22 October 2011

i'm grateful for . . . 'Summer colour'

Greetings all,
Oh bring on Summer in the southern hemisphere i say!!  I just love the colour in the garden . . . i planted our herbs & salad ingredients spot on time this year, we're already eating from it's bounty.  So easy to pick fresh chives while i make egg sandwiches for school in the morning; pop out at lunch for a some dill & lettuce in my chicken salad; then coriander & parsley for a Thai flavoured dinner.  Why pay $3 for a bunch of basil when you can grow your own for $2.50, pick what you need & it keeps growing rather than dying a slimey death in your fridge??
 Over in this pop up barrel, we're growing tomatoes, onions, potatoes & thyme.  The children love tending to them.  This year i planted cherry tomatoes, the kind you just pop in your mouth or salad, no slicing!!  When we build our house & landscape, i love the idea of thyme as ground cover, can you imagine the smell, glorious!!
 Reluctant model, exhausted at the end of a busy school week, but check out the vivid colours Country Road is rocking for children this season!!  I don't like Daisy Duke shorts on children (or teenagers) but these denims are short & fun, without being trashy.  The ric rac halter top just leapt off the rack into my arms, a must have!!
 New swim suits for the youngest 3 children who are due to ruin last year's costumes at school swimming lessons (high concentration of chlorine in public pools, ick).  The anchor board shorts are adorable for my boy; orange bikini is positively eye blasting on my olive skinned 3rd girl; midnight blue paisley one piece is perfection for my only pale child; fuchsia scalloped edged shorts are for my leggy state finalist high jumper.  Life is tough for some!! 
 The children did ask for new Summer shoes but they can go barefoot so my budget can extend to a new kaftan.  It's so pretty & a girl never can have too many kaftans (right Felicity Serendipity??)  It even coordiates with the cover of Country Style, which arrived in my letter box today & i plan to read while wearing my new kaftan this weekend.   
For more Things I'm Grateful For, go visit our gal pal Maxabella Loves.  Love Posie


Kate said...

I love the garden at this time of the year too - I must get into the vegie patch this weekend.

Mimi said...

Great pretty purchasers, love the children's clothes and your Kaftan is gorgeous. Enjoy wearing it. I am just embracing all this colour this summer. Mimi xx

Felicity said...

Well it goes without saying that I love all the vibrant colour in your garden and wardrobes and I'ma eyeing that kaftan Lovely!

Our little patch of garden goodness began only three weeks ago but I'm also reaping some of the benefits.
Looking forward to finding some little bell peppers [cucumbers] as the final addition this weekend.

Happy day!

nrkp said...

Love the Kaftan, love the CR stockings, very adorable. Have a great weekend. KP

Cherry Red Quilter said...

Oh what fun having girls to dress and a gorgeous young man who still likes what Mum buys for him. Sadly my 15 year olds are so unwilling to let me dress them! :-(
Loving all your purchases. Oh and by the way - say hi to the queen please

Mum on the Run said...

Shopping for the littler people is so much fun - and they look great in everything!
I love your taste.
And completely agree with the 'Daisy Dukes' and the rest on young children.
Young girls can (and should) look gorgeous without resembling a lady of the night wannabe.

Jodi @ The Scribble Den said...

Oh I can't wait for summer! The colours, the warmth, the relaxing family times.

trixi said...

Love your vegie/herb garden. I planted vegies and herbs too a few weeks back but it seems that my snails love them just as much and there's a bit of a struggle to see who gets to them first... unfortunately the snails seem to be winning :(

Melissah from Coastal Style said...

I am just in the middle of buying swimsuits for the kids myself!I just discovered your gorgeous blog through some of my other fav Aussie blogs & I am now your latest follower. I look forward to popping by for some more inspiration!

Maxabella said...

When I see vegies grown like that, so simply, so easily, I think "maybe I could do that too". Thanks Posie.

Colour is my new name. I bought a RED dress on Thursday. NEVER!! x

Lene said...

Your garden looks lovely! I wish I was a gardener but I fail miserably in that department.

On another note I love that there is somewhere that I can buy shorts for my daughter that aren't too tarty! Will be paying CR a visit for sure!

Naturally Carol said...

Hi Posie..just looking at your sweet herbs and verdant lettuces makes me long for my little garden now overgrown with weedlings due to a shadecloth loving neighbour and having to dogsit a son's big pup!

ClaireyHewitt said...

My basil always struggles, but thyme, parsley and mint are always growing. Dill, I also struggle to grow.

Sarah said...

We have mint growing like a weed around our front door. So it always gets kicked coming in and out the door. The smell is so fresh and fantastic

MonetPaisley said...

wow, i love those navy blue ones! i love bathers in navy and want to do some in black and white. who can pass up country road for kids clothes, they are just awesome, and the shoes are fantastic too! keep meaning to pop out to dfo and pick up some country road bargains :-)