15 September 2010

hello 200 followers, here are some random things about me

Greetings all,
I am so lucky to have over 200 followers so i thought i’d share a little more about myself for young players . . . random things which don’t creep up in regular posts. Do join the fun & reveal more about yourself to your readers too, try something similar on your blogs . . . this is me, well a few months back, right now i need a hair cut!!
I’m still in contact with friends from 3y.o. preschool.
It took me 3 goes to get my driver’s license, one test i tried a hill start in neutral, oh yes i did!!
I get butterflies in my stomach when i know it’s my husband calling.
My first job was as a kitchen hand & i have never EVER wanted to be a chef.
I hug our dog & talk to him like he's a real person, not a baby, an adult!!
If i could live anywhere (money, school are no concern) i’d live rural coastal Qld, a beach farm.
I love salads but i really loathe making/ preparing a salad.
I always thought having twins would be so uncool, but they are the best thing ever!!
I’m really jumpy, my husband & children sneak up on me all the time, yes, hilarious guys.
I have never had mother guilt, i’m really confident & enjoyed working full time with my first baby.
My father is my greatest influence in this world, he’s anti feminist, so it tests my tolerance.
I’m competitive about strange things like finding a dress on sale & saving the most money.
I’m not jealous at all - i would never think to go through my husband’s phone or wallet.
I have never had my heart broken, disappointed yes, devestated no.
If i could afford staff, i'd hire a chef first, who would also garden & shop for me!!
I was really naughty at school but got top marks so my parents ignored my detention slips & were glad i had a personality & fun friends.
I was always a tom boy & liked very plain clothes growing up, now i’m more frilly & dressy.
I would love more order in my life but 5 other people keep moving things & i’d rather have them.
I cannot hold a tune, my children beg me not to sing. You’ll never hear me auditioning for anything.
I'm so desperate to meet/ see/ get a glipse of Oprah when she comes to Australia.
I’m glad my parents named me Jennie not Jennifer, i think it’s a neat complete name.
I got full marks for Art in the HSC but did science at Uni to be a forensic scientist (mid 90’s, before CSI was cool).
I loved school but i'm not spiritual, so instead of a bible for chapel, i took a dictionary & looked up interesting words.
I LOVE bedlinen, right now, flannelette is so toasty & warm.
If i went back to Uni to do honours in psych, i’d study sibling rivalry or birth order, it's fascinating.
My last job was the giddy life of an oil baroness, managing the state office & living the high life (dinners, galahs, charity events, operas, car racing).
I sleep with metal hand splints for my carpal tunnel syndrome (hand stitching ruins me).
I appear really laid back & relaxed but i’m tenacious & very determined.
Freakishly at school i was voted ‘most likely to marry a man in uniform’ & my husband was the first soldier i ever met!!
After putting that together i realise i started & ended on two poignant facts – people don’t seem to be able to escape me??!! Preschool pals or when i got my claws into my handsome soldier, tee hee.  I'm not a stalker, hello, i don't even do FaceBook!!
BIG changes in my life to wrap up the year, possibly buying land, our eldest starting high school, husband changing jobs, swapping all the children's bedrooms around, hmmmm . . .
I hope that encourages you to share something about yourselves too, be bold & honest, it’s fun & cheaper than therapy. Love Posie


cheeky textiles said...

You are so the most georgous and funny person i have meet in ages. you inspire and delight me thank you for being you Staceyxx

Knicky Knacks said...

What a fantastic post Posie. Loved finding out more about you and finally putting a face to the name. If you could bottle and sell that 'no mother's guilt' thing you've got going on, you'd be a millionaire my dear!

clare's craftroom said...

I'd still like you even if you were a stalker , you aren't are you ?

Posie Patchwork said...

It's really true, i don't have mother guilt for working, i was supporting the family & securing financial investments for our future!! Certainly wasn't working for fancy things like a new car - i still drive the same car from 13 years ago (we bought big in anticipation of a large family). I expressed milk & used cloth nappies & my eldest was the only one who had a nanny, she was so supportive & wonderful, that made a big difference. Mother guilt, nah, they know i love them & it's quality time, not just the last 9 years i've been home with them. Gosh, do they have parent guilt, i'm home alone now??!! Love Posie

Megan said...

loved reading all your 'things'. its the little things that make a person i think. i hope your husband changing jobs means you get to keep him around a bit more often! (then i won't have to feel so guilty about whinging about not seeing mine for 2 and a half weeks :P)

littlebetty said...

Great post - nice learning more about you. Like you I was naughty at school, but the good marks always got me off with the parents!

yardage girl said...

You're a gem, Jennie! Excellent post!

Brenda said...

I loved finding out a little more about you Jennie, you made me laugh so much as I sit here having my morning coffee. Some things I wish for in life also.....like the chef, but I want one that does the ironing.

I think it's so cool that you and your husband are about to take on some huge changes with jobs and buying land........how exciting!

Have a lovely day!

Miss Prudence said...

wow 200 followers! I am amazed I have 30!

Great post Posie, thanks for sharing more about yourself!

ps I couldn't believe my eyes on the weekend, the SAS handbook pops up again in the same week! Read my post! xxx

Hubby leaving the army? I remember that was very exciting but scary time for us!

Thea said...

I love this post! So great to put your lovely face to the blog and the many emails we have exchanged. It just makes me want to meet you even more now. x

Corrie said...

well didn't I just learn more about you! how very revealing and honest!!!!


by marie-nicole said...

What a beautiful post for a beautiful person.

Wishing all the very best with your life changes to come... I hope the job change means you get to spend more time with your hubby, I know it's very admirable what he is doing, but I can't help but think of how much my children and I enjoy having daddy/hubby around as much as we do... and wish that joy for you and your family too.

Tammy James said...

So were you going to the dinners with the galahs or were the galahs something you saw at the charity events? Surely not the Opera with those screechy voices ;)
Lol Jen I hope this typo gives you a giggle too!
I'm keen to put my Name in the Oprah lotto too would love to experience one of her shows live !!

Mira Narnie said...

hey I often wondered what you look like and now I know! You have a fabulous smile and everything you wrote about yourself doesn't surprise me! Thanks for sharing...;-))

m.e (Cathie) said...

you are just way tooo cool Ms Posie!
love your little bits of info, made me smile.

p.s no mother guilt...are you not female!

MultipleMum said...

I have been giving you some love over at my blog. Stop by and see your name in lights :) Blog Bookmarks post.