04 September 2012

keeping happy & zoo pass giveaway winner

Greetings all,
The more i try to relax & take charge of day time at home, the busier i am with events at school.  I am sticking to my eating plan & exercise nonetheless, while thinking of all the calm things in my world.  I keep a magazine or two in the car for when i'm 'between' errands or school runs & look for the beauty in mundane chores . . . glorious blue skies over Canberra while i hang out washing & noticing a love heart in the washing up sink.  It was perfectly formed, i had the camera ready, then my teenager poked her finger into the bubbles, i just smiled, the heart fought back for a blogging opportunity.  It's not time wasting, day dreaming is healthy, relaxing, calm.
Today we start rehoming some of our Hamburg hens.  Our darling first chick, Viola, started to crow on the weekend & confirm his rooster status, he's off to a farm (instead of roast chicken - it was close!!)  So i will load up my car with some hens & rooster Violo, for a school car park delivery.  From the 10 beautiful hens we 'inherited' from a mum at school, we have been able to spread 5 around 4 other families.  Of course we'll have a dip in egg production here, but we're sharing the love & genetic diversity.  It feels really great, everyone is happy, they are all free, laying & lovely non-fussy happy hens, i know they'll all settle in well.  It will be sad to farewell our first ever new born baby chick, now a magnificent rooster - just not fit for suburbia.  
Very happy to announce random pick # 20 Tahnee from Food Loopy (she doesn't have a blog yet) as the winner of the Taronga Western Plains Zoo family pass, congratulations!!  Your family will have an absolute ball there in Dubbo.  Thank you everyone for entering & do consider visiting this amazing zoo one day. 
How do you keep happy??  Eating right, exercising, noticing all the happy circumstances around your world??  Love Posie


TexWisGirl said...

congrats to your winner! and congrats to your newly-homed chickens and rooster. :)

Melbourne Girl said...

Oh it's so sad when your fav girl turns out to be a boy! Happened here at number 10 with Dixie Chick, who I hand raised. She loved the dogs and would have a little rest in their baskets outside. Then I heard her crow and she instantly became a he. I re-homed her, but unfortunately, a fox got her/him. Not surprising, he probably thought it was one of the dogs back for a little visit and he just invited the begger in. Glad you've been able to find good homes for your crew....happy day dreaming! It's one of life's major pleasures!

Polly said...

Congrats to tahnee

Stephanie Winmill said...

Ah where would we be without day dreaming! I think I need a magazine in my car now or maybe that's a good excuse to buy one haha

Steph x

fee @ chipper nelly said...

hey Jennie - your blogs looking cute!
We 'grew' some eggs from scratch a few years ago - and from the five that made it four were boys! so they all went back to the farm too!

We have just got some new ladies to add to the flock - must get some photos and share the love!

I am happiest making. Or reading. But I also like to think of myself as a 'noticer'...love fee x

FoodLoopy said...

Posie, I have been away and behind on my blog reading. You have made my year :), thank you so much for the opportunity to go along to the zoo! My family will love it! Thanks again, Tahnee.