luck tonight ...have a ball it will be so much fun. Miss you guys, love seeing our Roar's gorgeous cheeky dimpled grin, x Kate and Sasha

Just Martha said...

My heavenly book arrive yesterday with a sweet little package... thank you so much. Tried to send you a message this morning but not sure if it arrived. I was reading it and... an hour had gone. I think I am going to rework my doorstops into something you wrote about. Clever you. You must all be so proud. It is beautiful and such a delight. Thanks too for the inscription...

Angela Steyn said...

What a gorgeous collection of yumminess... except for the chin... ouch!

Angela x