03 October 2012

ever say "no thank you" to an affirmation??

Greetings all,
Now i am a huge fan of the Brave Girls, who send these incredible affirmations to my InBox each day, they so often nail my emotions about life, love & relationships (scarily so) but today i read this one & said "no thank you."  
When your life is fantastic, you have to seize that feeling.  You never know what is around the corner: health scare, child dilemma, car accident, tax audit, husband's work, holiday cancelation!!
I have a truly blessed life . . . a wonderful childhood with a large family, travel crazy parents & the best education in Australia's greatest city, Sydney (don't even try to argue with me!!)  I got into all the sports teams, friendship circles & University courses i desired, then met & married my teen love - avoiding relationship baggage . . . had four dream children - i truly have zero complaints.  My husband says i have way more than my fair share of self esteem & confidence, so i share it - with meaningful compliments & fun with friends.  I don't have a self sabotage tendency either (no drinking, gambling, cheating, debt) other than clothes shopping & weight gain from stress.  Those have both been nailed recently by slowly closing down my business (income) & losing 9kg on Michelle Bridges 12WBT in the first 5 weeks so far.  The stress is dripping off me too!!   
I have issues, my mother with Alzheimer's, my father just took a spill & my husband might have to go back to war next year.  I'm realistic . . . these are not things i can control, so i process & accept them.  I have always believed that only i can stuff up my own life, i am responsible & can blame no one for any choices which go askew.  That doesn't mean crap people don't cross my path, i've learned to trust my senses & walk away, quickly.  
See why i shunned this Brave Girl's message, very happily so.  I have managed to switch my business acumen & determination to focussing on myself, finally.  My husband kept saying "be selfish, go to the gym at night, i'll supervise dinner & homework" but i actually love that part of my life - in touch with what the children are learning - then i realised that HE wanted to spend time alone with the children, so i do that 6p.m. Spin Class & freaking enjoy it!!  
The funny thing is, right now, i could not be more ill, i have a throaty cough, a runny nose & it's day 3 of a migraine, ick.  So to read that 'pain is a gift' & nod knowingly, i've been there, however, the fact i can't relate to their message today . . . that is an affirmation unto itself.  Plus it's the middle of school holidays, i've always adored the extra time with my children . . . i have four happy beings who don't fight, they argue from time to time but never nasty fisty cuffs or horrible words, they play happily for hours on end.  I work hard for harmony, i spend months raising them solo, i don't do drama or unhealthy sibling conflict.  They are not spoilt with toys, but company & they know - only boring people get bored - so find fun or solitude.   
While i get many migraines each year, this has been a cracker, yet to remain connected to the world from my pillow, i've discovered low-lit-non-blinding Instagram & the lovely community there.  It's light, happy & stress free, just what i needed if i was going to add another social media to my collection.  Here are some of my images, between naps, i'm Posie Shoots if you're keen.
I'll work out a few Instagram collage apps, i'm still a learner on the iPhone 5.  Any suggestions are appreciated.  Now, go take hold of your life, dust off the clutter & embrace the day.  Or like the Brave Girls suggest, deal with your pain, sort it right out - of your life!!  Love Posie


Jacinta said...

Feel better soon Posie! xo :)
Oh we got chickens on the weekend! 6 brown ones but they're still too young to lay eggs... by Christmas though. I would love those lovely blue ones of yours!

Jane said...

Posie you have a wonderful wonderful attitude and I admire you so. Snap on the Instagram crush.

Re Migraines, I am By No Means medically qualified but my husband used to get them terribly (became blind etc) and a neurosurgeon we know suggested he try low dose (enteric) aspirin. You take it every day. The brand he used was Asterix or something. And they stopped. Just like that. Worth a try? But speak to your GP of course.


tash @ Littlebitofthyme said...

the only way to instagram when you are feeling crap is with the brightness set down reaaaallllyyy low! Hope you are on the mend soon Jennie! Really enjoyed all your photos. xox

TexWisGirl said...

i hope your migraine passes.

Kylie said...

You are loved Mrs P.
Hoping that the migrane passes soon.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure?

Jane said...

Oh Jennie. You poor poppet. Migraines are the pits. Loving the Brave Girls, as you know! J x

Maxabella said...

I like Instagram. I don't use Ita lot, but it is definitely a happy place. Your pics are great, Jen.

Hope you're feeling as good as your attitude soon, lovely. x