03 January 2012

OMG my sisters are playing with me

Greetings all,
Oh school holidays - they reveal children at their raw sibling elements.  I'm thrilled to discover the girls are playing with their little brother & making him the star in games they create.  It aint easy being the only one of your gender in a family (just ask my husband, he'll tell the hell of having big sisters who excluded him from everything, spitfully) so we're determined to not have our son exeprience the same - in turn he's not allowed to 'be a victim' OR an annoying little brother.  Harmony, ahhh.   
Look at this face, who wouldn't want to include this sweet boy in their games?? 
 So i found my boy reading this note with sister 3.  These two possibly clash the most, they rival for 'baby of the family', even though she's a twin & he's the actual baby.  I'm the baby of the family, so is my husband, it's a great position.  If i ever went back to do Honours in Pyschology i'd study birth order!! 
 Oh this boy needs a hair cut.
The note is a treasure hunt clue, created by sister 2 & it reads:
"Please lend me a helping hand,
To find the key you must search the land,
First hunt high,
Then close under the seas,
If you want to find the key,
Enter the silver cage,
There i will be."

I thought it was a brilliant piece of writing.  She said when they had a relief teacher they had to do poetry & she wrote pages of pirate treasure rhyming clues.  So me hearties, he did find her & they played poker all afternoon, gambling (??) um, it's good for their maths.  Love Posie


The Moerks said...

Indeedy dooody it is good for the maths. What a sweet face your boy has. I bet he would look very good in girly makeup. We have just sent one off for a sleepover. It is so peaceful with only two.

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Poker... pole dancing... oh whatever it takes for peace and harmony I say. Can you tell I have 2 teenage daughters doing my head in already!! lol

Hannah Dolan said...

How sweet! I used to love treasure hunts!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear they are playing nice....my Teenagers are just pretty much ignoring Little Bit most of the time, or stirring the pot! Nothing wrong with teaching the value of responsible gambling early, mine all played Keno with Poppy at the club last week!! :0

Maxabella said...

We three sisters used to dress our (much younger) brother up and call him 'Michelle'. He loved it - or the attention at least! If he wasn't Michelle, he didn't get a look in.

Birth order is fascinating, especially the way it plays out when there are three of one gender! x

Posie Patchwork said...

I should mention, i don't even know how to play Poker, my eldest picked it up at school (awesome, all the benefits of private education) but they play with chips & everything!! I was raised methodist (non gambling) have done the maths, it's lose lose, but yes, learning gambling sucks in school holidays on the bedroom floor with chips should steer them in the right direction in the future. Love Posie

PaisleyJade said...

Oh I love it when my kids play together. Cute pics - and my hubby and Y are both the youngest in our families... birth order is so interesting!

Lisa said...

How lovely Posie, and what an adventure! My boys (20 & 22) surprised me a few nights ago... they were playing chess. I hadn't seen them play a board game for years. Of course they still fight when one takes too long to make his move! ;-)

Jan-Maree said...

I love these posts - how absolutely cute! I miss the days of playing games with my kids or watching them play together - the only thing my teenagers play together now is online war games! ugh! and they wouldn't be seen dead playing games with me! Maybe I need to borrow your kids!
Just wait till I am a granny!!! And if they lose all their chips they won't be so keen to play with the real thing! hopefully!

Mum on the Run said...

That is so sweet - like him.
I also find birth order absolutely intriguing. I'd definitely read that thesis!!

Tania McCartney said...

Fun! And no, number 4 could not be any cuter, and number 3 is rocking those frames!!

Felicity said...

I'm always a sucker for a great treasure hunt especially when the clues are written in rhyme - brilliant.

Loving that the holidays provide opportunities for enriching relationships and it seems like these two have seized this chance with both hands.

Happy days!

Taylor Made said...

Tis a lovely sight children playing together well....glad your school holidays have begun well.x

Amanda said...

What a great treasure rhyme, clever little cookie :) Glad to see there's lots of holiday fun happy in your house x

fee @ chipper nelly said...

we too are big fans of the old hunt!
Your children are beautiful...and I too am fascinated by the effects of gender order. I watch my littlest boy fight for his place in the pecking order daily.
Happy days jennie - hope your hols are full of fun (and a little sibling harmony)
fee x

Karla {Ironmum Karla} said...

Great poem, great idea, great sisters = happy family!x

Tiff said...

Awesome clue! My miss 12 likes to write them too... poor daddy had to even follow some to get his fathers day present last year! I think that writing like that shows great intelligence! It is so nice to see them all getting on so well too! Mine peacefully played chess this afternoon, sigh... I love it when they are getting on well. X

Naomi said...

How gorgeous that you are encouraging them to be inclusive and that they are actually doing it. Way to go Mum! such cute cherubs by the way. Happy New Year to you. N x

m.e (Cathie) said...

happy new year to you lovely Miss Posie!
your little cuties are adorable as always and as for him needing a haircut...sheesh..what will I say about my son!!
hope you get to spend a wonderful January with your gorgeous bunch and a relaxing and stress free new year
hugs ♥

Mama of 2 boys said...

I LOVE that your beautiful boy plays with his sisters. He is SUCH a cutie. Going to be a heartbreaker for you there Posie :o) xo

lou lou said...

Hi Miss Posie

totally cuteness radiating through. Ummm... I am sure you have heard it a million times before, but, wow, you daughter looks like you :) that is a good thing by the way.

I wanted to stop by and say hello - I haven't been able to be around as much as I wanted of late on the blog for important family reasons. So, I am sorry I haven't been here as much as I wished to.

thank you for your blog love and support of me in 2011 being a new blogger - I appreciate the comments, reading, reading and no comments and the connection.

wishing you all so much peace and happiness in 2012 and may you have lots of visits from Mr Handsome too.

Also if I can send a *hug* to you for your dad - I am not sure how he currently is.

Have a wonderful day,

loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


Anonymous said...

Our daughter used to bemoan the fact that she was the only girl but loves the fact that her older brothers dote over her :)
That is a pretty impressive rhyme!

Anonymous said...

Too cute...the post and them! Happy New year my friend. Is your little girl a mini you? Sure looks like it to me! Margie

Coal Valley View said...

I am so obsessed with birth order too. Funnily enough both me and hubby are the eldest in our families. Its fascinating. Your kids are adorable and I see girl 3 embracing her glasses :-)

Sindy said...

I thought when I first looked at the top photo that it was your first born taken a few years back - they do look alike (in photos anyway!). Just think, if you have got that book on "how to have a boy" years earlier you really could have played around with birth order!

polkadotpeticoat said...

So sweet and so rare would this be in my house!!

Wendy Bernstein said...

My eldest loves to do rhymes for the littles to get them to tidy up...and treasure hunts are always a hit. Glad yours are getting along for the moment...

My Messy Room said...

so clever! great pics too xx