06 June 2012

snap it 'something that looks like a letter of the alphabet'

Greetings all,
Really wanted to join in with Faith Hope & a Whole Lotta Love this week, so stretched the boundaries with the theme of 'something that looks like a letter of the alphabet' photo with my husband & children playing in a park in Walcha NSW on the drive up to Brisbane (via Thunderbolts Highway) last week.
My husband is a Y . . .
 & our eldest daughter is an X or perhaps an H??
When we drive long distance, it's ALL about the park or beach stops - i believe every 10 minutes you spend out of the car = an hour of peace in the car.  We do have good travellers, considering they are highly active children, most of them read books, but once we hit a park, they go bonkers . . . including my husband.  He used to rock climb, so has super strong arms.  I always feel so weak on monkey bars!!  Love Posie 


Mama of 2 boys said...

Haha! Love the park action shots Posie. It's awesome that your hubby gets in and enjoys it with the kids.
And very creative take on the alphabet topic... I found it a tough one this week.

Elle said...

Super cute... when the Chef and I take the kids we look after to the park I spend most of my time yelling 'be careful' 'get down' 'can you climb the jungle gym and not the trees' and that is only to him! Bad influence! Haha. Love Elle xo

Jan-Maree said...

I so miss the days of taking my kids to the park. not sure they will grow back into it till they are old enough to have their own kids. Enjoy it while it lasts!

ally said...

Perfect for the theme
I feel at my oldest on monkey bars...can bearly hang on...and I used to love it so

Nancy said...

So much fun - you are right. A good break works wonders. Mine still love to play on the equipment. It is totally funny to see them on monkey bars with their feet almost touching the ground. And every so often I go down a slide but find myself landing on the ground because my weight propels me so fast. It is the little things that really are fun... Nancy

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

Hmm monkey bars have always been a challenge for me too ... but I'm great on the swings!
Nice to see you enjoying the "family time" with the full crew!

Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

perfect alphabet peeps! enjoy having your husband home!! x

Jode said...

Love the pics and the energy...we don't have good travellers here i am afraid although i think i am perhaps the worst offender!