02 September 2011

things i'm loving . . . 'yoga'

Greetings all,
Oh Yoga, why did i ever stop worshipping you??  Ok, i was extremely dedicated to Yoga in my early 20s & only stopped when lowering-my-head-during-pregnancy did not bode well with my 24/7 morning sickness x 9 months.  Between pregnancies though, Yoga was my best friend (remember i don't drink alcohol, tea or coffee - i had have a treat while the babies slept).  Of course having lots of little babies, zero babysitters & unaffordable gym creche, i did Yoga at home with DVDs, it was great, often in my knickers & bra, on my way from the laundry to the shower - such is the life of the stay at home breastfeeding mother.  I could do anything, i'm flexible & headstands kept me level headed, chasing 4 children under 4.5 years, in fairness the baby was easy to pin down, the girls, they were runners!!
Yoga totally rebuilt my body after twins, still in my mid 20s & i lost all the weight & blubber, rocking size 9 Lee Riders . . . but my hips were held together with a brace!!  Then i had another baby, dropped the Yoga & um, well, didn't pick it up again.  I hit 30 & pretending i couldn't remember what was top of my personal To Do List each day . . . i let it slide, along with my core body strength, tone & my clothes were shrinking.  Slacko!!
More recently, i've been suffering from stress & exhaustion, i've left Shop Handmade & shut down my on line shop, pretty much my entire business - for a break to focus on my mind, body & soul.  It's amazing how pushing the responsibility of raising 4 children with a long distance husband, managing the addition of high school to the mix, worrying about elderly parents & that handsome soldier who keeps heading to war zones . . . along with my ailments of carpal tunnel, irritable bowel syndrome (sorry to talk bottoms), bad insomnia & a surprise middle ear infection . . . guess what, i'm wrecked & my balance = terrible!! 
So to slowly rebuild myself back up to the high energy, capable & positive bundle of creativity i normally am/ have to be . . . i've been going to the gym to focus on Yoga/ Body Balance/ Pilates daily & . . . 2 weeks in, i am feeling better.  Tension in my neck is the cause of my migraines these days (mid 30s) & tonight at my Body Balance class . . . i could feel all the tension leaving me + i haven't had a headache in 2 weeks!!  So rather than beat myself up for letting myself go, i'm just proud i've resumed my dedication & will continue, it's a true gift to yourself, especially as a mother & on a Friday night. 
For more Things I'm Loving this Friday, check out Paisley Jade.  If there was something you used to do/ love/ keep meaning to make time for, DO IT, NOW!!  Have gorgeous weekends everyone, no more excuses!!  Love Posie
PS image is from 'typesofyoga.net' & i'm hotter than her!!
PPS like Lego - i have the new Lego Hero Factory to giveaway, it's scary good!!


Felicity said...

A huge salute to the sun to you Jennie!
As always I admire your determination and persistence and hope that as you reconnect with your yoga practice that the ailments that have been zapping your energy disappear.

Happiest of happy weekend hugs,

xx Felicity

Sam said...

Oh, how dare you make me feel guilty on a Friday night (as I down my 2nd glass of wine)! Just kidding, good for you, you make me want to do better for myself & my family too. Good on you for making yourself priority, it's the best thing for everybody. I love yoga, used to do it before I had kids too. I need to stop living in denial, set some goals and make some changes. xxSam

Becky said...

I love yoga, and so does the Mr. We don't do it as often as we should :(

Jo in TAS said...

I too have gotten back into a healthy routine and feel so much better for it. I hope to strengthen, tone up and drop a few kilos and then maintain it. I forgot how much I enjoyed exercise pre-child! Plus it's a great stress reliever!
Good on Us for looking after our temples!

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

i would totally love to get into Yoga Posie - any dvd reccomendations?? i just don't know if i would committ to a dvd like say a class....but oh the benefits!!! so nice to be back and seeing what you have been up to..
b xx

1000 Homes of Happiness said...

I adore yoga and agree post twinnie birth it was fab at regaining some form of my pre twinnie body. I also swear by meditation.

Good on you for taking time to concentrate on your body and soul, often amongst all of the busy we Mumma's can forget to nurture ourselves.

Happy weekend to you Posie. xoxoxo

bron @ baby space said...

I used to love body balance after I had the teen and I always love yoga theoretically but actively not as much as I should :)
did that make sense? you know what I mean. happy weekend!

ally said...

I've done my first yogalates class this week and loved it!!!
I'm glad you're feeling better Posie

Sparrow Bee Designs said...

awesome!good luck. You've inspired me to get cracking too, you've no idea how many times over the last year I've told myself I'd be fit and healthy by spring.. and here it is.. and am I?? NO

supermac said...

I haven't tried yoga yet and I'm not sure if I could because I am scoliotic. I have such respect for people who have the discipline to go to the gym, do sports stuff and yoga. xx

Agnes said...

You're amazing.
Yoga is great. I love love love hot yoga... well, I don't love it "during" but I love it "after".

Brenda said...

I'd love to do something to get the body ready for summer, but I don't think I'd be able to get into a position like the lady in the picture.....I'd break if I bent myself like that! lol

plushka said...

Good for you Jennie! I started Pilates lessons recently for the same reason - stress and too many responsibilities. I feel much better and you've inspired to add yoga to my daily routine too:) Well done with making yourself a priority, you deserve it!!!

Sending you love and positive energy, Plushka. X

Mimi said...

Oh Posie, You have brought all wonderful memories of my Yoga days back to me! I also used to do Yoga in my bra and undies. You have inspired me I am going into my lounge room right now to do a Yoga DVD. Thank you! xxxxx Mimi xxxx

P.S. What a shame your hubbie is allergic to Jasmine.

Jacinta @ modelmumma said...

I have heard so many great things about yoga, esp when pregnant... but that leads me into a long winded story about my attempt to try yoga recently ... it deserves a blog post about it actually, which I can now do since I've announced my news... been holding onto this vent for ages!!!!

Jacinta @ modelmumma said...

Heya Posie, here's my vent.

Sarah said...

Thinking of you with your Carpal tunnel. How do you sew with it. It is just horrid