03 October 2011

market wrap up & school holidays begin

Greetings all,
What a weekend!!  A double Handmade Market, mercifully indoors (it poured with rain) & due to weather/ football finals/ long weekend/ school holidays . . . crowds were down.  Ditto my effort, as i am still suffering from exhuastion & woke up both mornings vomiting, not a good sign for something i used to love doing!!  Bless Rosalind from Grace Designs who saved me with some drugs. 
I set up my stall on Saturday morning, with my twin girls & we had some fun meeting new designers & bloggers + selling lots of brooches, fabric, buttons & bloomers.  With my stall already set up for Sunday morning, i did some shopping.
First stop, Mookah.  I love those ladies & their stylish screen printed goodness from country Victoria.  I bought a beautiful skirt from Leisa, so happy with the colours.  I was in love with the large moose floor cushion (it's not our first Mookah floor cushion, i know they are bloody fantastic).  Let's just say my son's dimples = discount!!  Thanks Margaret. 
 On our way to Heidi's The Curious Chocolatier's macarons for brunch . . . we stopped by the uber clever Gillian at Look Mama, her cards are wet-your-pants funny with her devilish sense of humour.  I collected some badges & 6 packs of stickers. 
 My darling boy was so brilliant, ALL day, he looked around, winked at the ladies nearby like Miss Haidee (she's a twin, vintage lover, living in Tasmania) & Red Parka Designs (hi Jen, a sweet Tasmanian living in Melbourne, dreaming of home).  My son brought me hot chocolate when i could barely stand & only asked for $2 for a balloon animal.  As you know we're not an electronic gadget kind of family - he played with business cards, pencils & my cash tin.  He carried my baskets back to the car, even dragged a trestle table into the rain, muscles!!  Bless his heroic heart, i was waiting for a trolley. 
Markets are funny events.  I didn't like my neighbour.  I know that is horrible & unprofessional to mention, but i know they are too superior to read my blog.  Let's just say, if the stall next to you offers to shift over if you need extra space (i paid extra for a corner, i had room to wiggle) & they don't even look up, just mutter "no, we won't" . . . you wonder why bother to be nice at all??  Then they glared at me for the rest of market, especially when customers stood in their stall space to reach my products!!  
Thanks so much for your 80's dress up tips in my last post - so funny to think people dressed like that seriously . . . shoulder pads, high hair, fluoro & eyeshadow . . . as daily business attire, now it's 'dress ups'. I'll let you know how we go on the weekend at the 21st.
Now it's time to kick off the school holidays - i've already washed the dog, done the garden & back verandah, sorted my high schooler's room out . . . not bad seeing i was still vomiting at midnight.  Let me at that linen cupboard, love Posie


Sophie Slim said...

I wish you had photos of your stall and products!! Did you sell lots? or is it just sort of for fun?

tinajo said...

Dimples sure deserve a discount - good boy you have there! :-D

It´s so fun to bring kids to things like this when they seem to enjoy it too. My boys were at fotball and swimming all weekend so there was not much time to anything else, but they had fun! :-)

Tania McCartney said...

You're a saint. And your wee man - he's his father's son. x

Bridget said...

Sounds like a success!! Hope you're feeling better soon my friend xx

LionessLady said...

Oooh, not so sure about all that vomiting Posie! Hope you are off to the doctor to sort that out...

Anna Bartlett said...

It's a pain when the crowds are down - but good on you for getting the kids involved and keeping on smiling. Now it's behind you you can dive into the holidays - hopefully with the occasional rest. Sounds like you deserve it already!

Mum on the Run said...

I hope you're feeling much better really soon.
Your kids sound just gorgeous.
Credit to you, no doubt.

Catherine said...

Your little boy is such a sweetie Jen. I hope you feel better today and now you can just relax and enjoy the holidays. Take care. x

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh Posie, I hope you're ok!? Though it sounds like nothing is keeping you down with all that work you've done to kick off the school holi's!
Your little boy is SO gorgeous and what a sweet fellow helping his Mama out all day, gotta love sons :o)
Yeah, don't bother with people who are snooty and rude, you deserve so much better. Glad you enjoyed the market regardless xo

polkadotpeticoat said...

It sounds like you made the best of the market despite being sick in the mornings and your rude neighbors....I have only done one craft fair and I had a sweet neighbor, she was selling a horrible product dragon statues and not good ones either!

and hey baby the 80's were a happening time....your right the hair though was not good!

Sally said...

Oh wow. They don't sound like nice neighbours at all. Hope you're feeling much better.

yardage girl said...

Yuck - rude market neighbours are the pits. Glad you enjoyed it anyway!

cheryl @ nefotlak. said...

hello lovely!!
so damn nice to meet you in real life on Sunday!!
you're as bubbley and lovely as you are on your blog - nice!!!
take care of you - and get betterer soon.
we'll have to set up a picnic date so the kids can play and we can relax!!
c. xox.

fee @ chipper nelly said...

love that you feel sure your neighbour wouldn't be reading...tee hee!
Hope you're feeling better,
fee x

Mookah said...

Well this stall neighbour IS reading your blog, so lucky you said nothing bad about this Mookah chick and her best ever Mum for travelling to an interstate event to help out!
I knew you weren't well but you didn't tell me you were vomiting, the doctor may be in order huh? Does Dimples ever stop smiling?