12 September 2010

market hype & last chance to enter the latest G I V E A W A Y

Greetings all,
Elated. Excited. Exhausted.  That sums up my weekend.  Just elated that Handmade Market was such a huge success, despite my lack of sewing lately due to the demand of Shop Handmade & orders, i had such a sparse stall but boy did i have a big fabric sale.  I'm so excited about Christmas, the potential is huge, i'll start sewing in the school holidays, purely for Christmas markets!!  Exhausted as quite frankly, 10 hours of market trade & the set up, pack up, unpack & repack twice - oh yes, TWICE as i had to repack the car this afternoon with all the stock from Gifts Created, Almond Tree Frames, Little Slave & props pinched from the Shop for the Handmade Market . . . coming soon to Shop Handmade . . . The Red Thread - as if i couldn't resist a boy Ooshka for my son which he bought before Mathilda's Market ever started today, i have all Lisa's stock in the car.  Hmmmm . . . can i resist??  Why yes i should as i do have the patterns & bought extra Ooshka faces for my daughters as a school holiday project.
That is the gorgeous Sashikha from Indigo Elephant, all round fabulous lady.  Two of her elephants found a way home with us, plus a bunch of hair clips, oh & hopefully she'll have stock in Shop Handmade soon too!!  No pressue Sash!! 
More Ooshka faces so i can now make 3 for my daughters.  I always seem to take a billion shots of Lisa's The Red Thread stall each market, i just think it's too adorable.
At Mathilda's Market today . . . Almond Tree Frames, face painting (my son is a German Shepherd), Red Jam (also at Shop Handmade) & my huge condensed sale baskets which were restocked after being demolished at Handmade Market on Saturday, plus the $15 cradle without the stand. 
If you do markets, i can not encourage you enough to do a blog too.  I have the most lovely customers say they read my blog, wish they had found my Revolve finds first & the nicest comment you can ever get "oh, you are just like your blog in real life".  Who has time to be fake anyway??
Alrighty, time to remind my children who i am, different ones have been coming to different markets.  Let's just say my plan to give them $15 to last them all day was a complete underestimate of their ability to eat organic chocolate, fancy cup cakes, buy softies & my favourite . . . present me with a bunch of flowers to say they love me . . . only the cash was from my float??!!  Hmmmmm . . . clever!!
Funny story for you . . . some cool girls came up & oohhed & aahhed about my fabrics & products, then invited me to a market next weekend.  Yippee, more about that later,as i'm not sure i can fit it in around my children's party plans.  Let's just say one bought some cute mini skull fabric & i asked what she was going to make with that particular print & she replied "i'm making pasties to go over the dancers' nipples at my burlesque show".  Whoever said a FQ of fabric isn't big enough for a project never thought of that!! 
Last chance to enter the latest Posie G I V E A W A Y of new Japanese fabric prints!!  Have lovely weeks, i'm back at Shop, clearly this weekend hasn't worn me out enough.  Love Posie
PS Sorry no images from Handmade Market, the fact i don't have time to go to the bathroom during that event clearly shows i don't have time for happy snaps.  Check out the Handmade website for all the goodness.  Actually don't, i look huge!!  I'm off to the treadmill as clearly i have stock to make & weight to lose before the next Handmade Market, i wonder if i could hand stitch while i run, hmmmmm . . .


Jennie said...

Wow - what a weekend!
Great to see you - love the photo!!xxJennie.

Little Ted Canvas said...

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if you could hand stitch & run! It sounds like you've had such a great weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing your christmas ideas, they sound exciting, I've been asked to provide a store with christmas decorations so it's all about christmas over here too, yay! I hope you have a brilliant week!

Jen (Melei) said...

I looked at that Ooshka boy and that is the same one that i would have picked, If i had someone to buy it for! Your son has great taste :)

Chantal said...

My goodness you're a busy lady! Congratulations to you for your success at the markets. It's lovely to read of efforts being rewarded like that. I hope it continues this way for you for all the lead up to Christmas! ( I hope you get a good rest after that!)

Anonymous said...

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IndigoElephant :: Sash said...

Just had to pop by and say thanks for a great day - it was lovely being stall holders together :) And if I had to pick anyone who could run and stitch at the same time, it'd be you!!!

Quilary said...

I'm exhausted just reading about what you did this weekend! Lovely to hear of your success at markets. I've been told by a friend who was recently in Canberra that I HAVE TO go to Shop Handmade cause it's full of all the things I would love...Can't wait to go after seeing all your pictures!

Heidi said...

Your booth was incredible I love your little posies lined up!! there's is nothing you can't accomplish!!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

WOW! You have been a busy girl!
Thanks for your visit and your words about 9-11, I think we all remember what we were doing in that day in history!
Hope your week is wonderful!

Kate said...

Well done doing 2 markets on one weekend - I am exhausted after doing one. Looks like they were great!

designed to a T said...

I adore those Ooshka faces. How do I get some??

Hey Posie I've got a Fabric Stash linky happening at the moment. If you have time (for you I'm not so sure), I'd love to hear from you.



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