13 December 2010

fa la la la la, la la la la, our Christmas tree

Greetings all,
Saturday we headed to the Santa's Shaped Christmas Tree farm in Gundaroo - not to be confused with 'Santa Shaped Christmas Trees' . . . they are NOT shaped like Santa Claus.  Anyway, we're repeat customers & they never disappoint.  You walk from the driveway to the latest crop of trees . . .
 inspect the trees
 up & down the hillside
 tie a ribbon on your favourite tree
 out comes the chain saw
 toss in the trailer & bring home to decorate
 a special decoration for my soldier
 lots of birds, hearts, angels & bells
 voila, our beautiful angel on top of the 9' tree

Hello to my Northern Hemisphere readers - you might notice our pine trees in Australia are 'upsidedown' - this used to make my English Grandparents laugh so much!!
The children decorated the tree, i love it, there are clumps of decorations then big bare patches, now it's time to get wrapping gifts & ticking all the relatives off the list (including our 19 nieces & nephews!!)  My darling children have not asked for a single thing for Christmas, they're happy with our decision to get them each a new bike.  Our children have actually never really asked for anything, they are so happy swimming in the Summer holidays & playing with each other.  They're just happy to have their papa home.  So we'll toss in a few books & handmade goodies so they have little things to open, we're set & racing off on our bikes!!
I refuse to stress into Christmas or attempt a car park with maniacs on the loose, so i start early & enjoy the silly season.  I mean, i'm still sewing!!  We're having Christmas at home, ahhhh, lovely, just the 6 of us.  12 days to go, Merry Christmas!!  Tomorrow all the teachers can have their gifts.  Love Posie


Maxabella said...

I just knew you would have a beautiful Christmas tree. How are our trees 'upside down'? Sounds intriguing!!

BTW, our GIVEAWAY is active! I hope you enjoy lots of new traffic, Posie dear. x

Gifts of Serendipity said...

The tree looks wonderful and your children sound like they are going to have a fantastic summer.

Here's to only a few more sleeps until your holidays together begin in earnest!

Felicity x

BabyMac said...

We did that too - except I forgot the camera! Looks great and I bet it smells FAB!

Posie Patchwork said...

Our Christmas trees grow with the branches facing up, in the Northern Hemisphere they are all slanted down, you know, like how your children would draw a Christmas tree??
My English gardener Grandfather used to shake his head, he’d seen nothing like it when he visited us.
PS our house smells gorgeous!!
Love Posie

Tania said...

Oh My Goodness! I never quite worked out the Upside-Down-ness. THAT'S why the English versions always looked a bit more 'right'!

MultipleMum said...

I hadn't noticed our trees were any different from our Northern Hemisphere mates. You learn something new everyday. Your tree looks fab! We used to have a 'real' tree when were kids - I absolutely loved it. For now at our place it is artificial all the way. She goes alright though :)

Ruby Star said...

how lovely posie, you're bringing back memories of my childhood when we would have a real xmas tree too... and that smell... so good.

Thea said...

What fun for the children to pick out and decorate a tree. And I LOVE unspoilt children. My kids were only ever allowed to ask for a gift at Christmas and again for their birthday. They're still quite unmaterialistic as young adults. x

Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

Lovely tree :D My kids are only getting one present each this year.We did this last year too. We have so many toys already.


Chantal said...

Great tree Posie! I'd never had that upside down branch thing explained before : )
Have a safe and happy Christmas with your family. C xo.

Wendy said...

Lovely tree! And I think the bikes are a swell idea...

The Clip Cafe said...

I love your family -you just sound so well grounded and lovely!! Thanks for your supportive comment on my blog too :-) Love your pics - the one walking up the tree alley is so sweet!

Brenda said...

Posie your christmas tree tradition is so special, I bet when the kids grow up they'll want a "real tree" to share with their families.....just like the one Mum and Dad took them out to get at the tree farm!

I did all my christmas shopping in one hit yesterday, I had a mental list and I was in and out like a flash........I can't stand the big crowds shopping at christmas either. Now I can sit back and enjoy the next few weeks with the kids.

Little Madam said...

Hi Jennie, I have to say that your happiness absolutely shines through your blog.. of all the things I admire about you, I really love that your children didn't ask for anything for Xmas and that you love how your twins are great friends - that is all your doing.. you sound just JUST like my mum - completely dedicated to your family and determined that nothing will get in the way.. I hope you have a fantastic Christmas with your family x

Sarah B said...

Your tree looks so wonderful! Bet it smells nice too.
I've never thought about the upside down tree thing - how funny!

Anonymous said...

Hello there,

Thanks for sharing this link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at posiepatchworkblog.blogspot.com have a mirror or another source?


Cate said...

Great tree!! What a lovely family tradition to go and choose your very own tree...and yes, I bet it smells lovely :-)
ooo and I'm so excited about the maxabella giveaway - am going to do a link up to each of the lovely contributors...so will give you a shout when I do :-)

lauren carney said...

oh what a lovely adventure!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Such a pretty tree friend!
I love how your tree's grow, that is so funny :)
How fun to go cut your own tree down, I have wonderful memories of that as a child!
Have a great Tuesday! Well, maybe it's already Wednesday there ha ha

Kylie said...

Fa la la la la indeed - it looks great - have a great Christmas at home with your little family unit - we do the stay at home Christmas every three years now:)

Chicken Willow said...

Gorgeous tree!!