21 January 2011

i'm grateful for . . . finding inspiration to cook

Greetings all,
Honest & for true, i'm not a good cook.  I lack confidence, imagination & taste buds when it comes to cooking.  Baking & party food, i'm your gal; cooking a family meal . . . makes me want to cry.  This wouldn't be such a big deal for most, but . . .
a) i'm a housewife, have been home full time since 2001, i have all day to try;
b) i have 4 growing active children at the dinner table each night;
c) this is my 14th year of marriage, i'm 35y.o., i'm an adult, i'm horrified;
d) my mother was a chef - but never let us in the kitchen, blame??;
e) my husband is away 90% of this year (like last year & next year);
f) my first job was as a kitchen hand & i was great (at preparing raw food);
g) my children won't eat anything from a tin or box & don't count 'eggs' as dinner;

h) my children don't like takeaway & we can't afford it anyway;
i) my children are not fussy, i feel i abuse their non-fussiness with bland meals;
j) my best friend from preschool is head chef at one of Sydney's BEST restaurants;

i have a whole alphabet or reasons . . . oh the humanity, i grew up with fantastic food!! 
Why can't i cook & how have i gotten away with it for so long??  I plan meals, i have all the ingredients, i have KitchenAid appliances & Le Crueset saucepans . . . it just goes wrong when heat is added & my easy going children eat what i put in front of them, bless their hearts.  I am judged, not too harshly.  They only get dessert once a month for their suffering too. 

I can, however, enjoy a great cookbook immensely, i have wonderful resources & ideas.
 Now if Poh can't get me excited, inspired  & cooking well, who can??
 She's an artist turned chef, with flair & incredible talent!!
 Look at these sweet illustrations for each chapter.
 It's filled with her experiences with a variety of chefs working in Australia, French born Emmanuel Mollois laughs that his children put "vegemite on croissants"!! 
 My children's favourite page in the whole book!!  They call this 'soft boiled eggs & daddies' instead of soldiers.  Cute.  Still, it's an egg & not considered a proper dinner by my children (or Poh, seeing it's in her breakfast chapter!!)
 It's like a craft book with recipes, doilies & floral fabrics, ahhhh.
 I mean, look at this vintage cow jug!!
 Ducks in Tasmania, everything is better, fresher, organic & glorious in the Apple Isle??
 Look how happy she is, cooking, i want to be happy cooking too!! 
This girl certainly didn't need MasterChef to launch her, she had the talent & personality already.
 A mix of patterns & collage, beautiful artistry.
 Spicey styled stacks of colour.
 I can cook desserts, but how pretty, had to include it!!
 Really, look at this, edible rainbow balls.
 This Asian infused section is stunningly good.
 Her styling is unique, colourful, eclectic, fun & delicious.
 Combing red with pale blue (my favourite colour combination) + cake, drewel.
 I have the tools . . . i have the cookbooks . . . i finally have the inclination . . . i have to get the cooking with heat part right.  If there is one thing i have to master this year, this month, this week . . . it's cooking something with flavour & a bit of flair.  Stay tuned!!  I'm inspired & i think if i practise during the day, there is less pressure come dinner time/ show time.  I think i've hatched a plan.  Guess what, last night i tried Poh's pumpkin & capsicum soup, it worked, i'm on my way . . . simple (especially if you have confidence around a food processor) & delicious!!  FYI this book was only $22.50 on sale at Big W (RRP $40) go grab a copy, it's handmade homecooking bliss!!
For more "i'm grateful" posts this Saturday, check out Maxabella Loves.  I know my husband will be reading this in Brisbane & he'll be 'grateful' too.  I think cooking is sexy, my handsome soldier can cook anything, perfectly, yet another reason i love him.  Have great weekends everyone, love Posie
PS don't forget to bid like crazy & buy up a zillion raffle tickets for the amazing handmade goodness here - check the master list, it's impressive!!  I've got a handmade patchwork quilt auction & book, pencil roll, fabric raffle.


Jacinta said...

YAY! Go Posie. I'm so excited for you. You will need to take some pics of your fab new meals so that we can all ooohh and ahhh and boost up your ego! ;)
xoxo MODELmumma

Anonymous said...

That looks like such a beautiful book. Poh is one energetic Lady hey!

Mon Alisa Design said...

Thats it....I'm- a- gettin that book! I've been feeling a bit blah about cooking too. Although all my new fruit has given me new inspiration. I'm not sure that jams and chutney are good for dinner though :)
My girls love watching Poh :)

m.e (Cathie) said...

i'm grateful for you sharing this wonderful book with us & that you are cooking!
i am not a keen cook either, LOVE baking but cooking is not my cup of tea.
CHef boy is the master, why mess with that.

hope you share more recipes from Poh's book, love her on ABC.

happy day Ms Posie ♥

Ruby Star said...

Good on you for trying something new posie. I love watching Poh's kitchen because a lot of asian style food is GF. I made those green pandan balls (onde onde)and the kids loved them so much i had to make more.
That book looks so cute inside. Have fun creating in the kitchen. x

Jodie said...

Exactly the same here .....maybe you could post the odd successful recipe..

moose and bird said...

I have been tempted by the cover of Poh's book so many times but I never let myself look inside. Your photos sucked me in, I have to have it. x

Posie Patchwork said...

I'm feeling so much better about this now, i thought i was the only housewife, mum, wife, who was loathing keeping everyone fed at night!! Thanks for the support. No excuses not to buy this book, it's brillant value!! Love Posie

Nic said...

Good for you! You're not alone though, I find cooking a chore to be honest and it definitely gets my blood pressure up, unless it's desserts or baking! I can follow a recipe ok and if I put the time in it (usually) turnout alright but I'd really rather be doing something else! We eat a lot of steamed veggies in our house..

Anonymous said...

I HATE the fact that I have to cook every night, but there are nights where I just pass the wooden spoon to my husband and say "have at it." I think you are amazing to cope with him being away 90% of the time. But I also think I may have to buy myself that cookbook!

Anonymous said...

I love to cook but find it tedious to do it night in night out so really appreciate when hubby or the kids throw something together.
I have to get that book, the pictures are so pretty and are bursting with inspiration.
Enjoy your weekend Posie

Patchwork and Play said...

It looks like a lovely book- and I'm no cook either! I might need to get myself one- and seeing my husband loves her and her cooking I could buy it for him but enjoy it too!

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

Gosh, that book looks great! Poh has such a lovely, happy smile and happy face. I've caught her show a couple of times and think it's great!

Sahara's Heart said...

I think I am going to need that book too!!..I hope everything works out good and you become an excellent cooker!!;^P

Corrie said...

yuuuuuuuum, it looks like such a lovely book! her illustrations are beautiful.

I love to cook, have done cooking classes and have a diploma in vegetarian cooking but seriously lack the time to do it!


Sarah said...

Looks like I will be buying another cookbook. I love a 'pretty'cookbook. They are just so inspiring.
I wouldnt have opened up her book as I wasnt a huge fan of her but now thanks to you Posie, I think Poh has been given a second chance.
Thanks, and good luck and have fun with the cooking!

Kymmie said...

Happy Cooking. That book is so divine, I think I might get myself a copy! xx

Cate said...

Ha - I went to school with Poh (except I'm older!)...not much of a cook myself either (see Snowbear's first comment about my stirfry for confirmation of that), but I do looooove cook books. I read them like other people read trashy mags - and some colourful illustrations never go astray!!
have a great weekend

Felicity said...

Bless your cotton socks...mmm, perhaps that should be oven mitts!

Knowing just a little about you lovely Posie, I am sure that you will master this cooking bizzo and be whipping up more delights for your family left, right and centre.

The other thing to do is give the kids the book and see if they'd like to have a go at making a recipe from it with you.....or is that too much, too soon?

Anyhoo, here's to a great weekend.
If you're looking for an easy-peasy biscuit recipe that the kids can definitely help you to make and then spend endless amount of time creating shaping and decorating, head over to my post today.

Felicity x

willow and moo said...

Thanks for the quick review of Poh's book. I see a trip to Big W in the near future! :)

Off The Peg said...

Poh is so great isn't she?! I love her show. She is so warm, friendly and genuinely interested in everything. I'm definitely getting this book. Thanks for sharing and good luck with the cooking!

Kylie said...

Good luck - the book looks great - I had a quick squizz at it at BigW yesterday but had feral children in tow so leftit there - will go back and grab it I think - I also love the slowcooker - throw it all in and serve later - my kind of dinner:) Shall do a post next week for you:)

Maxabella said...

How brilliant is Poh's book!? I'm going to get it. I never did the MasterChef thing so it wasn't on my radar at all. But now it is.

I don't believe you're not a good cook. You can do everything really well!! x

Naturally Carol said...

I've always loved Poh's sunny style...if anyone is going to inspire you it would be this girl...yay for inspiration!

Corinne – Daze of My Life said...

Good luck! I used to be terrible in the kitchen, but with a little perseverance and a dash of confidence I can whip up basic dinner party. I actually enjoy cooking now.

Can't wait to hear how you go!

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

I am a bit the same when it comes to cooking Posie. I am glad I am not alone :)
My littliest kids enjoy frozen fruit / raisen bread - says a lot about my cooking.
My eldest 17 vegiemite toast / sandwich.

POH's book looks divine. I might have to borrow it from library of buy it !I am sucked it too.

Frog, Goose and Bear said...

Like you, I made sure I married someone who loved to cook and is very good at it...if only he was home in time to actually cook any more!

Gina Alfani said...

Hey Posie!

I'm grateful that I learned to cook at a young age, so it comes natural for me, but . . . everyone goes through that blah thing about what to cook for dinner. That is what I love about my food blog buddies, they always give me new ideas.

We have our times when I get really blah about cooking, so we have "take out or delivery week" in those times . . . I'm grateful for Chinese takeout!!

Thank you for following my blog . . . I am following yours as well!

Hope you are having an awesome weekend . . . Gina

. . . and many more!

manda said...

same here too ...but wow...pohs book IS beautiful isnt it. i recently bought jamies 30 minute dinners cookbook. i loved the idea. .. i can do 30 minutes. and ive cooked one dinner and it was delicious. really delicious. it made me like cooking from a cookbook which i rarely do. so anyway lol.....happy cooking posie x