19 January 2011

are you ready to OPRAH??

Greetings all,
Excited about the Oprah in Australia Show on tonight??  I am.  Very sorry to miss out on the real thing in Sydney last month, but I’ll be bursting come 7.30p.m. when the special feature is on.  Put the children to bed early, i'm watching television!! 
Oprah sends me emails, advice, links & special offers each day, thanks Oprah . . . today I followed an email link to Life Coach Martha Beck . . . 10 Life Lessons You Should Unlearn. Ok Martha, let’s see what you think we should change about the way we think.  I saw blog posts talking about Gywneth Paltrow's parenting tips (she has a newsletter with tips for we mortal mothers, thanks Gywnnie but no thanks) BUT this is for adults & you can start working on these 'life lessons' with your children, after you've sorted your self out.  I should have titled this post 'free therapy' actually!!

1. Problems are bad. Finding the solution to each problem is what gives life its gusto. 
2. It's important to stay happy. Focus on something that makes you miserable. Then think, "I must stay happy!" Stressful, isn't it? Now say, "It's okay to be as sad as I need to be." This kind of permission to feel as we feel—not continuous happiness—is the foundation of well-being.
Great advice, tell me more Martha . . .
3. I'm irreparably damaged by my past. Painful events leave scars, true, but it turns out they're largely erasable. Take an issue that's been worrying you and think of three reasons that belief may be wrong. Your brain will begin to let it go.
This just saved you thousands in therapy, already, by point 3!!
4. Working hard leads to success. Baby mammals, including humans, learn by playing, so play as you did in childhood . . . watch for ways your childhood playing skills can solve a problem.
5. Success is the opposite of failure. Studies show that people who worry about mistakes shut down, but those who are relaxed about doing badly soon learn to do well. Success is built on failure.
I can feel Amy Chua gasping, this could not possibly be more opposite to her Eastern ways of parenting children to success!!
6. It matters what people think of me. Ridiculous! Right now, imagine what you'd do if it absolutely didn't matter what people thought of you. Got it? Good. Never go back.
7. We should think rationally about our decisions. Your rational capacities are far newer and more error-prone than your deeper, "animal" brain. Instead of weighing pros and cons intellectually, notice your physical response to each option. Pay attention to when your body tenses or relaxes.
Brilliant, especially for adults, i'm unlearning this one!!
8. The pretty girls get all the good stuff. I unlearned this after years of coaching beautiful clients. Yes, these lovelies get preferential treatment in most life scenarios, but there's a catch: While everyone's looking at them, virtually no one sees them.
9. If all my wishes came true right now, life would be perfect. Check it out: People who have what you want are all over rehab clinics, divorce courts, and jails. The joy, not the thing, is the point.
Appears it's a bonus not to be gorgeous or famous.
10. Loss is terrible. I'd smile when I was sad, pretend to like people who appalled me. What I now know is that losses aren't cataclysmic if they teach the heart and soul their natural cycle of breaking and healing.
I particularly like this last one as i don't take on anyone's negativity, i don't have a poker face & i can not fake nice to people i loathe. 
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Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

watching it NOW xx

Kylie said...

It is jus about to start - I am taping it:)

Caz (The Truth About Mummy) said...

IT just finished - and she made me want to move to australia!!!! What great PR for our lovely land. Go Oprah!!

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed it - wish Oprah had come to Canberra though!

Anonymous said...

Oh I'll be tuning in to this tonight, can't wait!!

Naturally Carol said...

I love Oprah...loved her show tonight. I own her boxed set of dvds and have watched her (not everyday!) since before she first lost her weight and was carting around that little red wagon...and I love her because she loves people and cries with them!! Now I love her all over again 'cos she loves Australia...and us.

Heidi said...

She is quite an amazing woman but I think your just as awesome! Even more so you do the magic you do with children....

Posie Patchwork said...

Well i thoroughly enjoyed it, like Caz, makes me want to live here even more!! Oh Oprah, how we love you!! Love Posie

Becky said...

I missed it :( I am always late to the party.

A-M said...

Great tips. Living in the now is helping me no end, not thinking of the past and future. I always seem to have total abundance and everything I need in the now! A-M xx

Kerri said...

Ooh, and tonight's (Thursday 20th) episode will feature Sharnel from My Life My Loves blog - how exciting!!! K xx

Susan said...

oh - was I the only one who found it a little cringe worthy?? I love oprah but what was with the random subtitles for people with slight australian accents? And not only that the subtitles were WRONG... was it supposed to be funny??