16 January 2011

are you READY for the auction & raffle flood appeal MANIA??!!

Greetings all,
Sure i'm doing a raffle, auction, donation & making quilting blocks for the Qld flood victims, but i'm also super keen to enter the raffles my handmade loving clever bloggie friends are doing too. 
I thought up this quick & easy raffle ticket buying method . . . get your credit card, go to the official flood appeal website, donate $5 & have the receipt emailed to you; find the blog raffle(s) you wish to enter, use that receipt number, then file away the email receipt for your tax return.  
I did 20 last night, i have my receipt numbers ready for the motherload of raffles launching tomorrow.  If i find an auction requesting a $10 ticket, i'll use 2 of my $5 receipts!!  Go for it, quick & easy & good luck!!
 The Make it Perfect coordinated Flood Appeal i'm working with, launches all auctions, raffles & donations tomorrow/ Monday.  It's huge, well organised & all 'donations' by way of raffle tickets & auction wins go DIRECT to the official flood appeal website.  You'll find hundreds of handmade things to 'win' in the most feel good donation atmosphere on line!!  Spread the word & get your non on line 'what's a blog' friends involved too.  My whole family is entering (without a single blog between them) so that's an extra 20 adults & $1K donated, all keen competition for you!! 
 Bid on my handmade patchwork quilt auction in pretty Japanese fabrics here . . .
 donate $5 a ticket & enter my book, pencil roll & fabric + crafty goodies raffle here . . .
 this fabric is part of a mega raffle at The Red Thread, live NOW . . . over $1200 worth of sewing machine YES AN AWESOME SEWING MACHINE, fabric, pattern & more handmade goodness, donate $10 a ticket . . . here!! 
 I'm taking the day off tomorrow, says the mother of 4 in rain soaked school holidays, to quilt up my 12.5" blocks for the Quilts for Queensland, an amazing can-do concept RetroMummy has organised, like me, her husband works in Brisbane too.  Join in, get sewing with your gorgeous bright & colourful cotton fabrics, the finer details over at Corrie's blog here . . . 
 Now for some animal survival images of the Qld floods (i find the human tragedy ones too horrible to post).  Today i would have done a post on 'have fish, will travel' as we took our fish with us to Sydney, in a big plastic tub with a battery operated filter, really, the fish came on holidays with us. 
 Kangaroos are so timid & flighty, they must have been wrecked to hop in a boat & not fight it!!
 Crocodile in the town of Gympie Qld, sure, of course!!  Now people are arguing if this is a genuine photo??  I doubt you'd stage it, that is one big crocodile to position, pose & ask to smile, he he.  I would say yes, it's real . . . with crocodiles, anything is possible.  We lived in Darwin for 6+ years on 2 Army  postings, my 4 children are genuine Territorians, born in Tiwi, they had crocodile softies in their cribs.  If the NT News doesn't post a crocodile story on the front page atleast 3 times a week, something is wrong.  Crocodiles get into people's pools, golf courses, garages, walk down the Stuart Highway, they can be anywhere.  The fact they can walk just makes them more scary than sharks!!
EDIT: Carol from Naturally Carol has spoiled my fun & confirms a Gympiite was just having fun, the 'crocodile in the middle of town' photo isn't real.  I'm a bit disappointed, if it was Darwin it would have been true!!  Oh well, safer for everyone in Gympie.
 I'm no lizard expert but i'm guessing a big goanna??
 Possibly my favourite animal rescue story "there is a cow on my neighbour's roof".  Thanks to Kylie for alerting me to this one, her husband was asked to organise a helicopter??!!
 Too cute, green tree frog hitching a ride on a brown snake!!
In much safer conditions, our fish on holidays.
Thanks everyone, every little bit helps, donate or create or volunteer to clean up!!

My husband is busy knee deep in mud in the Lockyer Valley, it's very sombre. 
My God Mother & her husband have all but cleaned out their fencing business sheds on the Bremer River & moved onto friends' houses to clean out.  I can assure you that Queenslanders are feeling the love & support.  Love Posie


Ruby Star said...

That's a great idea you have about donating in $5 and $10 lots. I will be trawling through the mega auction list on Tuesday. I seriously thought prince charles was overexaggerating when he mentioned crocs, but no, he was on the money. How about that cow on the roof! Crazy stuff. Speaking of fish, We get Brisbane's news here and during the clean up yesterday a guy found his goldfish in the bath tub. Lucky little guy. x

Cate said...

Thank you so much for these images of hope. I've had such a hard time with some of the stories - a lot I just couldn't read (which I know is a poor reflection on me, because I am safe and dry). But the image of the boat load of kangaroos...so trusting and so lovely.
Good luck with all your amazing charitable work - you are a star!!!!!!!!!! Hope you raise a shedful of cash :-)

lisa :: the red thread said...

I like your dontaing style - I'm going to do the same! Thanks for the fabric for my auction and good luck!

Sarah B said...

Wow Posie, you are doing an incredible job! I bet your husband is too. It's brilliant ;)

Catherine said...

I'm enjoying my little list of donations in my email inbox too!
you're doing an amazing job (as are so many amazing people)

designed to a T said...

All ready to go Jennie. I have 3 Auction items on my blog. Should be good and my first real blog'athon' since I started a year ago. Good luck with yours.

Just a quick note to everyone who reads your blog...the Bank I work for is matching EVERY employee donation made to the Premier's Flood Appeal !!! Double your money..How great is that!!...T

Kylie said...

Hi lovely, glad to hear the fish survived there weekend away. Planning on taking them on the cruise? Hehe thanks fir the link. It is nice to hear good stories out of this. This really has brought a city together. I just hope that those in the big homes on the river remember the little people on the street that came to help in years to come.

Hot Fudge said...

Thank you so much for your incredible support - we really appreciate it up here in Brisbane. And God bless your wonderful soldier husband.


Brenda said...

People from all walks of life have banded together to help one another out in these desperate times, looking at your animal shots it looks as though some of the animals have too! Brown snakes usually eat frogs for breakfast!

Keep up all the good work Jennie you are doing an amazing job!

Love Brenda

Hampton said...

amazing, inspiring images-thank you for sharing these. I think you quilt work is an amazing idea and wish you lots of luck! all the best, Barbara

Erica Louise said...

Wow this is great!!

Naturally Carol said...

Posie...that crocodile was NOT real...just a Gympiite with warped sense of humour...black humour helps us get through these trying days!! I am collecting any cushions that people may like to give to the flood affected families once they have a dry place to go to....email me if you or anyone wants to join me in making them.

Posie Patchwork said...

Thanks for ruining the fun with the truth Carol, he he, love Posie

Wendy said...

Clever girl! I'm stealing your idea for sure!

Sue H @ Astrachic Studio said...

Hi Posie,
I have just found your blog.
Great that you are getting involved
with fund raising for the Flood
appeal. Also if it is a glorious
Summers School Holiday time with
family it is important to enjoy
all that sunshine.
Thrilled to hear your territory
connection. I am still a territorian at heart after 12
years loving the lifestyle.
We have been back in SA for
over 3 years now. Miss it more
than we expected but I still get
to visit and catch up with family
and friends. One Daughter and my
Sisters family still in Darwin.
I even miss the NT News???!!!
But then I did work there for 4
years;) Fun Bunch of people.
Have a great week enjoy the