01 September 2012

the silver linings of Spring - it's all about timing

Greetings all,
What a mixed week of high highs & low lows.  Thank you for the supportive comments on the last post where i had accidentally uploaded an entire new blog look which didn't take my fancy, however, prompted me for fresh changes & i'm liking this new style (after i left my blog for a couple of days i was able to fix it calmly!!)  It was all put into perspective as we lost 5 Australian soldiers in Afghanistan.  My heart breaks & my husband has been very quiet, he couldn't have planned a fishing trip away with our son at a better time.  They didn't end up camping outdoors, yet they bonded over Swiss Army knives, lamb stew, toasted marshmallows & the one that got away.  
Saturdays are chicken coop/ run cleaning days & i was impressed one chicken laid an egg overnight at -8C.  It was still -6C when i was raking up straw, all taps & water feeders frozen solid.  My handsome soldier will return to a bounty of chicken-poo-mulch for the garden.  The children want to experiment with new chicken breeds, top of the list are Araucanas & Frizzles, however, we have to lose 4 hens first (Daddy's Rules) . . . yesterday at a school luncheon, i rehomed 3 laying hens, brilliant.
 I picked up the new DVD release The Hunger Games, we read the books first (i think it's really important to read what your children are reading!!) & the movie wasn't half bad at the cinema.  I was running early for school so popped the movie in the car & couldn't get it to play.  Thankfully an 8 year old rescued me . . . press 'select' not 'play' to play discs??!!  By the afternoon our new car has been snowed on then a light hail storm.  Later that night on the way home from a party, i was pulled over by the police for running an amber traffic light.  Cue the most forgiving Federal Policeman . . . because i was friendly & genuinely thought it was Ok/ i was in a new car/ it had been snowing/ the roads were wet/ i thought i would be more dangerous to stop . . . he let me go.  Then we talked chickens (he knows the policeman who hatches our chicks) & i thanked the kind small town mentality of our nation's capital!!  FYI amber means prepare to stop, you can get booked for running an amber light!!   
 Seasons in Australia commence on the 1st of every 3rd month (September, December, March, June) not moon timings . . . today is the first day of Spring.  The sun has moved so much since i planted the chicken-day-house-roof-top-lettuce-garden they will really start to flourish.  It was so cold last night i had to have a hot shower to warm up & pinch a child from her bed to stay warm, brrr, coldest night i can remember all Winter - talk about a last hurrah!!
 It's athletics season & time for school carnivals - my primary schoolers brought home a bunch of ribbons & have already attended the regionals, this week - my high schooler had her sports day.  She entered every event possible while i was sun/ rain/ wind burnt . . . she won age champion (out of 200 girls!!)  As always, her school does fancy dress (our house theme was 'pink') so the entertainment factor was high as my husband & i watched inflatable horses, builders, fruit, 1950's housewives, Braveheart, natives & SciFi costumes run, jump & throw all day.       
 In poorly timed mishaps this week . . . 
i have driven a huge splinter down my finger nail & another into my finger tip; 
late to a school assembly as my husband changed the oil on his car & took my car to the hardware store, then left me with an empty fuel tank;  
i had to run volleyball kneepads to school, due to snow i was late & my daughter froze while waiting; 
our German Shepherd broke a snow dome with his tail, sob, those things really smash;
i paid for 3 different school excursions & events late;
i was so stiff from my Michelle Bridges workout i missed my son's 2nd origami creative club class (i don't think one boy was sorry, he was so loud, i threatened to sit next to him next class!!); 
while waiting for my husband outside his building for a lunch date, the police tapped on my window to see if i was dodgy; 
i left the Father's Day gifts for my Daddy & father-in-law a day late, hope they arrive on time;
i turned up to Costco an hour before it opened;
& my least favourite - the 9p.m. midweek volleyball match, yawn. 
A great Australian saying in such dismay . . . "she'll be apples" & at $1/kg these juicing apples from the Farmer's Market do indeed make everything alright.  
Surprisingly we're expecting a 24C day, that's inland living folks, 30C temperature variations & hallelujah for clothes line washing.  Happy Father's Day, i'm so excited with the gifts we've chosen, i even organised a giant Lego message to be built in Brisbane for my handsome soldier, perfect timing for the best father my children could possibly dream for.  Sunshine people, SUNSHINE, love Posie
PS last chance to win a family pass to Taronga Western Plains Zoo, ends Sunday midnight.


TexWisGirl said...

you're a mess, but you're cute. :)

and i like the new blog look.

Melbourne Girl said...

I love Spring!!! Renewal and fresheness. Cold nights, warm(ish) days....lovely.
Actually, you and yours were in my mind this week after news of the tragedy in Afghanistan.
I was in the car when I heard the news and I started to cry. I think the driver next to me was wondering what was going on...

Sarah B said...

Oh my goodness, you have so much going on!
I'm just wondering what's happening to the girl in the blue top in the sports photo? I hope she's ok.
I always think of you when something awful happens at war. It's such a terrible thing and to think what their poor families must go through x

alison@thisbloominglife said...

I've been thinking of you the past few days also, we have quite a few defence families at school and I know the kids always struggle with their own fears at these times. I like the look too - nice and clean. You'll get it how you want it look when you have time (ha ha).

Claireyhewitt said...

I am so glad that spring is here. We are still cold, but there is hope for warmer weather and today we have had the heater off for a few hours. It is now 3.30 though so about time to get it back on.

Claireyhewitt said...

PS, You are looking fancy and new over here. Love the look.

Libby said...

Like the new look - fresh:)
Been thinking of you this week and crying inside for the families and the service personnel who will be suffering such a loss.

Tessa White said...

I like the new blog look... always find blue calming and the font is fab. Up an down weeks make me laugh.. they are what they are huh?!

Amanda said...

Wow, LOVE this new look - very clean and fresh, love the blue and love that it still has all the touches that make your blog 'you'. Like Lesley, I too thought of you this week when I heard the news :( Lots going on your way... I didn't realize running an amber light was something the police could fine you for either! Enjoy the weekend x

NessaKnits said...

If you come out to the Gunning Fireworks tonight I can promise things will get better! (And TG it is not raining like yesterday!). I'm been thinking of your family this week in light of the news, and I am glad that your dearly loved husband is safe and feel great sorrow for those that have lost special people. Hugs!

Simone - honeyandfizz said...

Wow what a week! You must be hoping for a bit of warmth and sunshine so you can thaw out! I love the kids Athletics Carnivals , it is so good to see all the kids out running around and giving it a go. Love the fresh new look, I'm wanting to change a few things on my blog but it is quite scary! Thinking about asking someone to do it for me :) How did you find the first week of Michelle Bridges? xx

Hassan Ashraf said...

How cute is this! Great idea! Thanks to Shaped by Grace for sharing this awesome post-- so happy I found ya!!
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Jane said...

Oh Jennie, what a week. I'm tired from just reading this. Like Sarah, I immediately thought of you when I heard that horrid news. Those poor families. On a brighter note, I love your new blog look. It's so fresh - a perfect Spring clean! J x

Seaweed and Raine said...

Wow! I'm breathless just reading this post. Are your weeks always this busy?
On to another topic... what are snow domes?

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Mama of 2 boys said...

Whatta week Posie! It has been so cold here...but then I see the temps for Canberra & see what true cold really is, brrrr! Well done to your little athletic champion. I know exactly what you mean about broken snow globes, we had one break within minutes of putting it up, last Christmas, what a mess! The news of those poor soldiers losing their lives this week was devastating. Sometimes there are no words suitable & reflection is the only answer. Hugs to you xoxo

The Moerks said...

HI Posie, we are having similar weather here. Beautiful! I only snuck in to research laying boxes for the chooks. Ours are stubbornly laying on the ground and I have requested a new more private nesting arrangement for them. I havent seen the hunger games yet but for the same reasons as you, keep up with what the kids are reading. I found the thought of the books pretty hard at first but then got into them. I like this version of the blog better than the accidental one. I must admit I was thinking of you when I heard about the soldiers. Deb