14 March 2012

Paper Pear Gallery, Wagga Wagga

Greetings all,
You will have heard about Wagga Wagga NSW with their flood crisis (the CBD was spared) but did you know there is also amazing shopping??  When we were in Wagga last month visiting our best friends, i was also catching up with Emma Kidson from Jewellery Stories/ Japonicity/ Kidson Jewellery.  Some days she can be found at the Paper Pear Gallery in Gurwood Street, a gorgeous collection of art, cards & jewellery in a beautiful building.
 I love inviting windows with pretty merchandising.
 Toadstools came home with us, quelle surprise.
 Isn't red the best accent colour of all time??
 Amazing variety of art works & Kidson jewellery.
 Artist Catherine Stewart features heavily with her country inspirations.
 I'm still longing for a property with an old shearing shed on it.
 The building has tonnes of character, perfect for a light filled gallery.
 There's Emma, wrapping our goodies.  She's travelling the world right now, lucky girl!!  Can't wait to see what inspiration & influences she brings back from Dubai & Bangladesh.
I know where i'm going to fill our homestead with art!!  I love visiting country towns, they have so many treasures to find.  Enjoy, love Posie
PS fabulous giveaway to win a copy of Australian Story: an illustrated timeline, ends Sunday.


Felicity said...

Deep, deep sigh!

This was such a delight and there were so many treasures that I can only imagine that your mind was ticking over full speed placing them in your future homestead.

Thanks for sharing Lovely!

Ellieboo said...

Love cute stores like this....not sure when I will ever get Wagga Wagga way mind you...sigh.

Kellie Collis said...

What a lovely shop! Enjoy the gorgeous day, Kellie xx

Sparrow Bee Designs said...

ooh I love wagga too.. my sister is over there. Hope your hands are healing well. Love Roseanne

The Provincial Homemaker said...

No wonder you came home with the toadstools. Just lovely.

Kylie said...

I love Wagga full stop:) Will have to go and check out this little shop - It was not open when we lived there.

Tea for Talia said...

Did you nip across the road and have a look in Vintage Stash as well?

Posie Patchwork said...

I do go into Vintage Stash & the service was terrible, so disappointed, but i refuse to shop/ spend my money where the service is horrible. Love Posie

Anonymous said...

Vintage stash is amazing and the lady that owns it is adorable, this sounds very unlike the service she usually gives.

Posie Patchwork said...

Difficult to credit to an anonymous comment!!
As i'd prefer not to poo poo small businesses openly on my blog & posts, glad this is only in the comment section.
I know i'm not alone in my feelings about being ignored while looking around Vintage Stash - so NOT unlike the service she usually gives. Love Posie