01 August 2011

pretty stationery . . . fluff that makes me happy

Greetings all,
Wow, thanks for the support to my last post with the in-your-face-blog-haters happy comments, you ladies rock.  I've got plenty of self confidence when a negative/ mindless/ mean comment or email comes my way to think "your loss, you clearly don't get what i'm about" & click delete . . . but i know some of the sweeter softer bloggers out there, it hurts them.  So a big yay for us friendly folk & positive commenting!!
Today i thought i'd blog about some mindless fluff - uber pretty stationery which found it's way in to my letter box last month . . . sorry, July, where did you go??  Enjoy the show . . .
 paper doll post it notes, stop it, too gorgeous; ninja post-it-style book marks; & i spied the babushka sticky notes, say no more, Cute Tape knows my weakness . . .
 these fell into a shopping bag at TYPO - airmail style stamps & scribble stack note pad!! 
 I'm thinking my tombstone will read "she never knew how to resist washi tape".  It's likely i'll die under an avalanche of pretty Japanese rolls of coloured masking tape, there are worse ways to go.  Those words will be under "she who dies with the most fabric wins" with my  world champion fabric hoarder ranking.  All of these new goodies are now in my collection (above) to add to their pretty cousins (below).
I'm easy to please, i love my stationery & i'm very excited to be planning a parent study (as opposed to study room for the 4 children) in the homestead design, where i can open up a lady like letter writing area.  I like the idea that it's not in my studio, as beautiful stationery can get lost among all my sewing materials. 
Happy weeks everyone, that's an order, love Posie  


Seaweed and Raine said...

Mmmm... I really like your fluff that makes you happy! :) Espcially those Air mail stamps. I think I'm really going to have to find out where the nearest TYPO store is!!! Sigh. :) Hope your week is off to a good start.
S&R xo

Makeminemidcentury said...

You need some Crime Scene Washi tape to tape off an area just for your stationery!

Crazy Posie.

Sarah B said...

I just put in an order with that same Etsy store :)
More Washi tape for me! Yes, I love stationery too and there's so many pretty things available now. We are spolit for choice!

Tiff said...

Oh snap! I am mindlessly happy over stationary ... is there a word for that?! Stationaryophile? That tape looks so delish to me.... as for stamps ... let's just keep clear that Mr Tiff must NEVER find out how many I have.... And...how can anyone resist Typo? My daughters new room got a big dose of Type recently.. Just love it! Happy creating Posie! X

Catherine said...

I a happy person getting pretty stationery too:) Can you ever have enough washi tape;), I think not. Have a great week Jennie. xo

loulou said...

Hi Miss Posie

I love paper dolls - I feel like I am back to my little girlhood and dressing them up with the paper dresses etc.

An exciting bundle to play with and have so much stress free craft time.



Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

I love it too! Cannot resist beautiful cards...or japanese tape!

Jane said...

Oh, Jennie. I'm weak at the knees. But you know that. Stationery will get me any time. Loving those stamps - I might have to 'pass by' Typo soon ☺. It's time I started up my stationery posts again! J x

Tas said...

Cute stuff.

Personally I am a sucker for cute pens. And pads. And stickers. And.