10 May 2012

a photo-a-day challenge with FatMumSlim May #1

Greetings all,
Welcome to the first 10 days of the photo-a-day challenge with FatMumSlim for May.
1. peace - i have a huge bunch of hearts in all shapes, sizes, materials & reasons hanging by the door in our lounge (living area) which bring me so much peace.   
2. skyline - in preparation of fully grown chickens, i had to create a fence to hold back a German Shepherd: this is my skyline, i loathe it, our back pergola THAT CLOSE to the neighbour's back door, i'd much prefer wide open spaces where i can't see the neighbours!!
3. something i wore today - gum boots, galoshes, wellingtons, whatever you call them. they're a Winter essential & great in the snow.
4. fun - as my husband missed Easter, his only request was to come home from war to a Lindt bunny, so we Lindt bunnied alright!!
5. bird - a cherished gift from a beautiful person.
6. you - this kettle is SO me . . . it's Alessi (i love designer brands, Italian = even better), it's shaped like Mickey Mouse (i love Disneyland), i tune out while the kettle boils (i day dream) & trying new things (like drinking tea) + i bought it when i was 20 (knowing it would be an investment piece).  The butterfly was a gift from my favourite Army wife Melissa.
7. someone who inspires you - my 3rd girl . . . she struggles with her papa away at war; i have to work harder at parenting this child than any other; her whole world is rainbows, unicorns & sitting on toadstools.  When she's humming away drawing, i know i'm doing a good job of being her mummy . . . other times, she inspires to try harder.  Let's just say, she's the family barometer.
8. a smell you adore - fresh bread, enough said.
9. something you do everyday - for the past 15 years i have been responsible for feeding someone everyday, from animals to children, there is something terribly rewarding & nurturing about it.  Oh & meet our new Silver Spangled Hamburg hens. 
10. a favourite word - kind of love every word on this sign, "hand-stirred", isn't that just dreamy, old fashioned, soul-food-sounding??
Don't forget my new mid-month-link-party AEIOU, details here, would love you to join in!!
Starts 15th May & embraces fabulousness in your life, love Posie


The Accidental Housewife said...

Your gumboots are cute! Mine are plain black, very uninspiring, but perfect to wear out to the chooks on a cold morning.

Mr Posie is going to be VERY pleased with all those bunnies! Mr A hasn't eaten his, yet. It's a bunny living on borrowed time, I can tell you. If it's still there when he goes field next week.... YUM! ;)

Sally said...

Woo-hoo! You are doing so well with this photo a day gig. Love the birdie (which is odd because I don't like "real" birds!!!)

Maxabella said...

Loved every single one of these images and especially your commentary. x

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

oh i love all these pics Jennie, and love how you describe your third daughter as the family barometer! and that kettle....oh pop it on, I'm coming for a cuppa!

Jode said...

Loved the story you told with these images and words...too many favs to comment on but i really felt your words about your 3rd daughter...thanks for sharing such special things!

Jan-Maree said...

As if there was ever any doubt, now i really know how much you love your husband if you can leave that many Lindt Bunnies unmolested! and I am so with you on Disnelyland and Mickey Mouse. When i was in the RAAF I wore a Mickey Mouse watch - it was legal as the rules never said you couldn't have a picture on the face of the watch - LOL

ally said...

Ahhhh...the human barometer...we have one of those too!! Does every family?
Love your May photos Jennie

TexWisGirl said...

a great run of photos and loved the look into your world, too. congrats on new hens!

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

Enjoyed this post. Loving the multiple bunnies! and those gumboots! I'm with u on open spaces and not being able to see your neighbours.

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

Enjoyed this post. Loving the multiple bunnies! and those gumboots! I'm with u on open spaces and not being able to see your neighbours.

free range chick said...

Lots of fun pictures and a great photo list.
Thank you for your lovely & supportive comment on my blog- on the "hand" issue. It must be very tough for you and your fam with your husband away Posie- especially for your darling girl. My hubby was gone for 8 mos in Desert Storm a while back- it was tough for us (and we didn't even have kids)You have created a lovely spot here- I will back to visit- when my mom leaves.
"Hand stirred"- love.
My word:

Joyful Things said...

I can't imagine my boys having to be without their dad and thinking of your family gets me all choked up which is why your photo of Daughter #3 is my favourite. I can't wait for you and your family to have him back.

Nancy said...

I love these photos - it is noticing the little things that matter. So wonderful. I do love the bunnies - they are a reminder he will be home soon... Human barometers are great - they are kind of an early warning system that others of getting stirred up too. Have a good weekend Jenn.