05 August 2011

things i'm loving . . . 'furniture revival'

Greetings all,
My beautiful high schooler is living in a make shift bedroom in my studio space, so the 3 younger ones can each have their own bedroom.  It's a work in progress & while fabric racks divide her from my studio work area, she feels like she's been kidnapped & shoved in someone's store room (her words).  It's a nice big space, i just need to use up some bulky materials at one end - so the entire room is hers. 
She also doesn't have any hanging space for her clothes, so after being on the look out for a couple of months, i found this beauty at Revolve at the tip this week.  $60 well spent, it's very new, just a cheap & speedy paint job in glossy white (not my favourite finish for bedroom furniture).  My husband researched sanders & off to trotted to the hardware store to collect one to de-gloss the white off.
 So on a glorious & sunny mid week afternoon, i got sanding.  This awful particle board robe might not enjoy another heavy paint job, instead, i'll shabby up the white & paint lightly over it in wash, maybe sage, lemon or blue??  Before i got too carried away, i thought i'd sleep on the decision & actually consult the child who will have to live with it.
 I'm liking this rubbed down hinge look.
 I did a great impression of a highwayman/ bank robber/ bad cowboy with a bandanna over my mouth as my world filled with fine paint dust.
 Also started regretting that i was wearing my favourite Esprit yoga pants.
The jury is still out on which colour - i do like the idea of a lemony yellow with a smooth wax soft finish??  I'd love crystal ball drawer knobs & handles, but not prepared to invest the money, so i might go for something semi industrial, inexpensive & metallic from the hardware store like brushed steel, to clash with the shabby.  Maybe add a big tassell?? 
So i'm loving a good old sand back, paint, add handles & da dah, you've revived some dodgy furniture into something decent . . . with PaisleyJade this Friday.  Have happy weekends & stay tuned for the results, love Posie
PS have a cute little giveaway going here - tell me your school sewing teacher horror stories!!  You will be graded & there is a prize. 


loulou said...

Hello Miss Posie

You need your own TV show now - it will be call Posie's Home and Gardens! DIY everything and girl power enforced!

I can't wait to see the revealing - I think what you described sounds amazing - I love the thought of it.

will it be for a fabric stash to show off and have the doors open at all times (slightly ajar)

have a lovely day


Felicity said...

I love that it has drawers too, very evocative of chilhood wardrobes where I kept all my treasures in those drawers {mostly books!}.

Can't wait to see the finished product as I know it will be fabulous.

Happy day!

xx Felicity

The Provincial Homemaker said...

What a fun idea. I love revived furniture - it has so much more character; and is better for our wallets and the environment.

I have just been 'reviving' the paintwork on my childhood toy ironing board for ginger - using up enamel paint which we won't be able to take to Darwin. I was so proud of myself using up every last bit of paint - only, once dried, the board was stuck to my protective newspaper layer - so I have had to buy another can of paint anyway to cover over the newspapered sections:)

Jay @ Finki said...

Can't wait to see the transformation. I'm in the same situation of trying to better house my grade sixer. I told her when she starts high school she could have her own room...that means sacrificing my sewing room. So I'm racking brain thinking how it can all fit in without her feeling like a bolt of fabric squished in. So i look forward to seeing how you manage it too. xx

Miss Prudence said...

Good buy - my friend lives in Womboin and her hubbie is like Steptoe and Son - a real hoarder. She said she knew it was serious when his mate Les from Revolve was found poking around their place in the same way she pokes around revolve!

Where are you going to move your studio?

Tammy said...

Posie check out PushkaUK for knobs. We just got some ceramic ones for DD's room from them they are pretty and have an awesome range. I purchased via Ebay. Still might not be in your range but worth a look I think.

The Moerks said...

Nice work Posie, bummer about the pants, I always do that! I am looking forward to the big reveal.

Leonie said...

its gorgeous, cant wait to see it finished

PaisleyJade said...

There is nothing like taking a piece of furniture and reviving it to something amazing! Can't wait to see what you do!!

Tai Tai said...

Can't wait to see the finished product! I'm about to do some sanding/whitewashing myself on some ikea furniture, but have to say I'm nervous about taking the plunge!! Happy weekend xx

Seana Smith said...

Ah, a bit of inspiration as my little girl needs some hanging space too... and lemon yellow is a lovely colour too. Her dresses hang on my racks just now, she's got more dresses than me, and so much prettier!

ally said...

Looking good!!
My hubby is transforming an old teak cabinet in the garage at the moment - but I'm banned until its finished - hope it looks as good as this