02 March 2010

a day at the National Zoo & welcome to Autumn, Canberra style

Greetings all,
I'll wrap up the Mathilda's Market from Sunday in the next post, just had to share our day at the National Zoo first.  With market exhaustion & in-laws visiting, we tripped to the zoo to take in the animals, fun & weather . . . like clockwork, 1st of March = Autumn, so jackets & scarves at the ready!!  Today i'm suffering from 'lady issues' so i'll let the images do the talking while i get back to my heat pack.  I need the ohs & ahs sympathy comments today please!!
First up, oh, ah, the Koala, so gorgeous.  The Koala in the next tree was pregnant & not wanting to be photographed - know the feeling love!! 
Our middle daughter LOVES Giraffes & informed us that due to their dark colour & 3 horns, these are boys, NOT once did she have to point out genitalia to determine gender!!

Getting up close to the Emus, Kangaroos, Wallabies & Geese in the nature walk & not so close to the Tigers!!
Rather loved the Alpacas, then into the Aquarium - how funny is the bottom side of a Sting Ray??
Creatively named "black tipped reef Sharks" still bloody scary looking!!
Just in case you wondered what the bottom of a Turtle looked like??
Back to our Giraffe lover - when my husband & i saw this sign "Slow Children" we both giggled with the same thought, so i called over our middle daughter (acadmically gifted & athletic, but clumsy & accident prone) to pull her most vacant face in front of this sign . . . well you guessed it, she tripped, fell & took the skin off her knee about 6 feet away from the sign.  I was bad mother & laughed, uncontrollably, then had to carry her 8 year old body around the rest of the zoo. 
While my husband had a 'quick' medical assessment on his ankle, first thing in the morning before the zoo opened . . . the children & i entertained ourselves in the car out of the icey wind & Autumn freeze, for the first hour with this occy strap.  Yes REALLY, not one eye taken out either, but a few kidnap scenarios were played out.  We played in the car park & foyer of the building, bathrooms until finally he finished 90 minutes later.   
If you're ever in Canberra, consider a trip to our small zoo, it's fun & friendly, love Posie


Sally said...

WOW! I never knew there was a zoo in Canberra. Is it new(ish)?
Looks like you had an amazing time. What an wonderful day out.
Hope you find lots of time to relax today, and feel better soon.

Corrie said...

We're going to do the zoo next trip, I love that the aquarium is there too!!!!!! sounds like a good day!

keep the drugs up, heat pack on and take it easy! sending you hugs and if i could a batch of my world famous chocolate brownies!


Kathie @ Just a Happy Housewife said...

what an awesome zoo!!! My sister loves koalas, she'd be so jealous!

bee said...

How much fun! Looks like a totally grand day out :) Hope you feel better soon... I agree with Corrie - chocolate will definitly help!

Little Ted Canvas said...

Oh, I feel for you. Heatpacks are a wonder on days like this so sit back with a cuppa, relax and let it do it's magic! Lovely zoo pics, looks like a great day.

Stacey said...

That sign is just the sort of thing that makes me laugh. I just know we'd get on famously!
I love a day out at the zoo. We'll have to visit ours soon.

clare's craftroom said...

The zoo trip looks like great fun . I would've laughed at my daughter too because yes she would have fallen too !
Hope the heatpack helps .
Poor thing , sympathy , there , there . How's that for empathy ?

Kylie said...

Hugs - Lady issues suck - I would rather be pregnant:)

Anyway - it is not about me - so ohh and ahh for you.

Hope that you have a lovely rest with the heat pack and enjoy your last little bit of family of 6.

love Kylie

Susan said...

My husbands' aunt and uncle had one of those signs put up on the road past their home. It sure caused a lot of chuckles.
His poor cousins had to put up with the comments. Not their fault their folks wanted people to slow down on the road. Most people drove down the road like maniacs.
Oh, now I want to go to the zoo! Gots to see me some animals!


Kerri said...

Love your photos. And love the zoo. Koalas are so cute but I love them all. Great place for the kids to explore. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Gilly said...

aww hugs on the lady dramas - I have them too and they suck!

But yah for the zoo - that looks like amazing fun xx

june at noon said...

What a fun trip, and such great photos. My kiddos are a little young for the zoo, so they lose interest really fast, but we still enjoy it. Looking forward to when they're older and can like it more!