08 January 2011

i'm grateful for . . . things to do on a grey skies kind of day

Greetings all,
Joining in with Maxabella Loves today (it's back) . . . i'm grateful for . . . what you can do when you're home with grey skies looming, which are bringing the children down with cabin fever & wishing they could be swimming, bush walking, riding bikes or just having fun in the sun.  Our family car is still at the mechanics, sure it's a million dollar service by now - they're waiting on parts as our 16y.o. beloved Landcruiser needs a bit of love & some hose replacements, so we can't drive anywhere as a family of 6. 
Anyway . . . welcome to my House of Happy Distractions.
 Under the pegola at our back sliding door . . . the children planted this bounty of fresh herbs & salad ingredients on NYE.  They water it lovingly & update me on lettuce leaf growth & are on constant snail watch alert.  The half wine barrel continues to serve us well (truth be told, we had to tip it upsidedown, rearrange all the wooden panels & nail the metal bands back into place to revive it before adding fresh soil & planting) . . . + that $5 wooden tool box finally has a purpose!!  I planted some agaves in the tool box between the herbs so it's not empty in Winter.  I have my green thumb moments!!
 I started cutting into the new fabrics from my latest RetroMummy collection, that kept me happy indoors too & maybe tomorrow i'll actually sew something together. 
 My husband made his first ever cheesecake, a chocolate one, assisted by our eldest daughter, mmmm.  Those beaters didn't stand a chance with our son.  I've had a sliver of the cake, delicious, but remember, diet!!  I should stop saying diet, it's just a healthy lifestyle, but i can happily blab that i've lost 3kg+ this week!!  Trust me, i have the sore bike bottom to prove it.
 We had an early dinner with some amazing garlic, rosemary, fennel seed & olive oil on sour dough bread fresh today from the markets - i even nibbled a slice of bread, mmmm, carbs.
Goodness, what on earth could this be turning into??  Amazing what you can do with a $17 giant glass bowl/ vase/ vessel & $4 in pebbles & shells from Hot Dollar.  Stay tuned for more on this particular children's adventure.
 On last night's 12km solo bike ride, i did stop to pick smell the roses, some just happened to fall into the cane basket on my bike & make their way home with me.  I also swallowed a fly, oh, i couldn't cough it up, eekk!!  My Bear Grylls moment.
 More free fun - our middle daughter found the bubble maker her teacher gave her on the last day of school & off she went with her twin sister onto the driveway.
 This kept them entertained under those looming clouds for ages.
 Some huge bubbles were coming out of that hoop.
There you go, it's not all doom & gloom on those grey days in the school holidays, between breaks in the rain, just look around you OR come over to my place.  My mantra is only boring people get bored.  My children never dare use the 'boring' word!!  Guess what, not a television on in the house all day!! 
Then the finale, the knock out blow . . . a 6km walk around the lake after eating that cheesecake for dessert, mmmm.  I burnt double calories as i had to piggie back a weasy 9y.o. the last couple of kilometres home, facing into the cold wind.  Score!!  We'll all sleep well tonight.  Love Posie
PS last chance for the Tangled movie ticket giveaway


Heidi said...

What a fabulous day......and My book came you blew me out of the water...it brought tears to my eyes oh Posie/ Jenny I LOVE it!!
and all the goodies I could not keep Mimi out of them!
I'm going to post today Love it all!

The Clip Cafe said...

Up late Posie!!?? Sorry Early I should say same as me!!! :-) Great post (as usual!) I like the sound of that cheesecake and woohoo for doing all that exercise! I took "before" pics of me yesterday to try and push myself to do something! But well put one of those cheesecakes in front of me and you know what will happen.... Solo bike ride sounds bliss - come mind the kids will you? :-)

Sarah said...

I've just found your wonderful blog from seeing the lovely gifts you gave Heidi. What a fabulous journal!

I love your new fabrics very much, I have the previous range of them but haven't decided what sort of quilt to make yet. What are you doing with yours?

Brenda said...

Congratulations on losing a big 3kg this week Posie. It's totally worth having sore bike butt!

I'm short so any amount of weight is going to look like I'm "packing it on", and yes I have been. Sitting behind that sewing machine for hours on end and not being so active doesn't help! You've inspired me to have a lifestyle change gorgeous girl......starting NOW! Fruit and yoghurt for breakfast should get things rolling.

The Handmaden said...

Could you send some of that weather here - it's too darn hot and dry!!

Love the thriftiness, the yummy food, and the non boredness!

Cate said...

Bubbles - brilliant idea (thanks middle daughter!!)
And that dinner looked delish LOL!!
oooo, and as for that fabric (drooool...)
have a great weekend

Maxabella said...

OMG, you're like the Terminator on your bike and joggers... you just keep going!

Your posts always spark so much conversation in me that I am always in danger of writing my own post in reply. I will refrain today as I have so many beautiful blogs to visit, but I will just say lovely roses, Posie. I'm sure you feel just a little bit guilty for knicking their pleasure from someone else? x

Posie Patchwork said...

No guilt about the roses here, they are the ones i've mentioned before which grow wild on my cycle & dog walking route, picked as they are in full bloom & fragrance i.e. about to fall off the stems, then the children make potions. Love Posie

Suzie G said...

Bubbles are always a winner aren't they!
Just a tad crafty aren't you?! Been checking out your earlier posts, and wowsers :)
I can only wish I had such talents..

plushka said...

What a lovely post! I felt like I should be there with you so I can join the fun day but, instead, I am here in the office with paperwork:)

Oh my! 12km bike ride and 3+ kg! Well done!!! You're an inspiration for sure:)

Naturally Carol said...

Australia sure is a diverse country..our town is preparing for floods, you are having grey clouds and 'the handmaden' is commenting on her hot dry days! Great to see the kids fully occupied Posie!

Tina said...

YAY you honey..3kgs already, you are a star!! Sorry about the car, but I have to say, your weekend sounds action packed with out the need for transportation! I lust LOVE your positive outlook on life and love your saying...I really dislike that 'bored' word too. So happy to have met you through this funny old world of blogging dear Jennie. Hope your little one's wheezes went away and you all have a fabulous rest of the weekend ~ Txx

Nic said...

Wow, you made me exhausted just reading about your day! I've done the "swallow a fly on a bike ride" thing too, more than once! Yuck! Your new fabrics from Corrie look soooooo yummy! What are you planning to make with them?

kasiabear said...

what a fab collection of things to be grateful for!!
can't wait to get our veggie patch up..
have a great week!!

kasiabear said...

oh and i just realised you are a fellow handmade living gal.. will have to look you up in the book :o)

m.e (Cathie) said...

i agree with the boring people get bored.
looks like a wonderful day, except for the car...and the fly.
LOVE the bubbles & roses.
way to go on the weight loss Ms Posie, you go girl.
many hugs to you ♥

Seaweed and Raine said...

What fun! :)Family time is great. Well done on the 3kgs! I think I am going to have to take a leaf out of your book! Too much Christmas/post baby/bad habbits!
Have fun with the fish! :)

Kylie said...

Looks like lots of fun is being had at your place. The rain is still pouring outside and these two munchkins are over it. We had some fun with bubbles this week too. Love k

Catherine said...

looks like a really wonderful day! and thanks for making my friday a little more wonderful with the arrival of our Ikea book! Catherine x

@jencull (jen) said...

Your photos are lovely but I have to say I spent an extra few mins admiring your materials, they are just beautiful (oh, sorry, should I have put 'kids' in there, they are gorgeous too). I have a thing for fabric! Jen