22 August 2011

seeing green, amber & red in a trucking convoy

Greetings all,
Who knew SO many people would want to come to Canberra (considered so boring) but come they did . . . to tell our minority government exactly what they think . . . about everything.  Whatever you hear in the news, it was HUGE & there were 100s of heavy vehicles still heading into the city mid morning.
I really wanted to swing by the Brazillian Embassy - they were expecting an invasion of Navi - truly, people painted in blue to protest the Belo Monte dam (world's 3rd largest).  The Avatar creators believe the Amazon is the real Pandora on earth & support the cause.     
Back to our very unHollywood No Confidence truck convoy . . . it was well coordinated by the police, each 50 car/ truck/ caravan group had their own personal escourt (from the border) & where chatting happily with the police while stopped at the red lights, then when the lights went green, it was on - flags flying, horns honking & so many banners from each partcular group (steel worker/ farmers) it was full on & so noisey. 
 I wish i was stuck at this cool set of traffic lights.
 I didn't bump into Greg & Nev from Townsville (warm tropical Far North Queensland) . . . i hope they enjoy the -3C evening they're about to experience. 
 Totally worth sitting in the traffic to find this bounty at the Post Office waiting for me - in honour of my journey, i'm showing off the green, amber & redish pink colour prints, an ode to my stop start traffic lit up trip.
 Then i got home & decided to sort my shoes, do you think i have enough ballet flats??  Then i realised i had lined them up in green, amber/ bronze & red, hello, dizzy or what??
Could my day have been any less interesting or more robotic??  I'm soooo tired & drained!!Love Posie  


Jacinta @ modelmumma said...

Have a cuppa and relax! Do you watch Farmer wants a wife? It's so tacky but I am kinda compelled to watch. haha!
My FIL was over in Canberra last week protesting the carbon tax... he didn't drive though so he wasn't in your way. ;)

Flying Blind... said...

Subliminal stuff!

Amy said...

Canberra has really become a hub of activity in the last fortnight!

I have everything crossed that they all head back to where they came from before we get there. I am already dreading getting lost in Canberra. The last time I was there was with my Mum 13 years ago. She lived there for about the first 23 years of her life and still ended up driving round and round in circles!

Georgie said...

Just read Jacinta's comment... Farmer wants a wife is on tonight... forgot! But that's beside the point. Hope Canberra returns to normal soon and love, love your fabric. And, really, you can't have too many ballet flats. gxo

Adriana said...

Hope the streets are cleared for you soon.
Lovely fabric - well worth sitting in traffic for!

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog about my little man...
He is most definitely "awesome".
The perfect word to describe him.

Tania said...


Anonymous said...

Seemed like soooo many trucks etc on the news! Hope it didn't take you too long to do the school runs!

mara x

loulou said...

Miss Posie

Love the colours - love the fabric

Maybe your stash and my stash should meet someday

I'm a sucker for farmer wants a wife too - but thinking...
Maybe there could be a spinoff
"Soldier wants a wife"....
What do you think Mr Posie?


Felicity said...

Toot! Toot!
Hoping that this week sees your Posie sparkle start to return and the weather get its act together too.

Sending much love to you Lovely,

xx Felicity

Anonymous said...

Loulou, "Soldier wants a wife" would be a terrible show. The ladies would be tested by going to parties and having to talk amongst themselves while all the men stood around the BBQ talking in acronyms. Then they would be left alone for weeks at a time only for their men to come home and go out drinking with the guys they just were on exercise with. Not a ratings winner. Mind you, it may be good for those guy who have just finalised their third divorce to meet someone new

Mr P

TexWisGirl said...

glad you survived the first protest day!

Seaweed and Raine said...

That traffic light reminds me of a tree. Yummo fabric!

nrkp said...

Hi Posie, Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I missed this post yesterday. My GM was due to be in Canberra yesterday for afternoon tea with the GG. It was cancelled last Thursday because of the ''thousands'' of trucks expected, I think there was talk of the trucks going to the GG's House. A disappointed GM from Townsville didn't get to meet the GG. Oh well always next year. Cheers, KP

Anonymous said...

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