03 May 2012

our creative space . . . 'creative taste buds'

Greetings all,
My studio is really coming together, a huge effort seeing i've halved the size & put all my storage tubs in there too, spreading out was sheer luxury.  So while i'm not crafting, i'm working on other parts of . . . me . . . like my desire to drink tea, but disliking the taste.  I have always loved the idea of organic happy healthy teas (sans caffeine) i sampled some fruity ones iced over Christmas.  Now with Winter fluttering in, i'd like an alternative to hot chocolate (calories) & this week took myself off to T2 for an education on what suits my very inexperienced tea palate.
 This is not a PR post, i paid the $68 for the jug & teas from my hot little pocket, however, every staff member i've ever come across in this shop is so informative & enthusiastic about tea, i'm happy to promote them.  This week i picked up the smaller jug (i have the 2L - it's quite a commitment) & these flavours, which, shock horror, i enjoyed (in store samples) as hot teas.  I was so proud of myself & how creative my taste buds are becoming.
 So this morning, between the school run & errands, i popped home for a cup of toasty nougat & homemade cookies, it was so comforting & dare i say, filling . . . satisfying!!  Tonight i'm going to try the red choc mint, which the T2 girl said is amazing with a splash of milk too.  Mmmm.  I like this pace but i'm never drinking coffee, i like the smell but taste, ick.
If you're into vintage tea sets, check out my friend Heidi from The Polka Dot Petticoat blog in Alaska USA, for some amazing finds, prepare to be jealous - coloured glass to Dutch tin sets!!
 Meanwhile, back at chicken central, check out my little blogging pal.
 I want to get back into screen printing shortly, like my muse??  She'll grow into those feet on day, right now, she's looking a bit scrawny & dare i say, like a rooster, noooo!!
Happy Creative Spaces this week folks, hope to be sewing soon, but right now my head is so giddy with the thought of my husband coming home, nothing else matters, love Posie
PS check out my last post to see if you are a giveaway winner, there are lots of you!!


Tales of a Tai Tai said...

So glad to hear your man is on his way home to you! You must be tres excited. I'm a no caffeine drinker too. A camomile tea addict from way back. And a choc chip homemade biscuit ALWAYS helps. Hope you're well lovely xx

Tea for Talia said...

Glad to see you are slowly converting to our (us tea mad people) way of thinking. We plan to take over the world you know, 1 cup of tea at a time. (insert evil laughter)

Are you able to PM me your address as I have a few samples I would like to send to you :) teafortalia@exemail.com.au.

Happy tea drinking

mel @ loved handmade said...

How wonderful to be having your hubby home! I'm not very good at tea, but a pretty china cup can always persuade me..

CHD said...

I love Monk Pear tea from T2. Can't get it here in NZ, so have to stock up when I have my homeland visits. Love that shop. Must be so exciting having your husband home soon. Cx

Amanda said...

Oh yay, you've been converted!! Tea is so comforting, especially in winter. I would love to try that nougat one you've described, will have to pick some up when I'm near T2 next. My friend brought me back some herbal teas from England and I'm itching to try the Mango one. And yes, a sweet treat to accompany your tea is a must :)

How lovely for you to have hubby home soon - he can share in the excitement of the chicks :)

Kylie said...

Yay - happy almost homecoming Mr Posie:)
That chicken is a tad cute - fingers crossed he is not a rooster or to the farm he will be banished.
Love the Tea Pots and yes T2 are amazing. I took Mum in last year, an hour and $200 later she had enough tea to get her through and for everything from sleep to high blood preasure.

Sindy said...

My latest craze is nettle tea (also full of anti-oxidants), tastes lovely. I am a green tea drinker only and agree on coffee - love the smell but it does not agree with me at all.
So are we due a hand update yet? Do you still have a numb thumb?

Jan-Maree said...

I mainly drink water and will never drink coffee (like you - ick) but I know lots of people who love T2 as well. Enjoy your experimenting. Not long till hubby comes home now - oh happy day!

Seaweed and Raine said...

Ohhh. T2 teas! :) I have always like the Turkish Apple one, but I recently bought the Turkish Apple and Cinnamon one for my SIL. I had it hot - with rosebuds - yep, you heard. It was GOOOOOOOD.
Cute little chicky. I hope it's a hen. The tail is still low - you could be in luck! :)
Enjoy the anticipation of Hubby's arrival. How many days to go now? Now go and make yourself another cuppa! :D
S x0x

Mum on the Run said...

Love herbal teas.
Never coffee - bleugh!!
Hot chocolate is my weakness though.

That little chick is too cute!
I wonder if it'll get a look in when Hubby arrives though!!!
:-) x

TexWisGirl said...

your little chickie is very cute. :)

Felicity said...

Scrummalicious all of it!

Polly Rowan said...

mmm those cookies look amazing! I don't like tea either x

Nancy said...

Well I love tea and coffee. I gave both up for Lent one year and became so cranky my family made me promise never to do it again! I think for me it offers a chance to take a break - to think about something else and change gears. I also like warm drinks. While coffee is an acquired taste (like beer which I don't really like) it can be doctored with sugar and milk to make it taste right. And it has to be good Free Trade organic coffee. Not the cheap stuff which my mother called rot gut. The herbal tea route is probably better for you. So Jenn enjoy your cuppa. And the count down is on 'til your husband returns.

Leonie said...

oh wow how cute is your teapot and cup!!!
I love t2 as well... must be due for a visit there I think!
YAY for your hubby's homecoming!

polkadotpeticoat said...

You are so sweet but its me thats jealous.....I adore your tea set, she is so CUTE!